IGN News – Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo for Project Awakened

Phosphor Games Studio is building an action
game using Unreal Engine 4 with a heavy focus on character customization called Project
Awakened. To highlight some of the different ways you’ll
be able to tweak your character design with abilities and armor pieces, the developer
has released a tech demo that features Unreal Engine 4 footage. Check it out. This is a brief description of the game from
Phosphor: “The idea of Project Awakened is so different
from what is out there, publishers don’t know how they can fund it. We’ve pitched this idea
to every major publisher, and while they all like the concept, they are also afraid of
uncharted waters. Their data shows that studios can only sell a familiar gameplay experience
or a sequel, not an innovative new IP.” Phosphor’s past games include the critically
acclaimed iOS adventures Horn and The Dark Meadow. Project Awakened is presumably a PC
game, though. Phosphor also explains its plans for multiplayer
modes. Quote: “Different gameplay scenarios will call for
different character makeups. A capture-the-flag game might involve one character with stealth
abilities sneaking past the opposing team and grabbing their flag, while another character
with freezing powers stops the enemy flag carrier. A point defense map might inspire
players to create an entire team of stone-skinned tanks. There will be tradeoffs and counter
strategies to every combination of abilities, and only through solid strategy and teamwork,
as well as individual player skill, will a team’s potential be truly unlocked.” Definitely sounds interesting. Unreal Engine
3 was the most prominent engine of this generation, so we obviously expect big things from Unreal
Engine 4. You can find out more about Project Awakened
on its Kickstarter page. For more on the future of video games, stay tuned to IGN.

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100 thoughts on “IGN News – Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo for Project Awakened

  1. Did I just see them pull an inFamous there? x) currently playing inFamous 1 and its such a great game!!
    Hope Second Son gets multiplayer!

  2. Late freak-en video lol the kickstarter project only has 4 days left and they arnt even half-way to their goal XD

  3. publishers shouldnt have to worry about being innovative, imo its the best way to expand to new consumers and shake up the community a little.

  4. What companies need to understand is that risks are necessary in order to achieve an even greater sense of success. How else did all these common genres among us now ever come to exist without some risk taking? Look at MGS, Journey, Little Big Planet, Pong, Gears Of War, Half Life, etc. Everyone's gonna want this game because we've all dreamt of a game like this at one point in our lives. Hopefully it comes out for consoles as well.

  5. I am a noob someone explained to me what this means for gaming? Is it a new gaming engine better than the one used currently? Or is it a game? I'm confused

  6. just donated 5 bucks to the project awakened kick starter.


  7. guys this isnt innovative its a 3rd person shooter with custom made super powers…..not a bad thing but it shouldnt be presented like this super innovative game because its just not it, however it looks cool im interested to see how it turns out

  8. hi everyone i'm starting my channel and i will be showing the end game dlc gameplay for BF3 so please check it out 🙂

  9. Ofcourse it will…they went just YOUR money. If they have the unreal engine 4 technology, then ofcourse they wouldn't need our money.

  10. 500.000 dollars!? Kickstart is for projects who need help, not for big companies with megalomaniac ideas.

  11. tesselation is the next major graphical advancement of this coming generation. itll change gameplay elements just the same way 3d environments did when they first appeared.

  12. It's in a very early alpha as means to show off what the game can do, this is NOT what the final game will look/play like.

  13. Aw look, you think cursing makes you threatening and important. Look at you go, it's like you think you're people.

  14. They can't sell innovation because they throw it into stuff they aren't invested in, and it shows. Self fulfilling prophecy.

  15. Seriously, what fucking video are these people watching? If no publisher wants to back your game, it is probably because the idea is completely fucking retarded.

  16. Ok, you disgust me, every single comment of yours is either belittling or grotesquely disparaging. You insignificant, unimportant, irrelevant, immaterial, inconsequential, trivial, minor, paltry, petty, trifling, foolish poltroon.

  17. you poor retarded 12 years old kid,
    i cant even imagine hows like to be hated as much as you are,
    but hey, you deserve it

  18. I agree with you that he is scum, but did you have to come off pretentious? it seemed as if you used your whole entire vocabulary in one comment.

  19. Lol who says most gamers prefer the familiar over new, innovative stuff? All we want is innovation, but it doesnt show because stuff like cod is extremely popular

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