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  1. omg so happy I found this review. Literally got asked TODAY to be a brand ambassador for the company. Said they would give me 45% off and then every 5 people that used my code they would give me free clothes or either 10% of money. ( sounds too good to be true). Realizing the clothes are the same pics as fashion nova, zatful, etc… just needed to hear a review like yours. THANK YOU for letting me not waste my time. Srry this happened to you. xoxo

  2. I know you lying (not literally) they need they ass beat wtf!!!!!!! 😂😂😂 sorry sus that that happened to you I would dispute my transaction 😂

  3. I just signed up and ordered a two piece and a jumpsuit. Hopefully mine does not end up this way! There is a girl here who ordered the same two piece as you and she likes it. Everyone is different but they definitely are WRONG for that jacket!

  4. They got me too!!! I filed a dispute with my bank! They haven’t responded to messages or emails since they sent me my ambassador code on dec 10th!

    Faux fur is Made of Polymer fibers…..a subset of man-made fibers, which are based on synthetic chemicals (often from petrochemical sources) rather than arising from natural materials by a purely physical process. These fibers are made from: polyamide nylon. PET or PBT polyester……hence why your fur coat felt like polyester because it basically is and that's clearly stated underneath any fur faux item on the website that it is indeed faux fur….. Also the two piece set you bought is made of acetate which was also clearly stated underneath the item….. all of the issues that you had with shipping we're also addressed on the website directly like very directly they give a very clear shipping policy I think you were just simply not paying attention and the Very fact that you're bringing down his company for doing exactly what they say they will do and producing exactly what they advertised as producing is very unfortunate. If everything was based off of picture you know how many companies would be sued? Good example your Big Mac at McDonald's never looks like the picture because there are certain ways to photograph food. A lot of food you see in pictures is either not real, half-frozen, airbrushed and basically painted to look as fabulously delicious as possible… but when you actually receive it at that location they're not artists making your burger so it's not going to look like the picture. Anytime anyone takes the time to buy something offline you need to take the time to do your research….so that you know exactly what you're buying because something they cannot do is false advertise they're not lying to you they're just making their items look as appealing as possible so that they can make the sale which is what any company does. nobody looks like the model in the picture of the outfit that they bought most times I'm just saying.and if you notice items place on mannequins in stores are often pinned clipped and tighten to fit the mannequin to make the mannequin look as appealing in the outfit to make people go wow but in reality those items don't actually fit the mannequin which are designed to be an actual persons body…. Babe I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted but it's exactly what you ordered you just didn't take the time to look at all the details of the items before purchasing it you took it at face value in a picture when we all know pictures make things look ten times different anyway.but I encourage you not to bash the company in the way that you have I am not an ambassador of this company but I have been asked to be and I took the time to look into a whole bunch of things so that I know how to purchase off of their website.if you don't like a certain kind of fabric and you're not going to like certain kind of clothes on their website it might look nice in the picture but you have to pay attention to what you like in order to have your most out of online shopping.

  6. Girl I had this same experience exactly ! From start to finish , except instead of the clothes being bad quality they were like WAY too small , and I’m hella curvy so I ordered xxl . I ended up giving them to my sister who’s in 8th grade . Definitely won’t be ordering from them again or working with them as an ambassador.

  7. I got offered to be an Ambassador too! I got this blue set w sparkles on it. I then realized things I saw on their site were the same (BUT MORE EXPENSIVE) than clothing items I saw on more affordable clothing sites charging less than half the price! Smh I really can’t trust these IG boutiques. They also said they’ll follow me, and they unfollowed me after like a month so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. This is crazy I got the same message from them and they keep showing up on my feed
    I really thought I would do the same thing but I’m so happy I ran into this video!
    I’m finding it hard to shop online lately…

  9. Most of these Instagram stores order off wish or ali express and resell the clothes at exorbitant prices

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