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100 thoughts on “If you still have a Facebook account, delete it and stop using Facebook

  1. Another breach. Another day. Couldn't fit all of my sources into description box so here's the rest if anyone is interested.

    Tax Evasion


  2. Older people like me never trusted Facebook. We were called fuddy duddies. But we were experienced in politics, corporations and human nature. We never believed FB was a people friendly product. They targeted young people and tricked them into turning over personal information to the US spy agency, such as CIA, who rigs elections.

  3. I deleted my Facebook account a month ago. But I don't think Facebook has actually deleted it and I dare not look just in case Facebook try to activate it.

  4. I stopped using facebook a couple of months ago and I haven't missed it one bit, its absolutely pointless to be on and I was getting nothing out of it.
    All it does is give information to the world about yourself that people dont need to know

  5. If criminals could apologize-would they get their sentencing overturned 🤔Zuck your a shadow banner,never give your real name to social media

  6. It should be mentioned that facebook also owns instagram, because although no younger people use facebook, a lot use instagram, and its the same thing

  7. This company needs to be broken up under anti trust laws. Also needs to have all of its profit taxed at an extremely . Far too much power in too few hands.

  8. This makes clear why FB is acting like a persistent stalker and keeps asking for my phone number, however, once FB has the information, hey have the information, so even if you stop using it, they have your information and can continue to track you, sooo…..there is that.

  9. I'm also getting more and more disenchanted with FB because they constantly violate our First Amendment Rights to free speech and expression which "shall not be abridged by Constitutional law" even for ordinary citizens and they violate Article 19 of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Zuckerberg has also been under fire for! I'm sure the ACLU would agree, they're violating our civil liberties in that regard! They block people for expressing their political opinions and it's become a major political forum now and throw FB members in FB jail! This is not the America I grew up in since the early 1950s, more and more it's becoming a combination of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia where people weren't allowed free speech and Orwell's dystopian novel, "1984"! The answer to "1984" is….1776!!! We should all vote for net neutrality and I think Zuckerberg has become corrupted by all the money! He just had to pay a 5 billion dollar fine, you'd think he wouldn't want to get into any more hot water!! Personally, I don't trust FB anymore which is sad because it's one way people can keep in touch with family members as well and grandchildren! smdh

  10. Psalm 75: 2-7 You say, " I choose the appointed times: It is I who judge with equity. When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm. To the arrogant I say, "Boast no more." and to the wicked, "Do not lift up your horns against heaven; do not speak so defiantly. No one from the east of the west or from the desert can exalt themselves. It is God who judges: He brings one down, He exalts another.

  11. Washington is getting very desperate for you to delete your Facebook account. Apparently too many people all over the world can see what Washington is up to thanks to Facebook.

  12. I was just watching this video with headphones, and my mother just as I had watched it to the end showed me some post on Facebook and was like “isn’t that funny?”
    The irony XD

  13. I’m thinking about getting a VR headset. Is there any privacy risk when getting an Oculus headset greater than that when you get a more pricey vive or valve headset? Just wondering as Oculus was bought by Facebook.

  14. I also do'nt trust Facebook. I don't have any account there. Call me naive, but I rather trust Gmail to send and recieve personal messages, I rather trust GoogleDrive to store family pictures, I rather trust Paypall to give them my credit card number, I rather trust Alliexpress to buy products from China or I rather trust Revolut to send money than in Facebook.

  15. I deleted my Facebook account a year ago. Zuckerprick thinks he is a slick motherflucker, but the devil is playing him for a fool.

  16. Its so difficult these bastards collect our data and sell it on to others and once they have seen you on this site what you have posted is there forever.

  17. I made an account long back using my phone no. Only
    But for some reason After I went to delete the account, it didn't even log in say in the number doesn't match or some shit

  18. Ideally we should've known how Mark Fuckerburg was going to be back when he stabbed his 3 partners in the back when they first created it.

  19. Never give your real name to FB. Never give any pictures. Never give your phone number. Never add any friends. make all your data there private. follow no one. select NO notifications. remove all email notifications. Now you have NO FB problems. Glad I managed my FB that way!!

  20. i dont see this type of communication worth it but it takes time for some to realise how lost these manipulators are when you descover the greed at someones expence that doesnt deserve being treated like a puppet but it makes you appreciate real people that have your best interest and believe me having just one person to give your all to is enough for me i think mass hysteria has changed me for the better i love my life at this present time to see whats unfolding learning about why we exsist and whats important i see what i want

  21. I don’t use or never have used Facebook on principle. How can I actually delete my account. I’ve tried to but for some reason it won’t permanently delete.

  22. Facebook and Google need to be stomped on. Time to stop beating drums and start beating congressmen. (Yes. Hate speech.)

  23. this is not the main reason why i deleted my facebook, i deleted it because i have so many friends on facebook yet i have no friends in real life

  24. Reality check: the f in Facebook's logo stands for fake. This is a government run organization and Zuckerberg is as fake as a 3 Dollar bill.

  25. I will never forget the video of Zuch giving a speech and slipped saying, "When I was human." He laughed and tried to cover it up as an oops. That would not be a normal misspeak. I deleted FB and got rid of my iphone years ago. I'm back to a landline and I like it.

  26. My sister and niece got ripped off $3000 each by an ad on Facebook about a year ago. I have my Facebook account, but only to stay in touch with people as I live abroad. I post very little on it anymore. I lost the appeal to post things, or even check all that often, 2 or 3 years ago. It's a time waster and warps your reality of life, relationships and friendships.

  27. Never trusted him. When you rip off your friends that co founded Facebook with you and steal it from them, you’re off to a terrible start in the trust department.

  28. I've been suspended and send to Facebook's jail for 1 month….and you know what? I didn't thought a single second commiting suicide 😂😂😂because of my suspension. Unbelievable… isn't? I'm just going on other social medias like YouTube or Instagram 😁👍

  29. Im 13 so naturally can't understand many things about these videos (english isn’t my actual language)
    But i am watching all of your videos and trying to protect myself
    Deleted facebook and messenger and diwnloaded things like duckduckgo

  30. I tried to delete crookface and couldn't do it, so I then called them and they $aid I'd have to Pay to delete permanently !!!

  31. I stopped using Facebook and all other social media. It's boring 😴😑 and useless 😡💀👿 time waster

  32. I hate that almost all android phones preinstalled FB app, and you cannot delete it, you can only disable it.

  33. See how easy its gonna be for the antichrist to know your every move and intention….Its here ppl…The systems are all in place for the end time prophesy to go full speed ahead

  34. Well they’re going to miss my trip to get ads for Hawaii because they blocking conservatives for free speech harassing conservatives

  35. I can't… because most of my friends don't live in my country and I have facebook to stay in contact… but if everyone would move to VK I'd use that insted.


  37. When this giant bubble we've blown finally pops it's gonna be crazy. On the plus side, there will lots of good salvage to use for survival. Just gotta get through the initial dying

  38. Facebook and Google still track non-users across the web using their Advertising ID and web trackers

  39. I want to make fb account not to make frienda and share life but to easily get in contact with animal welfare and volunteering societies(being a busy student)…what about it?Suggest please.

  40. I delete my facebook a year ago just because i have alot of fake friend and no one like my post ,so mean while i see this video and realized how dangerous to share your own personal data /?tnx to this video

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