Idiotic Robot (With.TWICE) | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.06.03]

(Idiotic Robot) So… Where did Jinho-bot go? Jinho-bot! Jinho-bot! Did you call, master? I have no emotions. I am Jinho-bot. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. Alright. Cleaning mode. What the… You’re working when I didn’t ask you to? Anyway, my shoulders feel really stiff. Massage mode. What the… What’s with you today? You did something wrong, didn’t you? I did not, master. I am behaving as I usually do. This is how you usually are? What’s this? Let’s see… “Robot satisfaction survey?” You… You just want good ratings on this! That is not true. Oh, come on. You’re in for it this time. If I give you a zero… Hey! Are you getting angry? I am not. Alright, fine. I’ll give you 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you, master! So I’ll just… Hey! I accidentally rated you as one star! I can’t believe this. This guy… – What? / – Geez… Are you sulking now? I am not. You are sulking. I said I am not. Honey… Hi, honey. Why do you seem so down today? Honey, my boss yelled at me at work today. I could really go for a drink. Honey, want to have a drink with me? You know I can’t handle alcohol. Miss, I have a drinking mode. Really, Jinho-bot? Do you want to drink with me then? – Yes, Miss Somi. / – Thanks. Hey! You’ll get drunk drinking like that! I will not, master. I am a robot. I do not get intoxicated. – So why do you keep saying I’m… / – Gosh… If you talk to me like that… You don’t get drunk? You’re wasted now! Jinho-bot, you were that sad? Are you okay? Don’t cry. Gosh… Jinho-bot. Hey! Lift your head up! – Oops. / – Hey! Geez… – Right. Somi. / – What? Your skirt looks a bit short. It’s not short. Everyone wears it like this. – But men will stare! / – Everyone dresses like this. No, honey. Listen to me. – Pervert elimination mode. / – What? Honey, this is my robot. It’s a dangerous world these days so I put him on pervert elimination mode. – Gosh, honey. / – What? My boss wants me back at work. Oh, no! – Watch after Taehun-bot, honey. / – Honey. – Hello? / – Honey! I wanted to go out with Somi. Now I’m upset. Master, I have a mode to cheer you up. Music on. Hey… Stop it! That enough! Stop it! Gosh! You made me even more upset! Master, I have a mode to really cheer you up. Music on! (Special guests, Momo, Dahyun) Hold on, hold on. Who are you girls? Hello, master. We are TWICE-bot. Of course I know TWICE. Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Nayeon… Hold on… Who else is there? Wow… Master, they’re Dahyun-bot and Momo-bot. Oh! Oh, right! Of course I knew that. It just slipped my mind. Momo-bot and Dahyun-bot. Are you guys sulking? – We are not. / – We are not. I think you’re sulking. – We said we are not. / – We said we are not. I think they’re sulking… Anyway, since you guys are robots, you’ll have to help me around the house. Momo-bot, can you clean with this? What? Why can’t she understand me? Made in Japan. Made in Japan? Man, I don’t know how to speak Japanese. Master, I have an interpretation mode. I love you. Get out of here with that! This one is a weird one. So Momo-bot, use this and clean like this. Aha! Allow me to warm-up before cleaning. Warm-up. If you’re done warming up, get to cleaning. – Battery dead. / – What? That warm-up really drained your battery. Oh, well. Dahyun-bot. You’ll have to clean by yourself. By myself? You’re so mean! You’re so mean! That’s no use. You’ll still have to clean. Wipe the dirtiest area with this. – Dirty place. / – What is it? Very nice. – Hold on. / – Scrub, scrub. – Hold on. What are you doing? / – Scrub, scrub. You girls can’t understand me and can’t clean properly. What is it that you girls can do? Master, we have something we are good at too. What is it? Music! Hold on, hold on! You girls are just here to promote your new song! – No, we are not! / – No, we are not! What?

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100 thoughts on “Idiotic Robot (With.TWICE) | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.06.03]

    Mom: Here gave me the robot
    Me: I'll name this robot… MOMO BOT!
    Mom: Ok play with it..
    Me: Hey Momo can you clean a house? Or anything???
    Momo-bot: Nani?
    Mom: Wha-
    Momo-bot: Made in Japan


  3. If Dahyun ever retires from music, she should be a regular actor on SNL or something. She has such great cheeky comedic energy

  4. My sister said I thought Momo's battery died so why is she alive up to this day, did someone feed her jokbal 😂

  5. Momo going from sim to warm up to sim again and the battery dying that’s ReAl talent

    And how did they not laugh and especially Dahyun just looking at Momo without any expression while she’s like mAdE iN jApAn 😂😂💖🌈

  6. It's so cool to come here again after becoming a ONCE!! I've seen this sketch before knowing about TWICE and now I'm so in love with them… it's so cool to watch them now I know them for real <3 <3

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