Idiotic Robot | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.10.14]

(Idiotic Robot) Hey. Where’s Jinho-bot? Jinho-bot! Jinho-bot! – Did you call, master? / – Yeah. I have no emotions. I am Jinho-bot. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. Jinho-bot did you bring everything for the memorial ceremony? Yes, master. For the memorial ceremony… – Engine oil. / – What? And washer fluid. Hey, what’s all this stuff you brought? I should hold a memorial ceremony too. Hold on… I can’t believe this. You’ll hold a memorial ceremony? Master. I’m actually a 9th generation robot with deep roots. You have ancestors? Yes, master. My 7th generation grandpa. Looks just like you. And my grandma. That’s your grandma? She just looks like your grandpa with long hair! Let’s leave family out of this. Alright. I’m sorry. Anyway, master. Can we not go anywhere this Chuseok? No way. I should eat my mom’s cooking for the holidays. You mom’s cooking? I fix all that food. What’s so hard about fixing a meal? A meal? It’s because I have to fix that meal 10 times! I clear the table, then your uncle’s family shows up so I set the table again. When I clear that, your aunt’s shows up and I set the table again! Some people just eat while other people just work! I’m so angry… Alright. I’ll help you out this time then. Master. Not going is helping me. “I have work this Chuseok so I can’t go back home.” How is that so hard to say? All the other robots get to travel abroad. I’m so misfortunate! Gosh… Poor me! Alright, alright, Jinho-bot. I get it. After Chuseok, I’ll get you a luxury brand outfit. That’s not going to cheer me up. Hey, I think you’re feeling better now. I am not. You’re totally feeling better! I said I am not… Get off me! You’re so silly! What was that? – Honey. / – Hey, honey! Honey. Why do you look so upset to visit home? Whenever I visit home, my parents tell me that I should bring my boyfriend! Boyfriend mode. Let’s go, Somi. Oh, my! Jinho-bot, you’ll go with me? What are you talking about? I’m the boyfriend! Oh… I’m so upset… The back of my head hurts. Hey, did you bring my neck pillow? Yes, master. Here’s your neck pillow. Hey! I said bring my neck pillow not my pillow! Honey. – I have a neck pillow. / – Yeah? Why are you looking for it in there? Hyeseon-bot! What the… What is it? What is it? I hope you travel comfortably. You’re the best, Hyeseon-bot. Hi, Jinho-bot! Hi, Hyeseon-bot. Jinho-bot. What will you wish for on the full moon for Chuseok? I’ll wish… Please let Jinho-bot love me forever. Please pretend you didn’t hear that! What? Jinho-bot! You’re so mean! Gosh… Jinho-bot. You’ve upset Hyeseon-bot and she left. You hate her that much? – Yeah. / – It’s not like that… Jinho-bot, what kind of female robot is your ideal type? I like a girl robot that looks cool when she’s cooking with a knife. – A knife? / – A knife? What the… Gosh! What is this? Hey… Jinho-bot! I’ll show you my knife skills! This isn’t right! Stop right there!

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24 thoughts on “Idiotic Robot | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.10.14]

  1. I was about to comment about how hyeseonbot changed everything ever since the beginning of her appearance in idiotic robot , she aint funny lol

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