Idiotic Robot | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.07.01]

(Idiotic Robot) Hey… Where did Jinho-bot go? Jinho-bot! Jinho-bot! Did you call, master? I have no emotions. I am Jinho-bot. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. Hey… What’s wrong with him? Oh… It’s time to change his engine oil. Hold on… I’ve never used Chinese engine oil. It should be fine. There. What a relief. Jinho-bot, get to cleaning. – Yes. / – What? Why are you speaking Chinese? Are you speaking Chinese because I used Chinese engine oil? I can’t speak to him in Korean now. Now I can’t make him work. Oh, well… Here. You’re doing this because you don’t want to work. – Yes. / – Oh, come on! Get out of here with that. You think I wouldn’t find out your scheme to get out of working? What’s with that look? You going to hit me? I will not. Stop joking around. So anyway… This is kimchi my mom sent. Put it in the fridge. And the food you made. Throw all that out. It’s inedible. Jinho-bot. Can you get me some water? Why aren’t you getting me water? Why? It’ll taste bad if I get it. It’ll probably taste better if your mom gets it. Are you sulking again? This is why I always chew you out. Your insults are no good. I want your mom to insult me. Stop it! Bad robot! What’s with that look? Anyway… You say still while I go use the bathroom. Yes, master. Honey. Where’s Hyeonho? Master is in the bathroom. Yeah? Looks like his mom sent him kimchi. She makes delicious kimchi. Oh, no! Jinho-bot, what are you doing? Listen carefully. You were never here, Miss Somi. What are you saying? Go now. Forget it! Why are you doing this? Hey, An Somi! Listen up. I’m not saying this as a robot. The day someone finds out what you did, we’re both dead. What are you doing? Who did this? – Master… / – You troublemaker! I should sell you! You’re coming with me… – Honey. / – Follow me. Honey! What’s wrong? I’m sleepy. – All of a sudden? / – Yeah. Why? What’s with him? Mother mode. Mother mode? Gosh… What the… – ♪ Rock-a-bye baby ♪ / – What are you doing? Honey, I have insomnia. So when Taehun-bot puts me to sleep… All of a sudden… Honey, don’t fall asleep now. Wake up. Wake up! I will wake her up. Wake up, princess. I slept well! You’re kind of weird too. Gosh, look at the time. – What is it? / – I’m meeting old classmates. I’ll be back, honey. – Honey. / – Bye, Taehun-bot. Honey, honey… She left. Anyway, I was supposed to go clubbing with my friends behind Somi’s back. Am I going to end up alone? Guys, how do I get girls to like me? Master, a man should be confident. Yeah? Then pretend you’re girls and see what I do. Yes, master. Simulation mode. Where did they go? Hello. I have a boyfriend. Do you have a boyfriend? I have a husband. What? Hey! Why would you mention a husband? Don’t touch me! Jinho-bot, stop him! – I said I have a boyfriend! / – What the… You pervert! Pervert! – You’re so ugly! / – The guys here are gross! – You’re repulsive! / – Stop it!

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39 thoughts on “Idiotic Robot | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.07.01]

  1. I was trying to watch the skit but the spilled kimchi made me really sad

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