Idiotic Robot | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.06.10]

(Idiotic Robot) Look at this dust on this table! Why that… Jinho-bot! Jinho-bot! This guy… Geez… Did you call, master? I have no emotions. I am Jinho-bot. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. Forget all that. Did you clean properly? Look at all the dust! – Do the cleaning again! / – Yes, master. Cleaning mode. Geez… Who’s this? Hello? Clubbing? Sounds great! Of course I won’t tell my girlfriend. Alright, man. See you later. This is such a hassle. Hey! Why’d you stop cleaning? Play. Clubbing? Sounds great! Of course I won’t tell my girlfriend. Hey! Are you trying to blackmail me with this? – I am not. / – What? You are. I said I am not. I’ll get you for this. Geez… – Honey! / – Hi, honey. Honey, are you all packed for our trip to Jeju-do? Sure. Jinho-bot did you finish packing? Yes, master. I prepared something for Miss Somi too. What’s this? What is it? It’s my first trip to Jeju-do. What? Why would you tag along? Play. You should come! You should come! Of course you should come. I’ll get you… Did you finish packing, honey? Yeah, I’m done packing. Taehun-bot. What the… Geez… Taehun-bot, are you done packing for our trip? I’ve packed perfume, makeup and sunglasses just like you asked. Good job. Oh! What about my underwear? Underwear? I packed your favorite ones. Hey! How would you know that? Honey, he’s just a robot. So what? Geez… Anyway. Do we have to bring them too? The house will be a mess if I leave it unattended. That’s why I signed up for a rental robot… – To watch the house. / – Really? – It should be here soon. / – Hello. – Here it is. / – Hello. – Here’s your rental robot. / – Yes. – Have a nice day. / – Bye. Honey, this robot is the newest model. – Yeah? Let’s take a look. / – Sure. (Special guest, Jang Woohyuk) Hello. Master, I am the latest model robot. I am Woohyuk-bot. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. I do not have a heart. Great to meet you! Hold on. The newest model? I think I’ve seen him around since I was a little kid. What are you saying? – I’m not that old. / – Really? No. I am the latest model robot. I am Woohyuk-bot. Are you getting a call, honey? It’s not my phone. It’s me. – What the… / – Gosh. “Hurry, hurry?” Master, where is a public payphone? Nobody uses pagers and public payphones anymore! You’re not the latest model! You’re so lame! – Lame? / – Yeah. – How could you… / – Am I still lame? Gosh… That’s so lame. Super lame! You’re totally outdated! Hey. What is it? Are you sulking? I am not. You are sulking. I said I am not. What was that? Honey, he’s the newest model. Don’t be like that. So… Woohyuk-bot. You’re so dreamy. Hey, new guy. Do you mean me? Do you see any other new guys here? You could’ve just walked here… You need a welcoming since you’re new here. A welcoming? Start the music. He’s so cool! Jang Woohyuk! Jang Woohyuk! Jang Woohyuk! Hold on, hold on! Hold on! Stop it! Stop it! That’s enough! Stop it. Stop! Why do you keep dancing? A robot should clean. How could you keep dancing? Oh, right. You’re the latest model, right? I should see your performance. Dust the house with this. Yes, master. Cleaning mode. I bet he looks cool cleaning too. Amazing… What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop it! What are you doing? You’re destroying the entire house! You broke my favorite action figure! Geez! Gosh… Are you okay? I am fine. What was that? Jang Woohyuk! Jang Woohyuk! He’s an outdated robot!

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43 thoughts on “Idiotic Robot | 봇말려 [Gag Concert / 2017.06.10]

  1. OMG!!! Jang Woohyuk!! This made my day! It made my freaking week lol. So happy to see him again! He has't aged a bit and still is HOT af!!

  2. Omg oppa is really amazing and good at dancing and adorable and cute oppa ❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗😄😄😍😍 thanks for this video you guys made my day excited

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