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Hi Viewers welcome to a channel today we’re along with Satheesh Reddy managing director of ideal protein in India Hi Sir, Hi Spandana how are you I’m fine sir what about you sir I’m doing great thank you sir can you introduce about
yourself yes my name is rotationally I’m the
managing director of Ideal Protein India and I am responsible for bringing the
Ideal Protein weight loss protocol to India so sir what is the story behind
Ideal Protein coming to India yes the story behind Ideal Protein coming to
India is actually a very personal one so basically me as a kid I was always on
the heavier head and weight loss was always on my mind and when I was in the
I am actually petroleum engineer by profession and I was working in the US
and when I was in the US and one of the places I stayed I had a friend who was a
doctor and he suggested me to do the Ideal Protein protocol to lose weight
because he said today you always try so many things why don’t you try this it’s
been working very well with my clients so I started the protocol and in a
period of 10 weeks two and half months I lost 23 kilos so after I lost 23 kilos
of weight with this protocol this is when my mother actually gave me the idea
of saying if this is working so well for you why don’t you bring this to India
because it’s making you more healthier and a lot of people with a lot of
obesity and overweight issues here so that is when we decided to bring this
protocol to India general it is irrelevant now so right now so we are
launching from Hyderabad Hyderabad is the headquarters for the for the country
and then we have a first clinic also in Hyderabad we are open now in Hyderabad
and in Mumbai we are planning to open going forward to Bangalore and Chennai
yet what are the ideal protein plans for the future so for the future once we are
opened and in Bangalore Chennai we want to get into the South Indian market and
after that we want to get into North India we are particularly focusing see
wherever there is a wherever people want to lose weight
whether people want to be healthier we want to be there we want to help people
get people healthier so first we want to get into the South Indian market next we
go intend to get into North India that is the planners of now okay so what is
your main objective in bringing ideal protein to India
the main objective in bringing Idol but in India like I said this whole the the
ideal protein protocol itself it comes from a very personal perspective of me
trying to lose weight and become healthier and then I was able to do that
I was able to lose weight I was able to sustain the weight loss keep it off and
lead a healthier lifestyle so that’s the main thing we just want to make India
healthier we want to we want to educate people more because it is you are what
you eat now it all comes from food and that is something which is being
followed from our ancestors as well so we want to educate the people about food
we want to explain to them that the right way to eat and in the demanding
time of the present generation that they are facing in terms of the the work
culture the rise in obesity overweight so we want to just make them healthier
finally we want to make India healthier that is the objective sir can you
explain a little bit about the products yes so this is a good question and this
also the ideal protein products we have 21 different varieties of products and
so all the products are important we are their manufactured in the US Canada and
France and the company have the manufacturing facilities in these
countries and so the beauty about these products is basically that the 21
different varieties of products when you think about protein products you may be
having one or two flavors but we have chips we have different varieties
chocolate bars we have a wide variety of breakfast options so you can actually
choose and eat from all of this so you don’t feel like you’re on a diet it’s
not actually like you can feel like a nun right but you’re able to eat all
this tasty products and lose weight so that is how but along with this we are
emphasizing the importance of vegetables so how which travels are important for
you how many vegetables learn four cups of vegetables have to be taken as part
of the protocol so it’s not just a product the products are to make it more
tastier but also the vegetables the importance of micro nutrition this is
all we are emphasizing as well so how is a result so far in the clinic
the results are actually been amazing we’ve had about hundred plus clients who
joined the protocol they were all coming from a reference and they were very
happy with the results and then the every week they are not just able to see
weight loss but that weight whatever they were losing was actually fat loss
and the thing is it’s not just the weight loss we are focusing on we are
making their lifestyle healthier they are able to keep the way I lose the
weight and also sustain the weight loss which is the key component of Ideal
Protein you have to lose the weight and maintain it so results have been great
so far we are at different age groups from 20 year old till almost 60 year
olds everyone are seeing pretty good results in reducing their body fat
percentage they are becoming healthier so that that’s making us also happier
thank you so thank you so much for your valuable information thank you very much
so yes this is all about today’s episode we’ll catch up in next episode until
then keep smiling take care bye bye I hope you like this video if you like
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