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61 thoughts on “ibgucut QnA 영상 / TMI / 인플루언서 ?

  1. 이유는 모르겠는데 화질이 저화 되네요 ㅠㅠ ! 앞으로 이것저것 더 노력하겠습니다.

  2. So excited to see your next videos on your channel! ☺️ it is cool to know a little bit more about you 👍🏻

  3. Amazing video🎉🤩 I love your style, I would love to know what skin care products you use? You have such a beautiful complexion 😍💞

  4. My congratulations with YouTube channel! It is a good for 1st video! Thank you for Q&A and English subs! Fighting! Wish you health and success!

  5. Thank you for starting this channel ^^. I also wear and love all black outfits. So it's nice to see someone like that too ! I like your mask ! It suits you and makes you stand out, it gives you even more character !!
    Hopefully you will post more videos !! Excited to see more !!
    Good luck 😄

  6. Wua, you are not ugly!! I hope your youtube channel will go well and that you get more recognition ♥️🖤🔥
    Thank you for doing this to help us know more about you🌸

  7. Really excited to see that you started a channel!! I really love your account and think this is a great way to expand your content ☺️ I can’t wait to see more videos! 🥰

  8. Thanks so much for letting us know a little more about your personality! I'm sure that your dream of your own brand will come true. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you🖤👑

  9. youtube 채널에 대한 축하. 너 혼자서 찍었 니? 나를 위해, 당신은 자신의 최고의 모습입니다. 그냥 너 자신이되고 그것에 대해 더 많이 연구해라. 말레이시아 출신 ..

  10. Oh, thank you for English subtitles!😅
    I'm glad that you made the channel. I'm waiting for your videossss, good luck🔥

  11. I really enjoyed this video and I wish all your dreams come true! I’ll try to support you as much as possible. Your Ukrainian friend 😊

  12. 인스타 보고 달려왔습니다~~ 진짜 옷잘입는 사람중 한명이라 생각하고 매일 잘 보고있어요 ㅠㅠ

  13. Thank you so much for put the subtitles in english, i'm glad that you make the YouTube channel now i can met you better ^^ i wish you all the good things 💖

  14. it's cool that you've decided to open up to us. I have ideas of videos that would be cool to do: "how to edit these Instagram photos" "Instagram accounts to follow" "closet tour" "the best places in Korea for photos" "my favorite brands" . Whatever keep going !

  15. I'm so glad to see you on youtube!! you have such a nice voice~ the video is cool, many questions really interested me. I'll be waiting for your new videos.
    you are so handsome and cute💖
    hi from Russia hehe🇷🇺

  16. Ah I'm late to this but hun if you start your own brand I will be your #1 buyer 😂 good luck with starting it😊

  17. 인스타에서만 보다가 유투브에서 보니까 새롭네요!!><
    목소리 너무 좋고 다음 영상 기대할게요!!!😍😍😍

  18. If you get your own brand, I will pack and fly to you! Because I am studying fashion design and I would be happy to help you out ☺️💜

  19. 인스타 구독하다가 왔어요! 영상 잘 봤습니다🔥🔥 근데 오프닝이랑 클로징에 들어가는 노래 소리랑 입구컷님 목소리랑 차이가 커요ㅠㅠ 목소리 나오는 부분을 조금 더 올리시는게 어떨까 하는 생각에 댓글 남겨요 앞으로도 좋은 영상 많이 부탁드릴게요👍🏻

  20. IM GLAD THAT I DISCOVERED YOU FROM PINTEREST. Your outfit is hella on another level. Keep up your work, i stan youuuu

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