I Tried A Period Swimsuit

Hello friends, and welcome to another video. Today I’m going to be taking on another strange period product. And this time, it’s a swimsuit. So, I’ve been hearing about this “period swimsuit” for a little while and some of you guys have tweeted at me and commented, requesting that I try it out. So, I decided to get it and see what it is. From what I can tell, it seems to be a swimsuit with a reinforced crotch – like a built in pad, basically. It’s described as “leak-proof” swimwear. So it’s not water tight, but it’s supposed to keep it all in. It’s actually from the same company that makes the period leggings that I tried a couple of months ago which I had mixed feelings about because the crotch was just a little bulkier than I’d hoped it would be. And the company was a little wishy-washy on whether you were supposed to wear the leggings by themselves or with another period product. Which kinda defeats the purpose in my opinion. But never the less we have the swimsuit now. And we’re gonna try it out. So they had a few different styles but I settled on the black one piece. After my experience with the leggings, I’m really hoping that it isn’t quite as turkey-neckish in the crotch area Just because with the leggings, at least you can kind of wear a tunic top to disguise the crotch. But with a swimsuit, when you’re on the beach, it’s just kinda like “wham, bam, thank you ma’am.” So, this is what the instructions refer to as the “gusset”. It’s like the “crotchal” region of the inside of the bathing suit. And it’s actually a fleecy material. it looks pretty much the same as the one on the period leggings, so we’ll see. Now I’m a tampon user so usually when I have to wear a bathing suit on my period, I’ll just pop one of those bad boys up there but maybe this could safe guard against any leaking possibilities on that front. In general though, I think this swimsuit is mostly geared towards those who wear pads or other external period products. where the options currently are like wear nothing or wear a pad into the water and hope it doesn’t blow up like a balloon so if this things works it could be a good alternative i’m gonna try and replicate that experience so i’m just gonna wear this swimsuit by itself with no other period products now i’m actually gonna be traveling this week, so i’m gonna take this swim suit with me and we’re gonna try it out in some undetermined body of water somewhere in the united states alright let’s do it okay so it is day 4 of my period out of 7. I’m traveling – I’m in Sandusky, Ohio because i’m a guest star on the girl’s night in tour and i’m going to be wearing my period swimsuit today we are going to Cedar Point, which is – i believe an amusement park but there’s also, you know, a water front opportunity like a beach front on lake eerie weirdly this worked out because i feel like a great lake is the perfect place to wear your period swimsuit because i was kinda terrified to wear it to the beach in LA because that is an ocean and then there are sharks there and i also feel kinda weird wearing it into a pool like i know there is chlorine in a pool it’s still feels like more of a contained environment versus a great lake has no sharks and also is very large okay so let’s go try it on. so when i put in on at the hotel the first thing i noticed was how soft it was it’s not necessarily like cute but it’s a pretty harmless one piece black bathing suit don’t really have any complainants about how it looks or feels on the body i act like that the crotch was less noticeable than the period leggings there is still like a separate gusset panel which i’m like not super jazzed about like i wish it was more built in overall but it doesn’t look as bad so i think that’s a pretty important factor we’re heading out to cedar point in a little bit and we’ll see how this thing does in the wild so after leaving the hotel i was basically wearing it as underwear and i will say that in motion the gusset is pretty comfortable it doesn’t like chaff when i walk so that’s always good alright so we are at cedar point so far i actually feel decently dry definitely like a drop or 2 but you know in general feeling pretty good so let’s see what happens when we get to the beach. it took me a little while to find the lake i have been walking for a little bit and i don’t exactly know where i’m going but there’s a lake around here i know okay you just i think i have finally found it i think i’m actually walking up to the beach right now got some nice watter to walk into looks like we got some innocent beach goers, who dont know what im doing Alright, so at the beach i took my dress off that was over the bathing suit and the bathing suit, well looks prety normal when its dry did that with out putting my camera down, okay so im just in my swim suit, im feeling pretty good right now I know that i have bleed into the swimsuit already, I hope that I don’t see any blood like floating to the top when i walk into the water, and i also hope that my pad doesnt just inflate like a diaper, um but let’s just walk in at first i wanted to get into the water slightly away from other people just because i kinda wanted to do my own thing but i kinda got freaked out by a leaf that brushed against my leg i am actually such a scaredy cat , i was like walking pretty comfortably in knee deep water and then i felt a leaf on my foot and i was like “baaa” and now im nervous to get deep in the water where there is no one near by, so maybe i should get closer to other people so i was finally ready to submerge my gusset in the water so im just gonna sit down and we are just gonna see what happends ooo ok butt submerged, ok oh the pad is totally submerged im submerged up to my waist basicly, so the pad is completely under the water its a little bit colder down here so i did not see any clouding or leaking actively happening as i sat down in the water i will say that the lake water is not very clear, but i didnt see any blood float to the top i also did not notices the gusset inflate like a raft, it did get wet, obviously but it didnt really get any bigger, that said, it did get heavier it does not expand expediently like a diaper would,but it definitly looks like, way down and soggy when i stand up, it almost just like a wet piece of fleece after about thirty (30) minutes in the water, I wasn’t jazzed about how it looked, But I had to get out [of the water] sometime I will say though that I don’t think anyone on the beach is giving me a second glance besides the fact that I’m filming myself So I don’t think anyone’s noticing the droopy crotch as much as, of course I am noticing it on myself. I found a public shower and rinsed off before putting my dress back on. [maniacal Saf]: YeeEESS A public shower YEEeeess Washin’ ma butt I think actually A little bit of sand got stuck in the gusset ‘Cause I kinda- I wasn’t really swimming, I was more sitting… ooh… I wonder if anyone saw me kinda reach in there and try and get it out So after that, I just wanted to see how long the swimsuit would take to dry Something I didn’t actually think about until just now is, is that I am now perioding into a wet gusset I hope it can still absorb while it’s wet ah I’m wearing a black dress. Also, I bought this clam hat in honour of my period *laughs* It’s a clam! So the body of the swimsuit dried pretty quickly, but I waited a long time for the crotch to dry. Alright, I would say it’s about 40 minutes post beach and I feel like everything is dry pretty much except for the gusset which still feels soggy I don’t think the swimsuit was leaking blood, but it was leaking water. Like, I sat down on a bench and then when I stood up my whole butt was covered in water spots. Definitely looks like I peed my pants, which is awesome! So, I was pretty much out of commission for doing anything else at the theme park. It kinda put a damper on my spirits. OK, so it’s been about three hours since I got in the water. The sun is going down. We’re gonna head back to the hotel soon. And I would say that I still have not reached, like, dry-zero. Like, I’m still a little bit damp I don’t know that it’s ever gonna get there when it’s on my body. By the time we left, the crotch still wasn’t completely dry. Alright you guys, I’m back in the hotel. After I took it off, it took probably like an hour to fully fully dry. The funny thing is, now that it’s dry I’ve gotta wash it again. Then wait for it to dry again And then put it in my suitcase. Overall, I would say my experience of the period swimsuit was not terrible. But there were some issues. There’s no question to me that this is, probably, better than wearing a pad straight into the water I’ve never done that, but this does eliminate the inflation factor, as well as the visibility factor of like seeing the wings of a pad on a swimsuit. I will say that this swimsuit was pretty fine when it was dry. Like, I don’t think that the crotch was that bulky. And I’ll also say, that the absorbency when dry was pretty impressive. Like, I didn’t even feel any dampness before I got in the water. So, as for the test of putting my butt in the water I would say that the swimsuit felt totally fine when I was just stationary and there wasn’t any visible leaking or expansion, which was great. That [being] said, once you get out of the water, it’s not quite as seamless. Tyler: It’s a little bulky Safiya: It’s not horrible Tyler: it’s not horrible Safiya: but it’s not ideal Tyler: It’s definitely noticeable. Also, it seems to take forever to dry once it’s wet. See, the problem is that, that is wet fleece. Tyler: Oh yeah, and it’s bulky huh? Safiya: It’s bulky, but it’s more that it’s just not swimsuit material. I think that if you are someone who really doesn’t like tampons, or can’t use tampons this could be a good solution just to like go to the beach or something. But in terms of actually getting in the water I think it’s a little soggy looking. When it’s dry it doesn’t look too bad. So if you’re not swimming, it could be a great solution but if you are swimming, I don’t know. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like that video make sure to shmash (click) that like button. And if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to shmash that subscribe button! And if you’ve already shmashed that subscribe button make sure to also shmash that little bell icon. To turn on post notifications, so you’ll get a notification every time I post. Here, are my social media handles. Make sure to check out my Nextbeat, I do a lot of daily blogging and Q&As on there. A big shout out to Ariana for watching! Thanks for watching, Ariana. I’ll see you guys next time!

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100 thoughts on “I Tried A Period Swimsuit

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  2. I'm a guy so maybe I don't understand the entire logistics of it, but why not just wear a tampon? I know some women don't like them but if you're going swimming and it's only going to be for a few hours what's the big deal?

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  8. is a myth that the water turns into red or gets full of blood,when u go underwater the menstruation cuts
    ik that bc in my swimmin class the teacher told us that,and it actually is true,i say it for my own experience
    haha so disgusting 😷 but true
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  9. Well having your period while in the water isn't a problem as the blood won't flow while you're in it but to and from the safety of pads it could be useful I suppose 🤔 also you should really change out of your swimwear regardless of whether or not you're on your period as the wet non-breathable fabric of swimwear really isn't the healthiest environment for your ladybusiness😜

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