I Spent $1,120 On Weird Gadget eBay Mystery Boxes…

– Hey what’s good guys? Welcome back to TechSmart
and you know what time it is. It’s time to open up some mystery boxes. (R&B music) In case you guys don’t know
how mystery boxes work, make sure you hit subscribe so you do. Basically, I’m gonna head onto eBay, type in mystery box, and see what we get. Here we go. It’s always so scary seeing what’s gonna pop up and what the
first price is gonna be. By the way, I said in the last video, if we hit a like goal of 25000 likes, I’d spend $2000 on mystery
boxes in this video. But since we came so close, we hit 17000, I’m only gonna spend $1000,
maybe $1700 so drop a like. If we hit 25000 likes again, I’ll give to you one more time, I’ll spend $2000 on mystery boxes. Okay, let’s do it for real. The first one’s $6. I can’t do anything with a $6 mystery box. I’m probably getting just air. What’s going on? 99 cents from China? Practical Gadgets Mysterious
Box, 100% random box case? That’s why I make these
videos for you guys and hopefully you like them because we’re about to spend some serious money and get off the first page because it’s only 99 cent mystery
boxes and $5 ones. Okay, here we go. $100 mystery random box. Video games, books, electronics,
weird, fun, great gift. That sounds like it’s right up my alley. $100, it’s shipping from
Randolph, Massachusetts. $13 shipping so you know
this has got to be a big box. When the shipping’s that
expensive, you know it’s good. What’s in the description? I’m an experienced seller. Contains a variety of items,
fast and free, price $100. Over $100 retail value so
this guy’s being legit. I love it. 26 feedback and you call
yourself experienced? I’ll be the one to find out. Someone’s gotta do it. What else is in the cart? The other mystery box from Canada. I love it! Sometimes I leave surprises
in here for myself. It’s a $95 mystery box with over $400 worth of value and
it’s a women’s beauty box. We’re leaving that in the cart. Let’s go back to eBay,
type in mystery box. I wanna type in 500 and
just see what we get. Kind of like the Daytona 500. Wait, did I get that right? Or is it the Indy 500? I don’t even know! Let me know in the
comments which race it is. Is it both Ev? Gee, sometimes I’m just saying stuff. I love it dude. We’re not even getting a
mystery box on this one guys. We’re going with the mysterious
surprise treasure box. $500 plus value. I love it. It’s literally a picture of a red iPhone and it says the words surprise box on it. $3 shipping from the Bronx. No way. I have never seen it this low before. This guy, are you ready, has 60% feedback. That means out of every
two things he sells, one is a scam. If it’s 60% positive feedback, maybe we’ll make it 65%? Mysterious surprise treasure
box, Knockout Novelties, good feedback, no description. That’s sketch. Free shipping. Yes sir. Wait, what? Some products may have
damage to retail packaging. Okay, that’s fine. I thought it said some
products may be damaged. That would not be okay. Let’s head to the cart. Let’s get this stuff ordered. I spent $1124. Hopefully they show up, but we’re probably gonna get scammed. It’s been about two weeks and all four mystery boxes showed up and why is that a big deal? ‘Cause it’s not every day every
mystery box shows up so yes! The mystery box gods have blessed us. We are four for four. Let’s open up some boxes. I just see a bottle of mayo. You see that bottle of mayo in there? Wow, someone was really outdoorsy. This is the outdoorsy box. This could be a used fly swatter so I’m not gonna touch this part. I bent it. Dude, we got my new katana. Then we got knock off mayonnaise. Is this an instrument? This is a motion activated light? Where does one find this stuff? You just throw that in, this
is the bulb that detects it? I can tell you, this
will not ever be used. Check this one out at
Goodwill, catch it on Mercari, it’s just not happening guys. Whoa boy! We got some fishing boots
and/or some rain boots? These are rad. (boy screams) And they’re my size! That was just a scream
and I think a voice crack, but it says size 13. I’m so pumped man! Yeezy don’t got anything on K-Dog. We have a mouse trap, really? Do we put the instrument as the bait? I don’t know. Nice little $6 magazine there. Some flowers for your girl
because at this point, she’s gonna leave you with all the money you invested and lost. Well, I don’t think we’ve
ever really said it here on What’s Inside the Mystery
Box, but I got scammed. This is bad. I spent $500 to get what I
thought would be an outdoors box. No, we get a single Backpacker magazine, motion detection light, and
not even real mayonnaise. Maybe this is worth the $500. I haven’t had mayo in a hot sec. Will I just do it? (gagging sounds) I don’t know how much this next box costs. At the end of the day, they’re mystery boxes so
I’ll know when I open it. Dude, really? Really? And you know it’s great ’cause
it says supreme power on it. Let’s be super respectful in
the comments, alright guys? We got a what looks like a
nice broadcast microphone. I’ve seen this before. Is this a wallet or SD cards? Is this something that was bought on the as seen on TVs? Did they superglue it? Josh, can you please help me open this? Oh it’s a button. Now I only lost $94 on this box. What else did we get? Another thing from Quirky. I’ve seen these. These are kind of cool. You can wrap you earbuds around it and then you wrap your cable. Just kind of keeps everything
a little more organized because let’s face it, a single cable or a
single pair of headphones can get tangled so quickly. Kind of cool. I’m gonna grab some headphones. I think this is my first
candle in a mystery box. Appreciate ya. This is kind of cool. Basically you take your cubed adapter that comes with your iPhone,
plug your cable in here, make sure it doesn’t pop out, and then you wrap the excess cable just around the side here. What’s dope is it’s silicone. Slings on down. Keeps your cable nice and organized and you can charge your phone. What’s cool is you still got access to the prongs here so
AC adapter in the wall. A little cable to charge your phone. No cord, no mess. What’s also cool is Quirky, the same company that made this, they made a product to basically
keep this from happening. Give me 10 years, I’ll untangle this. Whoa! This is so sick. I’m amused by the dumbest things. A candle got me excited. This is cool ’cause everyone does this, everyone knows that their
headphones are gonna get tangled. This is actually a product that solves it. Same with this one. The wallet is pretty
dumb and the microphone. Josh, can you do a price check this? Let’s see if we’ve made some money here. It’s the SHURE, S-H-U-R-E SM Seven. How much is this? Please don’t say a dollar. – [Josh] $400. – Whoa! Dude, maybe this is a $500 box? You see what I’m saying? I don’t even know the
prices of these boxes. You know what I spent,
you saw the ordering. $400? Hit it up on Mercari or eBay boys! Someone buy this. It might work. Wow, we just made some money. This feels really good. Maybe we made money, I’ll let you know at the end of the video. You guys tell me. Vote up in the iCard which
is your favorite box. Let’s open up box number three. That had a $400 mic in it. Maybe these mystery boxes aren’t all junk. Maybe you’re actually getting something. Nope, no, no, no. I spoke way too soon. What do these colors mean? I don’t even know. I appreciate, I really do
appreciate the headband. You guys know me. Without a headband, I
just don’t feel confident and I just don’t feel like myself. Oh hell yeah! Gamer portable? It’s basically a Nintendo
but it’s not a Nintendo. I’m checking this out. Yo Josh, is this a GameCube dude? Have you ever seen this? It takes batteries. While Josh gets batteries
for the GameCube, hot fries are my favorite
chip so that’s not bad. What is this? Let me know in the comments if
you what this guy is called, and it’s not just a dancing taco. I’m pretty sure there’s
some name behind this guy. A pair of eyeglasses. Are they prescription? Can’t see ’cause they are. Sqoosho’s? Makes three squoosho’s. Add expanding water beads and glitter. Oh my god. It was at this point he
realized this is his life, filling up stress balls. Kind of interesting,
Jack Daniel’s chapstick? Tennessee fire? This chapstick, this is used chapstick. No. Is this a pool toy? That just went right by Ev’s head. I love it. Let’s fill up this squishy ball here. We have our expanding water beads. You know, I’m not even
gonna read the directions. I’ve been watching enough DIY
slime videos here on YouTube so we’re alright. Let’s put these in the funnel. Maybe a little glitter. We’ll give it a little glitter gas here. Man, it’s been awhile since TechDumb’s done some arts and crafts. I like it. Pour it in. Ow, that burns! Ow! I’m gonna tie this and you can look at your squishy stressy
ball, but the funny part is, there is more stress being
created than being relieved. I’m gonna go wash my hands. That might’ve been worth the pain. Maybe I should have a rash or something. I don’t know. I’m okay now. Let these water beads absorb water. Now you got a balloon. Okay it’s leaking. It’s leaking. I don’t know how much this box was for. Josh, do you have the Game Boy Advance? I’m covered in glitter dude. I’m a mess. I’m giving up. Dude, this glitter is thick with two C’s. It’s time to try out what I think will either make or break this box. How do you turn this thing on? I’m telling you right
now, my skin is burning. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, all I can say is one thing led to another and this got on me. And we’re in the elevator. Sure I’ll play some tennis. No, I want four bounds and four speed. You know I’m Roger Federer. I actually did play tennis. Final set? We didn’t even play. I don’t even see myself. It’s like Wii tennis, just worse. No! The batteries popped out ’cause there’s no back cover on it. I wanna get one point. We’re gonna ramp the
hardness down a little bit. Pick an easy opponent. I thought that was an ace. Backhand him. Cross court, here we go, come on boys. You’re giving them cupcakes. Worst mystery box ever because I lost. Oh and a pack of napkins
because, when it gets lonely. Am I right? I feel like a sexy librarian. Box number four, the final box. I feel like I’m a librarian. We’ll start off with these. These are the new air
power chargers by Apple. It hasn’t come out yet. Just please stick with us. It’ll be out by the end of the year. Another cactus. You can see my friends, we have an homage. Put the cactus right there and let’s put Mr. Dancing Taco, until we get a real name
for him, right there, and an emoji backpack. Does this even fit my body? I literally have to be
barely legal to wear this. It’s an iPhone Six Plus case? I know we’re on the iPhone 10 now but man, I would’ve loved this at some point. It’s just a bumper style case. Is that metal? That is metal. That’s the way to always tell. Really nice bumper case. This would’ve been sick if
I got this a few years ago. And there’s a screen protector? Both are plastic. You know what, I love
when they send me books. Super Science Experiments:
Amazing Energy Experiments. Do you think they have an
Audible for this one dude? Halo. It’s a funkout. I wish it was a funkout. We have our action
figure setup right here. Bam, we are four for four in this video. Is this a fashion statement or steel wool? It’s a metal sponge. We got one for second place
and we got one for first place. Where’s the bronze one dude? It’s an obnoxious cable that
has micro USB and lightning. Here’s the last thing. I’m gonna open this up. It could be a huge
bracelet, a wedding ring, maybe a Bitcoin wallet, you never know. Here we go. I’ll let you see it first. I got something to ask you. TechSmart audience, it’s been
eight years of beautifulness, will you marry me? Actually dope! Why are there just random shoelaces here? That’s kind of cool. Yo Josh, how much is an Invicta watch? Can you look it up? Dude, what if it’s like a Rolie? You got a dab or ranch? I actually got mayo. It’s not an Invicta watch. They just scooped this in the box. Then we would’ve made
money this video guys! One of these days. How much is a Breitling? – [Josh] $17? – I’ll take it. That’s worth it. A pair of shoelaces, an iPhone case for a phone that’s three years old, and a baseball because who
doesn’t like the sandlot? And they left us a dreidel. You have one job dreidel. You just have to spin and
you can’t even do that. This was What’s Inside the Mystery Box. I’m all mysteried out. So you guys, that’s it for this video of What’s Inside the Mystery Box. If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a
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button if you’re new and check out the last two
mystery box videos over here. Hit me up on Insta if you guys find anything cool that you
want me to check out and I’ll see you guys later. Peace!

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