I Made A Vape Fidget Spinner

I’m sorry mom. I know you hate these videos. This is gonna be like, I think the fourth or fifth one now. I’m not feeling the best. I think you were right Its that vape life. Do not smoke! [coughs] Hey whats up guys [coughs], hey whats up guys, Vapey the Bear here! And your boy, he called it! There’s going to be a Vape spinner, I’m telling ya’ there’s going to be a Vape spinner. I got it right, they actually made, a vape fidget spinner. No, joke with a little 3D printed Magic. [Coughs] Oh boy. This video is gonna suck So yea guys, this right here is a vape fidget spinner! I have to thank the guys over at Feats, the boys who helped make the 3D printed shoes! They’re helping me out with all my 3D printing stuff. They helped me 3D print this vape spinner This is a two-part kind of thing if you guys want to check it out I’ll leave a link down below if you guys want to actually print this we got the file its public There’s a bunch of other sites out there charging like 30 bucks or like 15 bucks for this We just like made it you guys can have it for free if you want it I don’t recommend smoking remember that! So you guys have been tweeting me a bunch and there’s Actually a legit vape spinner that isn’t 3D printed So if you guys want me to check that out drop a link on this video, if it hits twenty five thousand likes I’ll make a part two with a real legiti-rately vape spinner. It’s my new word. It’s gonna be the new spinner This is just too crazy So speaking of dropping likes on videos you guys know I never ask, but I gotta get this out of the room. So a little bit ago I made this video on this vape hoodie, if you guys didn’t know this video was insane. It’s a hoodie You can actually vape from check this out No, joke this vaping hoodie is crazy So I said in that video if we hit a hundred thousand likes I’ll go to a vape competition. So I’ve been trying I’m sorry, I know you guys are probably already writing it in the comments now. I’ve been looking for one Help me find one, please let me know on Twitter, I’m just @TechSmartt, I wanna do this! I’ll bring the vape spinner now when I show you how sick this is and I also did a video on the vape iPhone Case, this was also so crazy I think there’s even an iPhone 7 one You just slide this out here There’s the vape stick [Coughs] No, no, not a fan. These are all crazy. So yeah guys this right here is probably one of the world’s first vape spinners I’ve been looking all over. I know fidget spinners are pretty much everywhere now, I called it, I knew this was gonna happen There’s gonna be a vape spinner. [I’m telling you], and now there’s actually legit-rately a vape spinner So make sure we can check that one out so this year helped out with some 3D printing magic from our 3D printer. That thing has Been amazing recently so this right here is pretty simple you have your vape which this is the jewel I think it’s called these vapes are crazy. The pods are like here, so you don’t like refill it with juice I’ve never even heard of these things before these things are insane How this actually goes down is you get a little love from the old fidgets spinners you actually need the top, so you 3D print This kind of housing here your vape goes inside I know the other one is way cooler than this one and way hacky and less ratchet your vape goes inside there Gotta love the 3D printers you slide that in make sure all the holes are nice and fancy And just like that with the caps you have a vape spinner [Coughs] Why is this so harsh? Like this thing is crazy, I think why I don’t like it so much is just because it’s spinning Right there the spinning action alone is what’s probably making me not feel the best right now? I’ma try it one more, I’ma try to see if I can do it while it’s spinning some tricks right here Vape tricks? Pff, no, we got spinner vape tricks now. Welcome to 2017, its LITT! [Coughs] Nope. Nope. I’m just going to keep it as a spinner So between the vape spinner, the vape iPhone case So I don’t know how that still happens and the vape hoodie, at this point, your boy has a pretty good reputation Honestly you guys can vouch for it now called 100 spinners someone hooked it up thousand someone hooked it up I got to give away the world record there. Called the vape spinner [vape spinner] It actually happened If we hit 25,000 like you guys are going to see a real legiti-rate one it is gonna be insane at this point I’m gonna call it. The iPhone 8 vape. It’s going to be a custom one. It’s going to be real It’s going to be made by apple or some vape headphones Just tweet me @TechSmartt if you guys find any other vape weird stuff like tech I think vape headphones are probably going to be a thing, soon. So yeah guys That’s pretty much it for this vape spinner video. Thank you so much GMARSH and KYS for being this video’s notification shoutout If you guys want one make sure you turn my notifications on and let me know in the comments So I can give you guys a shout out Subscribe if you’re new and tweet me @TechSmartt if you guys find any other Weird vape stuff like this Im going to stay spinnin’ not vapin’, bye! Just posted the craziest video probably of all time! It’s a 1000 fidget spinner give away! Anyone could pretty much get one Go check out this video now! Comment down below, make sure you subscribe!

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73 thoughts on “I Made A Vape Fidget Spinner

  1. Just so u know it is not smoking it is vaping. Smoking is when u burn the chemicals and inhale them. Vaping is heating up juice that does not have harmful chemicals and it is water vapor not smoke

  2. U know he's pretending to cough so he looks more innocent for his mom watching this video when he's probably actually enjoying this video. Like who coughs while vaping, says its bad and then does it again??

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