I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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100 thoughts on “I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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  2. My crazy friend went bananas and sold his PC just to make himself a new AMD build, he even forced me to watch this Video.

  3. Let's get this out of the way, I didn't even know Linus Tech Tips existed before I went looking for Ryzen 3000 reviews and benchmarks.

  4. Time to get back to amd. a while a go i had bulldozer then went to i7. now its time to go back and give my i7 to my kid

  5. Hey Linus and team. I love how deep into detail you always go. Someone recently mentioned to me about Ryzen's new warranty only being 1 year. WTH AMD? Intel's is 3, older AMD's are 3, why the change? Even went as far as to find out that Intel secretly covers most processors longer than this too if it is just the processor failing under warranty replaceable issues. Can you explain why AMD would do this and is the rumor about Intel covering chips like this further than warranty true?

  6. 2430M here, barely 20-30% bottlenecking my internet, only slight lag on youtube and netflix, believe it or not, it's true. This is a hoax, I have 2 cores 2 Threads, which is already pushing it, some rare machines even have 4 cores, i don't know how people justify such hardcore machines. It stopped being funny after 8 cores, when you pulled out 12 cores it just got to a point where it was just too forced and exaggerated, such vulgarity.

  7. My wallet is suffering. I built a 3900x rig that I don't need. Then I hoarded a Threadripper Motherboard just because some rumor of next Gen Threadripper that's 30% more than 2990WX. Then I hear about Epyc, and I want that dual socket 7742 build of CB 11000. Someone help me.

  8. Damn u AMD, first u broke my heart and wallet with the disappointing bulldozer series, but now you keep me coming back. Just ordered a 3600x and a b570 motherboard. Team red once more

  9. Intel Fanboys: iNtEL iS bEtTeR tHaN aMd!

    Me:(Have AMD CPU. Playing video game while streaming in Facebook and Twitch while compiling my program in Android Studio while rendering my video while rendering in Blender while saving my 100ft x 100ft tarpulin picture in Photoshop while building my program in Visual Studio.)

  10. Can anyone help me out on this ? I have an asus a320m-k board and i want to buy the r5 3600 , will it run and support my board without a bios flash

    Thank you for being friendly and helping!!! God bless you 😋😎😁

  11. While amd speed is fastest
    But, but, their price is half of intels procies?
    (Intel fanboy shocked and cant accept this, but keeps consoles themself)

    While casual guys will buy whatever he needs and cheap
    Thats it

  12. I have two unopened 3900X CPU’s available if anyone is interested for $619.99 plus $5 shipping. Reply if interested 😎

  13. All I'm interested in is the Rainbox Six Siege performance 1440p 165fps minimum, Editing performance, and OBS streaming with Siege running again maintaining a 165 fps minimum.
    If we're almost at that point, I'll start prepping for a change over.

  14. I get that bigger is better on these fps tests, but I've always had trouble understanding the significance of the 95th, 99th, and average criteria on these performance charts, what are those indicating?

  15. Every year passes I say.. this upgrade will be the final upgrade in my entire life .. but now I end up buying 3700x + Asrock x570 gaming X.. & it cost me freaking 780$
    I think I need help with my education of tech

  16. Intel has never been king of Gaming. The video card does all the work on video games. nVidia is king. LMAO
    Dude, why do you start your video with insults? Not cool. If you want more money to spend on a video card/RAM/MB (Rest of system), go AMD, that is always how it has been. Hardly anyone has unlimited funds.

  17. to be honest nobody is running their 9900k stock.. While overclocked ryzen 3000 series might not bring much of the performance 9900k on the otherhand gets 20% more.. for example 4.3k cinebench scores, never seen those, my chip at 5ghz does 5.3k. good luck getting that score out of 3700x

  18. I remember back in the late 90s when you could choose between Intel or AMD or Cyrix CPUs for the same motherboard. That was interoperability.

  19. AMD for 'poor' people.

    I don't know if you're just stupid or some arrogant idiot kid Linus, but AMD is nothing of the such.

    It's about quality, performance and efficiency. Something wealthy people, excuse me *cough* *cough* poor people look for…

    If you want to show off bank accounts, ipo's, ira's, etc … lets do it… I guarantee I have more money that will make your tiny head spin like a toddler escaping its mothers womb. You are bread crumbs to people like me who have real money and real occupations.

  20. I know why my next upgrade is gonna be (he said delusioned into thinking he could afford to even replace any of the parts of his 5 year old rig, forget about upgrading)

  21. Poor people…. lol 80% @ 50% cost isn't poor, it's wise! You don't need 240 FPS in any game. I enable FRTC and set to 60 FPS anyway….

  22. can you do a video more in depth about the heat issue with PCIe 4.0 or these new motherboard? do we need more airflow towards our Mobo if we decide to go with Ryzen 9?

  23. "given up?" Intel fucked AMD over with their illegal rebate programs. If they hadn't I don't think AMD would have ever fallen behind in R&D and the last twenty year old computer hardware might look a little different.

  24. I didn't understand a word of what that man said, and I even saw the video twice 😀 sounds like these are impossible to overclock 😀

  25. Always supported Amd, even when Intel was absolutely dominating. Amd has always been consumer friendly, considering price/performance over Intel's Brand name performance

  26. Hey linus, i have a question, so, i have my new pc right, the CPU is a I7 8700, sadly, not the K but whatever, now, the damn thing runs at 4.60 ghz, which puts the heat up to 81-82c. i want to know from a pro, is this too much for gaming or is it normal, cause i cant fucking find a clear answer anywhere. i have to cut the power to my CPU from 100% to 92% for it to be stuck at 3.06 and it can go up to like 3.70 if it needs extra power, heat is 55c to 65c. Can i keep the CPU at max power with it running 81c for hours of gaming a day, or should i keep it underpowered.

  27. Less that a year ago, I bought a laptop on Intel, as I was afraid of some compatibility issues on Linux. I feel so dumb now 🙁

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