I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

subtitles made by linus Let’s get this out of the way even the most ardent AMD fan knows that Intel is king when it comes to gaming and AMD always has been and always will be nothing but a second choice for poor people and everyone including myself has only themself to blame for getting Wrapped up in the hype around the third gen Ryzen launch and jumping on the bandwagon too early Let’s throw up some numbers here. Shall we? so as you guys can see here a simple die shrink was never going to a Simple die shrink was hey AMD is tied with Intel. Yeah that csgo that that that’s known to favor Intel yea well I mean… Are you sure you labeled this crack C Intel goes here Andy goes here this is gaming yea, usually This is sure that’s right Could it be that Intel is behind AMD for gaming We are gonna need to go a little bit deeper here folks Speaking of deeper If you ever want to take a deeper Look at what’s going on with your network connection GlassWire allows you to monitor your network activity and block Badly behaving apps use offer code linus to get 25% off at the link in the video description Let’s do the technical stuff first at the core of this launch is Zen to AMD’s aptly named next generation Zen microarchitecture that incorporates a new chip litleo consisting of multiple seven nanometer CPU dies and a dedicated 12 nanometer IO die all Joined together by an infinity fabric interconnect that runs at double the bandwidth of the previous generation in order to reduce latency AMD has also thrown in a more efficient branch predictor much faster AVX support for super fast frequency switching a feature that improves both performance and efficiency kind of like Intel’s speed shift and finally gain cache One of the dumbest bits of branding that we’ve seen since super graphics cards as it turns out game cache is just marketing speak for doubling the amount of level three cache on the CPU the Good news. Is that stupid name aside? It does help feed rise ins hunger for extremely fast data access to the point where AMD claims that this Optimization alone is worth double the benefit of going from ddr4 2666 all the way to 3600 on the previous generations Improving matters even further third. Gen Ryzen now natively supports ddr4 3200 and has been seen overclocking as high as 5,100 megahertz to put that in perspective First gen Rison was so picky about memory that for a while you needed highend Samsung B-Die modules in order to hit thirty two hundred megahertz By contrast third-gen ryzens new off die memory controller design has AMD claiming a sweet spot of ddr4 37:33, that’s frankly astounding so they managed all this by optimizing trace routing to the CPU and Decoupling the memory frequency from the Infinity fabric clock. That means that you’re no longer Overclocking the Infinity fabric when you overclock your memory speaking of overclocking AMD’s updated ryzen master utility provides full timing control while booted to the OS and Lets you import and export those settings Including settings that are generated by third-party rise in memory overclocking calculators So if you’ve got a similar set up to an exported profile from someone, you know Then you can actually use those numbers as a jumping-off point, which is really cool We’re hoping to follow up with a full overclocking guide but in a nutshell, it’s pretty different but in a good way There’s even more that AMD is done here, too But the TLDR is that this is far more than just a die shrink and it all adds up to a pretty hefty Performance improvement and the crazy part is that’s all before We even get to the new motherboards Now many 2nd generation and some 1st gen rising boards should get support for 3rd gen chips but for the best experience Andy is of course recommending their new x5 70 chipset with x5 70 supported devices Including the chipset itself and the link that it has to the CPU are gonna run at PCI Express Gen 4 Which is capable of double the bandwidth of the previous generation that means that high performance devices like multi gigabit network cards USB four controllers nvme storage and Future graphics cards will be able to run their best on x5 70 Ok, that was a lot of new stuff to take in so I’m just going to sum it up here AMD now has much faster course and Making matters worse for Intel their modular approach to chip design has enabled them to pack in more of them today Right now AMD has a 12 core 24 thread consumer CPU on store shelves and it’s priced to match the core. I 999 hundred K with a measly eight cores and sixteen threads and What’s even crazier is it’s got a hundred and five watt TDP? Which Intel happens to measure at their base clock and AMD measures at their boost? Of course, it’s one thing to be told all of this and quite another to see it So here’s the test setup that we’re using today We’re gonna be pitting the best that both teams have to offer against each other with the most current software and firmware patches on as equal footing as possible It’s worth mentioning up front that we did observe some interesting behavior when testing between ddr4 3,200 and 3,600 on both Intel and AMD here We settled on 3,600 for this review, but let us know if you’d like to see a follow up on performance at different memory speeds Now, let’s finally get back to those gaming charts immediately we see that not everything is rise and friendly, but AMD has closed the gap Considerably over second gen with even are much less expensive rise in 7 sample pulling off respectable numbers compared to Intel’s flagship consumer core I 9 9900 K but Mere numbers do not tell the whole story here take Battlefield 5, for example This looks like a clear win for Intel that is until we fire up OBS in the background and start streaming our gameplay Now AMD is on top now. You might think that that’s simply because AMD has more cores and a more efficient interconnect, but Look closely, err. We saw a lot of run to run variation in framerate Seemingly at random What this suggests to us is that the CPU isn’t always using the most efficient group of cores to run the game Assigning the game to only one of the guys made things a lot more stable and faster So with some windows scheduler or game optimization, we think AMD could have significantly more performance on there speaking of more performance productivity is risings traditional stomping ground and Stomping I think would be a generous way to describe Intel’s treatment under AMD’s heels here at worst AMD roughly matches Intel in per thread performance while also having More cores at the same price and at best it’s like watching that South Park episode where the kids hockey team plays the Detroit Red Wings Check out this mozilla firefox’ compile test. That is the Rison 737 hundred x running over a minute and a half faster than intel’s flagship consumer core. I nine ninety nine hundred k now normally when we run through these graphs we feel like we need to provide voiceover commentary about Which kinds of workloads lean more towards which product or if you’re this kind of professional? Maybe you should consider this but Today we kind of are Just killing time while the graphs roll because it’s as simple as if you’ve got real work to do on your computer You should buy a rise in third gen and the good news keeps rolling aim these thermal performance Which can finally be measured without applying a temperature offset calculation is pretty decent the new chipset at cosy but manageable temperatures Which is especially relevant because AMD’s precision boost Unlike intel’s turbo boost does not have a duration limit so much like a GPU Reisen, third gen will keep boosting for as long as it can within its thermal and power budgets in other words these things Are designed to redline? Under a prime95 small FFT load that translates to a sustained frequency Not a whole lot higher than base clock But that’s okay because under a more realistic scenario like a long blender render rise in third Gen CPUs managed to consistently stay a few hundred megahertz Over base when we try disabling the power limits and enabling the most aggressive options for precision boost overdrive Things did heat up quickly and I suspect that voltage tweaking is going to be the main way to get better over clocks on these higher and rising chips with Upgraded cooling of course required leading us perfectly to one of the major Downsides of the x5 70 platform the active cooling usually in the form of a small fan required to control the heat output of the motherboard chipset It’s a real bummer for me to see this cooling trend come back because tiny proprietary cooling fans tend to be one of the least reliable components in a PC which means that if it fails the best case is that your jury-rigging a cooler to limp along and the worst case is that your motherboard throttles your performance or Cooks itself before you realize that anything is wrong Unfortunately this cooling is a necessary evil Apparently due to the additional power required by PCI Express Gen 4 The good news is that at least it does make a difference for storage throughput right now We’re looking at nearly 2 gigabytes per second worth and we could expect more in the future It’s also worth noting here that even while we were hitting our er s SSD with for Continuous looping file copies of about a gig of photos each crystal disk marked sequential right numbers Barely dipped below what you might consider reasonable for an entry-level nvme SSD Without any additional load on it not too shabby but PCI Express Gen 4 seems to contribute to toasty operation on the other side of the link as well and our SSD got Really hot during benchmarking despite its massive heatsink I think we’re gonna have to start coming up with some really creative SSD cooling solutions folks because while you want the controller to be cool the mend itself actually if it gets too cool It’s reliability gets hurt anyway, that’s a conversation for another time for now now that we’ve made our way through performance it’s time to talk value and there’s just No way to dance around this Intel Must adjust their prices the Rison 730 700 X mostly matches the kora 999 hundred K blow-for-blow But is priced lower than a core i7 9700 K which lacks hyper-threading, so it’s a bad story now and we haven’t even looked at AMD’s less expensive Overclocking capable chips. Remember every Rison is unlocked or AMD’s upcoming 16 core Rison 3rd Gen now strictly speaking if you’re a gamer into can technically still claim to be on top and the core i7 9700 K could still appeal to you if you’re all about that raw frame rate But Intel’s margin of victory is very thin compared to what we’re used to seeing and we’re only expecting the gap to shrink So if you do almost anything else on your computer, it gets pretty tough to justify so then guys This is it take in the moment because for the first time in over a decade AMD is essentially on top of the consumer CPU race and much like in the Athlon 64 days intel has No meaningful response on their roadmap meaning that it is Intel who is going to have to slash their prices in order to stay competitive and The craziest part of all of this is that with team blue still trying to ramp up ten nanometer production AMD may end up having a response for that By the time it rolls out So the final word and I really can’t stress enough how important this is is whether you’d like AMD or hate AMD They’re back in a big way, and you should be absolutely freaking stoked because competition is Always good for the consumer Speaking of good Ifixit’s essential electronics toolkit is compact and goes anywhere you go and can be used to fix almost anything It includes their most popular precision bits that are held in place with high-density foam So you can throw it around with any of the bits falling out and it’s got a lifetime warranty Get yours today for just $24.99 and ifixit.com/linus we’re gonna have that linked below. So thanks for watching guys If you disliked this video you can hit that button But if you liked it hit like get subscribed or you know I was thinking about saying like if this video made you blue or if you’re if you’re blue about this video hit the int it’s not funny While you’re down there check out the link to where to buy the stuff. We featured in the video description also down there is our merch store which has cool shirts like the one I’m wearing and our community forum, which you should totally join an AMD will always be a second choice for poor people Sorry I can shuffle more time

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