good morning people of the interwebs and knock in Santa Cruz, California and Cameron come say hi to the people they haven’t seen you in a while Yo, what’s up guys thats my room mate cameron. I’ve gotten a lot of new subscribers this past a week because that one video went viral for whatever reason even though its like not the best video of me playing with tech decks, but I’m not complaining So if youre new to my channel welcome subscribe if you’re not yet And I would sort of a special video plan for today because I have something really excited waiting for me It was at my front door I got while i was down south check this out. Hey guys ready three two one Well hello, it’s louise 9ba increased by such nine boxes from let me tell you it’s from me I’m gonna open them up, but this was thanks to you guys, okay. I’m gonna go inside bring the stuff Brendan explained it all Look a lot about it. I’m gonna. I’m gonna open them up now because that’s what you do with boxes It sure is really small for me anyway before of these boxes let me give you a little bit of backstory if you’ve been subscriber for at least amount of time you guys remember like two or Three months ago, I made some video [and] I was drinking here in Vermont a and I was like a ever go comment on boy rockies last post that the company that Owns and distributes your allotted and I was like comments sponsor Garrett dinner So you guys blew up the while key Instagram page, and they dm me and they told me to send me something This is there something. I’m assuming is a lot of drinks, but some of them have something else in them. I’m extremely excited I love what it is. I’ve never gotten like a drink box of this video 4 so I’m just gonna dump open it up When you said you or something with something I was expecting like one of these This is insane. I’ve never seen anything like this This is to my house go to my wife, but I owe it all to you guys and biopsy because because they sent it I’m seriously so happy and I’m looking it’s now ok guys so there isn’t it blocks. It isn’t just a boxing video So if you don’t want [to] listen this part, I guess just skipped forward the skating part of it I just want to formally thank you guys and y hace both of you Because without either of you this couldn’t be possible at literally just because of you guys competent on their post And I should probably do a giveaway to make up for that I might give back because technically I owe this all to you guys, and I’m wondering like mind blown right now Welke you really outdid yourself here. I was not expecting this at all, and I’m beyond thankful Let’s really quickly Go over everything and then I might go like bring to miss the skate park and like skate over it into something far does it? Go over like with me So speak really honest. I’m not quite sure what this is it is Via. Mate gourd and Bombilla I think the set but door I think this is prepare prepare near Beaumont 80, but it looks really cool So I’m going to best chance to step a walk like Jesus coming to later videos in the meantime I go skate come to energy now. This was not paid for by your mother. I love your mother This was on my own behalf, but they just happen to tell me all this Tuesday gives us so much Let’s go see Anna do something. She has lady Where the Braille house now is probably hard to hear me cuz everyone Katie But I have my cheetos and my sour patch kids and the homies had stapled to Braille drill. It’s insane He was helping me. I feel people just washed it this guy’s so good Stop so high how many inches are I think its nine and a half feet exactly We’re really bad wow, wow, wow, that’s so gnarly get over that you got the Introduces up then hit every alpha give this ape about that’s still early I don’t know if you guys heard that earlier, but just can’t trade flip the Hollywood high 16 earlier And how we tried this that is so crazy? I can’t even I doesn’t like 10 shots all you this this trip will be it over and over and over again, okay? Does that look hurt you? It’s starting to he says The turks we just watched over and over and over again I was so done after like 10 ties them all in here, and he’s on try something else grateful He’s popping at 20 Pete’s all do That’s nice job. Is that lets probably wheels isn’t that literally? I’m watching the live Stream live stream. I’ve seen Out of everything what hurts the most? That hurt it’s horrendous those are literally impact from the wheel by that And it right here like what I want to do is take a picture and keep the keeps going Does this bar they can reach and I’m kind of hallway. I’m 511 my arms Obviously call it that and that’s make another foot in half wow Then you just take him out oh Next time that’s good All right Pro for trans at a million times. I can’t believe you still a lot I wasn’t saying you’re going to come back and give that I come back again. You were so close you got back that time Rylann Thanks for having me planet By everyone else nice skating with you guys get that trailer at some point in the future Okay Already and you guys are probably pretty confused on the turn of events Because last thing you remember I was opening a youth box of in Vermont And then all of a sudden imagined in a barrel house let me explain lance texted me this morning of a kid when I come to the rental houses own stuff and of [course] I was Like yes, and we got there and sold some stuff to the Braille channel And I didn’t feel much because we’re coming for the Braille channel for daily driving home I’m Bradley Cameron’s car because of course my trunk and don’t magically stuck open like it doesn’t close me more So I get that effects of cameras. I smell it again his car I guess we go back to house a little bit and then [hang] out doing something so all one update Jen How you updated now going back now quick intermission from whatever is happening in this video remember a few videos ago When I said there’s a hundo reward for anyone that found mice keyboards There’s a reward I will seriously give someone a hundred dollars did they go scuba diving and find this board well someone is the enemy and they went Scuba diving and government skateboard and I’m meeting up with them right now to actually give [them] a hundred dollars and Shout them out and grab my skateboard because I thought thinks I was doing that huge Thank you else to pick up a skateboard [well] good I cannot believe you actually found this thing no way Yeah, tell me about this how to go well like I saw your video, and I was like Oh, I doubt anyone else who’s got it. So we checked it out like at twelve o’clock last night, right? we should just go down [and] get it and Then I was there and was like freezing cold and was like and she was like let’s go back in the morning And so he was going to come out like 6am But then I don’t think he got a ride with his dad to like this low tide that got four so we kind of like Waited around for an hour I went into like the water took forever though Because it was like freezin and then I was like I can’t do [because] every time I go down like I was like two freaking Cold but how deep was it? Thank you. Oh really this these other guys came along like like a couple like you think college guys yeah And then I their go, what are you guys doing right goal? We’re looking for a skipper They just phone here is like. Oh, I’ll do it So I gave him like some fins and stuff and some goggles to write down. God It’s like swan dive backwards and do it the water is insane. No way. I can’t have to believe we got this back. That’s insane hahaha, yeah thank you guys so [much] the who technically got out of youth II Well, I was kind of my idea to go down there But it was like the college [guy] came in and just went in got it well I called guys in here cuz I promise I her daughter award. So how about just do 30 bucks teacher that chills Yes, all right. I totally forgot money to go back to my house mostly so much house really quick Thank you guys so [much]. I woulda cannot believe it’s still here I promised the holy roller would never got it because that college kid didn’t [acts] like watch my videos of anyway It was those three kids responsible for finding my skateboard which I am so thankful for I cannot believe that she got back So I’m gonna give me 30 bucks because 30 times 3 is 9833 bucks, so it’s [okay] now. I’m back with money for you guys 36 thank you 33 36 thank you. Thank you guys all so much you gotta buy something cool with that thirty bucks It can’t be drugged by more strippers your skateboard nothing idea. What are you buying strippers? What do you buy? Oh curse? Maybe I appreciate [it] Enjoy the money and Don’t buy cheap hookers My good hookers at least I know I said thank you a million times those kids But I really cannot believe this it is the same bored. It’s still in condition I don’t really care about it again and all its all water logs as long as board is like memory because memories right here 12 Seconds lay down all right guys last time you saw me I wasn’t here. I actually drove. What is this called, India? Success, we’re in India for Coachella so hi everyone [okay], and it’s a voucher of my video because I’m going to enjoy the weekend here and relax and when next video will be on Monday I’ll get something done by then in the meantime. Don’t splash me like comment subscribe I’ll see you guys on Monday peace out comment something comment. Pools are blue because they are peace out guys

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  1. Garrett you didn't post a video Monday and if you don't post one today I'll be fairly upset I've been waiting

  2. hey i have Q … if shoveits get switced in nollie position i mean fs shoves in nollie are bs shoves why doesnt that rule apply for nollie varial heels bcs if that rule is truth then bs shove and heel should be varial heel and not fs and heel mybe help?

  3. no way i love yerba mate i worked with them some people that where pretty high up in the company way back when most people didn't know they existed.

  4. Thanks to all your help, I finally got my dream sponsor!! I've always wanted to have a drink sponsor, and you guys finally made my dream possible! Huge thank you to @guayaki for the amazing sponsor package! Show them some love

  5. Thanks to all your help, I finally got my dream sponsor!! I've always wanted to have a drink sponsor, and you guys finally made my dream possible! Huge thank you to @guayaki for the amazing sponsor package! Show them some love

  6. Thanks to all your help, I finally got my dream sponsor!! I've always wanted to have a drink sponsor, and you guys finally made my dream possible! Huge thank you to @guayaki for the amazing sponsor package! Show them some love

  7. Thanks to all your help, I finally got my dream sponsor!! I've always wanted to have a drink sponsor, and you guys finally made my dream possible! Huge thank you to @guayaki for the amazing sponsor package! Show them some love

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