I Completed the Y3 Track Set

life is just
always mysterious and surprising so do you guys remember that Y3
set that I’ve purchased last year? well I upgraded a little bit from that
because I have the shorts and this t-shirt but now I got the track pants as
well after a visit to the cinema I told my girlfriend that I would really like a
pair of track pants with the same material and pattern it would basically
fit the same as this and as a shorts but then just longer I’ve seen that for a
few times on sale for around 100 euros but after a few weeks I got for my
birthday so everything’s good really cool pair of pants I’ll tell a little
bit more about it. Here are the track pants are really really long as you
can see right here they also have a really big drop crotch and you could
basically pull it up all the way to your chest and imagine that in your
head because it looks really weird so the benefit of this track pants being the
material that it is so stretchy and sporty together with the drop crotch
this makes it work and functional in the past I’ve also had to cotton drop crotch
pants and those don’t work at all they really disable you from walking you can’t
walk fast you can’t do stairs it’s just uncomfortable all the sizes of all these
pieces are different so shirt is a size extra large because I want it as big as
possible I think extra large was the biggest size available back then that’s
our size medium but I could have also gotten a size small I think these type
of pants don’t really change that much so I think it could also get a size
small in the shorts I got a size large but I could also get a size medium or
small in that just the same as the pants basically. If you find good sizing for your
pants or your shorts that you could probably go with that same size in the
other item as well. Now I can finally go to the cinema to school in style still
being cozy being comfortable and look really good so what do you guys think
this set let me know the comment section down below let’s talk a little bit about y3
adidas and I’ll see you guys next time see you so I almost say that these pants
are way too long because if you put them all your Ramones or on any other type of
sneaker and you would want it to drape down as you’ve seen in this video it’s
probably going to get uncomfortable because the pants are gonna fall down if
it’s not tight enough and it’s gonna be on the street you’re going to be walking
on them So that’s not nice, so be careful with that see you
guys next time

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2 thoughts on “I Completed the Y3 Track Set

  1. I’ve been trying to do the same! I’m literally missing the pants too. Are they worth it? I’ve had my eye of the ‘selvedge’ ones with the cuffs for a while now.

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