I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

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100 thoughts on “I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

  1. HAPPY 2018 Y'ALL! happy new year! i don't know why i did this, but i did. can't wait for another great year with all of y'all! xo, Saf

  2. Each wish video intro: They sell everything form insert weird, useless, random object here to wedding dresses! foreshadowing

  3. No one

    Not a soul

    Not even a roach

    Not a living cell in sight

    Not anyone or anything at all

    Not even the lightskin monty

    Wish:black sofa sitting sofa black for sitting enjoy sitting seat for sleep seating laying easy access rest pillows relax living room bedroom decoration cute comfy sofa

  4. I died at “Hello friend. What? They’re coming for my brand, Tyler.” Idk why but I had to watch that like 5 times.

  5. Wish is not a site that I would goto for electronics or gadgets. I order things off of WISH all the time and for what I pay and order they are reasonable. I bought a watch for $3.00 and it works just fine. There is nothing special about the watch it just tells time, was it worth the money, sure. I also have ordered Oakley style sunglasses, they are sunglasses, nothing spectacular. I paid like $13 bucks. WISH is not a bad site per se, just be realistic and dont order electronics

  6. This is SAFIYAS INTRO SONGGG!!!!!

    First Tim I’ve seen your vids and I’m already hooked XD I have a new fav youtuber now <3

  7. The smartwatch requires you to download the app from the app store to sync it, Most drones require basic flight instructions and practice to fly them in the beginning, there are videos on YouTube to show you how to fly a drone. I believe the knock off GoPro's video quality wasn't bad at all for 15% of the price and it did include a weatherproof case and mount and would most likely serve its purpose well for most people. Are you sure you powered on the glasses it seems you couldn't see the blue light in the sunlight and was it iOS compatible?

  8. My parents bout me that whach and I was going to a Disney on ice that day so when I got back the battery was putting up but now I've got a better whach

  9. My best friend she got a electric abb heated thing that u rap around u and she put it on for the first time and it burnt and shocked the shit out of her SO bad it left liagit holes in her that blood was coming out of…..a lot of it it was not good at all dont get it

  10. I got a smart watch off wish just bc I was thinking of buying a real one kinda like a demo it was hard to use but it did let me use text and calling with Bluetooth but that’s it. Wish to me Is just to get cheap things for like a one time use bc I refuse to buy something expensive if I’m only going to use it once or twice

  11. The only reason there are semi unsatisfactory views or the odd "dont like it" is so ppl believe the reviews in general are legit.

  12. For the smartwatch you have to download an app specifically made for it. It's not the best watch but I had it and it wasn't awful.

  13. i sing the intro even when people are around (once i did it in public and everyone thought i was crazy) i did it in front of my parents and they were slightly concerned

  14. The thing that you missed in the sunglasses is to push the recording button before turning it off in order to save a recording

  15. Note To Self:
    If getting a Christmas gift for somebody, order it in years advance to make sure you’ll at least get part of what you’ve ordered… if you order it a month in advance? Good luck explaining why you didn’t get your friend a gift in time

  16. When i look for stuff on here due to all the reviews being generated i look on youtube for legit reviews first

  17. I’d get something expensive from wish and just sell it for it normal price discounted a little.
    For example:
    Wish: $20
    Apple or whatever store: 100
    My price $40

  18. 2:25, Safiya, there probably are tons of people saying that. My theory is that Wish just doesn't want to show u dem bad reviews. That's why they put in reviews from OTHER products to make it see more full.

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