hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you are new to these parts welcome back to my channel if you know
these parts very well you know because you’re a member of the 2102 crew so we
have a different setup today because I am doing a try on video ok so basically I
have seen the I am Gia cobain pants all over Instagram all of the Instagram
models that we know and love Delilah Belle who I’m obsessed with and other
such characters on Instagram they have these pants and although I’m one of
those people that’s like if everybody else has it I don’t want it when I see it
enough I may just want it so I went out and I purchased them basically I’m here
today to tell you what I think about them if they’re worth it and also how
I’m going to style them I’m going to need you to subscribe if you’re not
already a member of the 2102 crew go ahead click the red button turn on the
notifications bell you know when I post ok let’s begin so the first issue
with these trousers is if you do not live in Australia or America these are
not the easiest things to get to hold of basically they you can buy them on I am Gia site my only issue with that is is that I don’t know what size I was going
to be in these trousers and I didn’t want to risk them being too big and not
being able to return on the I am Gia site you cannot return just because you
changed your mind that kind of pisses me off I’m not down with that like I get
there like no returns thing but like I like the trousers but if they were too
big can I not just swap but anyway so I
ended up getting them from an Australian site called princess Polly questionable
name they good stock anyway so I bought them they
arrived they’re here number one they are a lot thinner than I
thought I thought that they were going to be quite like heavy material I
thought that they would do a swish swoosh when you move thankfully there is no sound before we carry on with this video we’re a man down please
don’t let’s not mention it okay thanks I appreciate your silence on this matter here we
go I’m about to stand up so prepare yourself okay so for the first look
because some I got the tan ones they’re also available in black and white but I
thought you know what I never go I never go for it like anything other than black
so I thought a let me jump out of my comfort zone and b Cassie you do
something different for once I feel like this is a lara croft vibe do we agree so
I have this little ripped everything will be linked below by the way in case
you like anything I have this little ripped crop from cotton citizen very
comfy very like basic chic and I thought oh it’s the same color so this is like a
very casual I feel like I’m Laura Croft guys you’ve got to bear with me this is
my first try on video I would wear these with a white trainer do we get the vibe
I feel like we’re getting the vibe it’s casual chic look tape it up something to
do with it we can put we can put a belt bag across oh yeah we’re getting it
we’re getting the chic in this aren’t we we’re getting the chicery so we have a
vibe you have a very casual summer spring/summer vibe we’ll be getting in
style look number one look number two again we’ve gone cropped we are feeling
confident also if you’re not feeling confident you just pull these things
high enough and there is no middrif but you’ve still done something cropped so
basically here we are again white trainers this is you know yes a little
bit chilly chilly summer nights you know
what I’m saying again we have a casual look this cropped sweater is just from pretty little thing
so yes again with the belt bag oh if you have one of those like vintage
tiny Louis Vuitton bags over the shoulder Oh you know what I’m
saying they’re not even vintage you can just
get them now they’re four or five hundred you know about the tiny little
it has a tiny little strap it’s it’s like a wallet on a strap very chic look
just over the shoulder cute again how do we feel about this how do you feel about
look number 2 how do you feel about the trousers I was worried that
there would be a little like you know when this happens it’s not a good thing
do we get it we get it white trainers look to know ladies and gentlemen we
have a look okay this is a going-out look this is a
dinner look this is like that I’m casual and very trendy look okay we have a
black long-sleeved body this is just from fashionnova it’s just a cheap
little thing even better in the winter with a wait for it a turtleneck we have
matched the chain that comes with the trousers with a chunky piece of silver
costume jewelry just you know keep the fire going and then we have pulled the
trousers up don’t you where I’m going to show you pull the trousers up
with a pair of lace-up heeled sandals and bitch we have a look
if we just excuse the mess that’s gonna be in the background so basically here
we have the complete look do you agree oh there are my joggers there as well
just ignore ignore okay do we see we have a cohesive look
oh the bitches are quaking the bitches are shaking look do you see this killing
it we have a Tomb Raider vibe however she’s sexy she’s trendy
she knows what she’s doing silver silver black black styling yes killing it so
guys that was my I am Gia Cobain pants Try on / me figuring out ways
I’m gonna wear them I hope you liked it I hope that you found it to be useful let
me know your thoughts in the comments do you like these videos do you like the
pants and any other comment you might want to write like this video if you
enjoyed it and also do not forget to subscribe because if you’ve gotten this
far you like us and you may as well just join the family just just join the
family okay guys have an amazing morning
afternoon or evening wherever you are on this wonderful planet and I will see you
in my next video bye guys

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  1. I bought those same exact ones from ninethelabel.com at a way cheaper amount and I can’t be more happyI felt like iamgia robbed me for their overpriced clothings 😩

  2. How many inches or cm is your waist? I just ordered these but I’m worried they won’t fit. It’d be helpful as a reference❀️

  3. How much do you weight by any chance ?? I’m usually always a size medium so you think I can go to a size small? or should I not risk it ?

  4. So basically we have the same size (I guess..if I'm not wrongπŸ€”πŸ˜…) So do you think that if I'd buy it as a S it would be ok or would I have to go with anything else?πŸ€”
    (Sry for bad English it's bc I'm stupidπŸ˜‚)

  5. I really want to buy one, but I think it's probably not fit me, even it's size S, huhu, I'm 5"3 and weighted around 100 lbs. Can you give me some advice?

  6. I honesly only scrollinh down the tube , looking for inspiration on how i should wear my cobain pants and I'm stumbled upon you. Love your personality and humour! to the subscribe button! πŸ˜€

  7. First time seeing ur videos, ur so energetic and cute πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’ŸπŸ’“πŸ’ŸπŸ’“πŸ’ŸπŸ’•πŸ’ŸπŸ’–β€πŸ’•

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