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Even though I love putting videos in YouTube, this is not my profession. Due to work, I couldn’t upload videos for few days! But I assure you that I will put videos on regular basis. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simple way. I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊 I know many people are waiting for the next OnePlus 7 Phone There’s a sweet surprise for you! During launch they are gonna launch two models OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Like one plus 6T, OnePlus 7 will have a notched display and dual camera setup in the back. But the OnePlus 7 pro has Pop-up selfie camera with a notch-less display and has triple camera set up in the back. There’s a rumour speculating that an Indian singer Neha Basin using OnePlus 7 device in her new album song. Not only that, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was spotted using OnePlus 7 phone in a restaurant where the phone was upside down. In this leaked image, we can clearly see the triple camera setup. These two phones will be officially launched on May 14th. Even though only leaks and rumours are known now, when the phone gets launched on May 14th, I’ll let you know the full details of it. In China, a company named Nubia launched a phone called Red Magic 3. We shouldn’t discard it as any Chinese phone. Because this is a gamers targeted high specs phone It has the latest processor Snapdragon 855 in it. Not only that, this phone is powered by 5000 mAh battery Also this phone has a 90Hz refresh rate display. Since it has 90Hz refresh rate, comparing it to our standard 60Hz refresh rate, you can expert the gaming experience and usability to be super smooth. Not only that, it also has 30 Watts fast charging technology. With these, this company claim that you can play one hour gaming in just ten minutes of charge. Additionally, having liquid cooling technology in it this company claims that heat can be dissipated 500% more efficiently. You can get all these features with base variant of 6GB RAM & 64GB internal for about Rs.30,000 starting and maxing out the specs, for Rs.45,000 you will get 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. I’m not sure if this phone will be launched in India But if it does, this will be best option for gamers. Tech facts: Tech facts: According to a report given by McKinsey Global Institute comparing to 2013, the prices of Internet which we have been using has been reduced upto 95%. Not only that in 2018 alone, nearly 56 crore people subscribed to new internet connections. Not only that by 2023, comparing now, 40% more people will newly subscribe to internet connection Also, the number of smartphones is expected to increase two folds. I’m sure that if technology reaches to more people the growth of this nation will be faster. Electric scooters running on electricity and not petrol, Company called Ather has been selling in India. One model name is S340 and another is S450. Even though its looks are very similar its Power output, Range & Acceleration are all different. Like the increase in specifications comparing one another the prices also varies by Rs.15,000 between them. This company has been selling scooters only in Bangalore till now. The demand for this bike very high. Booking for this till September is Full. Not only that there has been a price hike of Rs.3500 recently. One bike now cost Rs.1,13,000 and another model Rs.1,28,000. Bangalore based this company is planning to launch this scooter in Chennai on June, 2019 of this year. If you want to Pre-order this bike you can register in this Ather website. 5G 5G 5G!!! Everywhere we see people are creating a huge buzz of upcoming 5G in smartphones. But does this 5G really that a matter? Yes, it is. Huawei company last year alone for Research and development of 5G spent over 15.3 billion dollars. This is twice as amount they spent for R&D for the last five years. They Spent More than Apple spending on their 5G technology. They spent this much to dominate the next Generation of 5G technology Big companies are spending so much for 5G technology, but how is it practically useful for a Consumer like us? Let’s see after they implemented it. Today’s hot news Samsung Note series next version Samsung Note 10 has been leaked in new render. Famous tipster ‘Ice Universe’, under the topic DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man has posted this post. It’s meaning is, this phone will be a perfect symmetry that is, the left side and right side Will be perfectly equal. Unlike Samsung S10 punch hole camera in the right, this phone will have the front camera in the centre. Also, the size of the hole will be way smaller. It is also coming with a New Infinity display With this, huge screen can be obtained in small size factor. Also 25W fast-charging with an huge 4500mAh battery might be present in it. Even though this post is just a concept, I hope this gets confirmed. What do you think about the new design, do you like it or not? Let me know in a comment section down below. Friends if you find this video useful, Like it. Share it with your friends who loves tech. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel yet, please subscribe. And don’t forget to click the Bell icon next to it. We will meet in another episode. I am your Tech Friend JOE 😊

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