Hydrofreeze ArticCool Shirt Review-Does the shirt actually get colder as you get hotter?

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without further ado let’s get into today’s video and today we are talking
about how to stay cool when the temperature goes up so if you’re
interested in that stay tuned and let’s do this so last week I was a camp
counselor for third to fifth graders down near Houston and it is the middle
of June in Houston so quite literally it was a hundred and four degrees outside
and we’re outside playing games and I didn’t actually play the games because I
dropped a spaghetti jar on my foot three weeks ago and crushed the nerves and
tendons in my foot because I’m a complete klutz
apparently so I was being driven around in a golf cart watching everyone play
but nonetheless it will 104 degrees so it was hot so what better way to test
out this shirt that I purchased that is supposed to keep you cool when you’re
sweaty and hot so that you don’t get and it actually says that the hotter you get
and the more you sweat the cooler this shirt gets some disclaimer I don’t sweat
that much I’m pretty much just swell up like a balloon it’s not good your body
cools to itself off from sweating but I don’t hardly ever there’s something
wrong with me but for normal people who sweat this shirt is supposed to keep you
completely cool now they have lots of different colors I got mine in pink
which is super super cute looks like this
it’s from a company called Arctic cool it’s instant cooling where you can see
that instant cooling where it says that it wicks moisture from your skin and
then the moisture is dispersed hydro freeze ex activates and the fabric keeps
cool and dry so it says it’s guaranteed a hundred percent guarantee to keep you
cool activate cooling with the spritz of water Hydra freeze ex works instantly
recharge as needed that’s for instant active ization so you
can actually just spray it which I did not dry that why don’t I try that name I
think we should try it I think we should put it on and spray us down and see if
it gets cold like am I gonna feel like I’m in an igloo I’m gonna feel like I’m
in it and glue when it’s a hundred degrees outside let’s try this and see
if it works okay it works it gets cold like is it just the water that’s cool now it totally gets full Wow okay this
can work it gets cold but normal where you put it on all day stay comfortable
if you sweat then Hydra freeze ex will keep you cool and dry you can machine
wash it and it has anti microbial design which fights odors which is always bless
nobody wants to smell so I thought I would test this out in the hundred and
four degree weather in Houston so have a look okay and down here in this
I am a champ the third to fifth graders on a camp counselor sitting on the shade
in the golf cart right now I’m testing out this cool fit shirt because 100
degrees outside with the thousand percent humidity can you tell about my
hair yeah gorgeous door yeah anyway I’m gonna see if this thing is actually
keeping us cool in 800 degree weather it says but how do you get the cooler it
gets so we’re checking it out so far thumbs up so here I am a couple hours
later and this shirt it’s keeping me pretty cool so okay so this thing works
I think it keeps you cooler it does cool off when you spray it which is really
cool and when I was in 104 degree weather down in Houston I didn’t feel
overly hot I wasn’t you know wasn’t sticking to me or anything and actually
kept me feeling pretty cool it’s very lightweight the fabrics very comfortable
and I love the color it fits great I bought a medium and it fits perfectly
and I think that this thing works so that’s pretty awesome and I think I
might buy a couple more because let’s face it I live in Texas so and it’s only
June well I got my 9 Amazon for $29.99 it’s not a bad price at all I would
definitely buy more of these so give it a shot and do to think so I hope this
helps you stay cool this summer have some fun stay inspired and until the
next time have a great day and I’ll see you in the next video see you ladies

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25 thoughts on “Hydrofreeze ArticCool Shirt Review-Does the shirt actually get colder as you get hotter?

  1. I'm in San Diego and it's nice but I might need these if I go to Florida! Love it! I actually though of you when I went to Starbucks and saw the "Get Ready for Summer" packet you reviewed! I a going to have to take a look at these shirts!

  2. Great job! Love all the little clips you added for comic relief. 🙂 Love it! Thanks for this review!

  3. I might need to try this. I wish they made dresses for this. I love to wear dresses in my RV. Go you little Camp Counselor you! Camping!! Great video Heather I might need this ASAP for the summer heat!

  4. Neat! This is useful for my hikes in AZ and California 🙂

  5. That is a really awesome shirt! I would love to try one out in person! I am new to your channel and looking forward to watching more of your videos! I subscribed! 🙂

  6. You are too cute! I'm curious how many times you can wash the shirt before the cooling effect wears off.

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