HUVr Tech – Tony Hawk Reveals Hoverboard Prank

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100 thoughts on “HUVr Tech – Tony Hawk Reveals Hoverboard Prank

  1. Hey tony? Can you use some of your money you made on all the views of your prank into hoverboard research? Not mad just disappointed, apparently I was one of the "idiots". Throw some money around, it gets stuff done.

  2. I hate it when people prank us like this, first they see something that we love from the movies and they have to do a stupid prank about it. I think they did this to see people sad and upset and the people doing the prank just wants to laugh at use.

  3. nobody involved should have to apologize for anything, life's too short to worry or even care about people who don't know how to laugh at themselves.

  4. He actually has to apologize to hordes of retarded people to save his public ass from bankruptcy. Good going Tony, hope you like kissing ass. Public bitch-person.

  5. Someone told him to say this
    Thus tech is
    The. Military has planes was with the hover tech that ways tons
    So if it wrks on a air plane its nothing to design for a goofy as hoverboard to hold 150 pound human
    Stop being stupid sheep makung human race look bad

  6. Before I read the comments I'm like " this man don't gotta apologize for anything honestly lol" and I'm glad everyone feels the same Lmaooo

  7. you suck Tony hawk I believed it now it's a prank listen I once built one and it flew I'm better than you Tony garbage

  8. I believed it first the HUVr Tech when I saw the first video on this. Co'z we are 3 decade ahead from 1989. Now, that we have touch phone hologram. drone that's kills, virtual reality and more. But now after seeing this, we are still far from the future then for the hover board. You even convinced Christopher Loyd to participate on your program and fool us. Okay, It's fake now like fake news. I'm disappointed but thanks for being honest.

  9. If someone kills you parents in real life and it was posted here on youtube. Dont believe it! Why? It is FAKE! it just to prank you. even if they are really dead in real life

  10. The punishment for liars, Even if the true story they tell us are true already, That truth will sound and look like a LIE. So, be careful doing prank

  11. Please do NOT remove this video or the original prank video. This was an extremely valuable lesson in teaching my students about evaluating online sources. I used both of the videos to demonstrate to students how difficult it can be to determine the authenticity of a video. Thank you for posting this video.

  12. The only thing fake in this video is Jack aass,sorry,no sweat,yeah of course a fakie…hah ha .I was joking about the Christmas list ,your still on it.jk

  13. Hey wait,now I'm not gonna believe any thing on the internet,just kidding.U try to have a laugh,comedians get paid big money,next time get better actors.I been a big fan of popular science magazine,remember the two seat Hoover craft,it worked but it takes great driving skill and fairly nice conditions….a light wind would toss it over,not good if u just got milk and eggs from 7 11 not to mention head trauma..

  14. Hey the only thing you'd have to apologize for is if we watched u ride the rocketeers jet pack and we lost u in a fuel expolition,who would do the commentary at the X games if you went there…forget about it….comedians can't make fun of any thing any more,because everyone is protected by the sensitivity patrol,I watched some old baseball players Joe DiMaggio when he was a rookie,the names he got called back then u were happy some one was talking about u good or bad….professional athletes don't worry about name calling they are a little more self secure than the average person,the pressure they put on them selves is higher than any external pressure,but they can find piece in it….and they go out and perform…I pitched my first baseball game when I was like 7 or 8,some guy heckled me for 6 innings straight,calling me dizzy dean for a little over an hour,he had me laughing,the louder he got the harder I pitch,I think that reverse psychology or something like that…later.hey do me a favour don't do that spiral thing stay healthy couldn't watch I knew u was gonna get it but I also new u was gonna get slammed ,next time use Johnnie for a stunt double nobody gonna miss him…well may be Jerry Springer and a few foreigners.hah hah.

  15. I don't want to be dream killer because u have to dream,visualize and excute…but u know NASA and the aliens got this technology already,its a little under 8500dollars,u want one no I didn't think so…watch somebody comes out with serious Hoover craft just before Christmas this year,I'm gonna real feel like a jack aass.ehaun ehaun.piece out.I been saying this for years,not remembering where I stole it from…triple x the movie my life story….sorry rick.

  16. I don't know if its possible but I know a lot of us would to see that big tony Hawk US tour bus happen,that would be really cool as long as Santa wasn't jealous over it,hear in the USA….would be neat,really neat,in the words of Malcom Smith.just let everyone know your coming this time so they don't arrest u at a skate park u help built,that hurt me been skating for 43 years and I couldn't believe that.

  17. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING APOLOGIZING FOR???? HOLY FUCK WHAT KIND OF A WORLD HAVE WE BUILT???????????????????????????????? Unsubing and thumbs down to this BS!

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