HUGE New Revenue Stream for Tesla Leaked in Latest Update – News Recap for Aug 28th, 2017

– Hey, what’s up everybody,
thanks for joining me here on Teslanomics Live. This is the weekly news recap of Tesla and related industries
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have from the channel, and anything else that’s going on. So, if you’re watching
this after the fact, and you wanna skip ahead, check the comments down below where I’ll put time stamps about each different story that I cover. Now, at the end I do have a Q and A, and those were submitted in advance. I won’t be taking any live
questions here on YouTube, but if you are on Patreon, you can go watch this
livestream there and ask, and then I’ll be following those as well. So, without further a do, I wanna share some just fun stuff, and this is something
that I did a while ago, and it seems relevant
as the Game of Thrones season seven finale was last night, and, so here you go. Ya know, I’m a data geek, and I teach data science courses and things like data visualization online on sites like Pluralsight
and Linkedin learning, which is formally Lynda. Now, on this site here,
and I’ll put a link to this in the description, as well. What I have is every Game of
Thrones battle visualized, and what I did is I took every family, in every house, and in between them are the lines, and the lines are the battles. Now, the arrows indicate
who attacked whom, and then the color it means, ya know, did they win or did they lose. So, for example, the free folk attacked the knights watch in the
battle of Castle Black. You can see the details of it, the attacker size, major
capture, major death, blah, blah, blah. Anyways, I just wanted to share this as kind of a fun thing, that you can learn how to make on one of my courses on pluralsight, and if you’d like a free
trial to Pluralsight you can visit, and it’ll redirect you over, and I think you get an
unlimited 14 day trial, which is far better than their
typical one that they offer. So, go give that a shot, and I just thought that was kind of a fun thing to share today. Next, I wanna talk about
the referral program, and this is something that you
can really take advantage of, if you’re looking to buy a Model S or X. I do get a lot of people asking me, about this saying, oh hey, I thought this
was for the Model 3, sorry no, it’s just for S or X sales, and you and anyone else can use this to essentially get 1,000 dollars off and free super charging, and the way it works is
folks like me, that have it, we have this secret levels, that they’re offering here, and I don’t if you can see
that, but we’re currently at 18% of the way to a
free next gen roadster, which I don’t even know what
I would do with, but yeah, since last week four people have already taken advantage of that. The question is I’m not sure if they’re gonna limit this at
five, like they typically do, or if they’re gonna let
it continue to roll over, meaning just ya know, kind of unlimited, people can take advantage of it. So, as of right now,
there’s only one spot left, if they do have a limit on five. So, if that’s you, and you’re hesitant on pulling the trigger. This might be a deciding factor for you. So, and if you do have an issue with this, then please email me and let me know, and as always you know the folks that have taken advantage of this, I ,ya know, would love to see, kind of the pics of
your car and everything. It’s just cool to ya know,
build this community, and get to know you. So, there you go, those are
my two kind of fun things, that I wanted share with
you early on here today. Next, I wanna get into the
news, so, first and foremost is something’s that’s really
cool, and what this is is the new use case for the
United States Air Force. They found a way to use the
Teslas in Ludicrous mode, and I’mma read a little
bit of this to you here, and then I’ll just hit play on the video. Because it’s pretty stinking cool. So, this is the U2 spy
plane, and this is a product of the Cold War, developed in the 1950’s, the U2 flew countless missions over Russia, China, and Cuba,
to give the United States valuable intel on hostile rivals. The U2 operating altitude was almost 70,000 feet, and was well suited for photographing large
chunks of enemy territory. The problem was that the
U2 was extremely difficult to navigate on land. It’s huge wings and large turning circle made simple acts like
taking off and landing more difficult than in traditional planes. The United States air force came up with a fairly simple
solution, chase vehicles. The U2 may have been relatively slow, when operating at high altitude, but it was actually
quite quick on take off. This meant that any chase
vehicles needed to be fast in a straight line. The natural choice were
American muscle cars. These mobile pilots would
radio hazards and sit-reps to the U2 pilot. All this significantly reduced accidents, and this tactic is still in use today. Over it’s nearly seven decades in service. The U2 has received numerous
tech upgrades and updates. Naturally, the same is applied to the choice of the chase cars, the new chase car is the Tesla Model S P100D, now, let me
see if I can make this a little bit bigger for you. So, you kind of see what’s going on, and I’ll put a link to this article, and this video in the description here, and let me just show you this. It’s kind of nuts. So, as this plane goes to take off, the Tesla Model S P100D is right there, to follow it, make sure everything’s good, and all that, and you can see those little props,
that hold the wings up, actually fall off, and they disappear. See, they just popped off right there, and so, this car follows to make sure like
everything’s gonna be cool, and then you can see that, ya know, it actually takes off eventually. So, it’s kind of nuts, that
they would actually use it, but I guess, that makes sense, and there you kind of get a shot of how big and how crazy the wingspan of these planes is, so, that was just today in cool. Something that I thought would be fun to share with you, and the way I do this show is that I have these different segments, and so the next segment I wanna talk about is what I call my short, and the short is something
I’m betting against, something I don’t necessarily like, and that is the AutoList Model 3 depreciation projection. Now, you might be thinking,
hey, well this is data, this is Tesla, this might
be something you’re into, and I do think autolist does
a good job generally, however, the problem I have here is well, first off they use pie charts, and if you know me pie
charts are big no, no. I teach in all my
classes, I teach, in talks I give it at a companies and stuff, I always advise against using them. So there’s that. So, forget that, but
they’re giving essentially, a prediction on the
depreciation of a Model 3, now, the thing about the Model 3 is that we don’t know how this is actually gonna pan out, and the prediction that
they gave previously around the Model S, also, turned out to be pretty false. So, here’ the deal. They predicted that the Model S, or they had data showing that the Model S is depreciating much better, than a lot of its competitors,
and this and that, right. Well, the thing is is that that’s fine until you have major
technical advancements in the vehicle itself. So for example, my Model
S, which is a 2013, does not have autopilot. Now, when I bought it, it was about almost like, 45, 47% cheaper, than it was new, just
a couple years earlier. So, that’s a major amount of depreciation. Now, they didn’t account for
those kind of advancements, and what it can do to the car. So, if we think that 3 will not
have any major advancements, then this is probably okay. However, if the 3 does
have any major advancements where newer versions coming out, will essentially ya know,
completely wipe out, the used inventory from
the previous versions. Then, this won’t be true at all. So, I’m short on this, because it is so wildly speculative, and in the past when they’ve done this, it didn’t pan out to be true. So, yeah I feel bad about that, but ya know, I do like what they’re doing, and I do think that some
of the pieces they did here like this battery range sweetspot graph is pretty interesting. So, I’ll put the link to this
in the description below. That’s my short for the week, and I do wanna know, what you think about that down
in the comments down below. Next, I wanna talk about
my long for the week, and before I get into that, yeah, let me just pause. Because this is a big one. So, Tesla, Tesla’s future, in here, let me just go back here. Tesla’s future is in is not in cars. It’s not in energy, or
any of that in my mind. Tesla’s future in terms of revenue has to do with their platform, and their platform is the operating system essentially, that runs
all of their vehicles, and the thing about that, is that they haven’t even done it yet, but they’re going to, my speculation, they’re going to, and if they’re smart, they will open up an app store. Now, those app stores will power all kinds of entertainment, and things that are in the car, and they will open it up to third parties, just like Apple opened up the app store for the iPhone to third parties et cetera, and then that’s a huge
driver of their revenue now. So, I think this is where Tesla is headed, and I think that’s gonna be in the future, probably their biggest source of revenue and
growth, and all of that, especially as cars become
more and more autonomous, for example, if we are in
completely autonomous world where cars just drive themselves do I really care what it looks like or any of those bells and whistles, I probably don’t, or I
probably care less, right. Because the car’s gonna
handle all of that for me. So, what gonna matter? The apps, the things that
the car has built into it, or the things it can do, and so this is where I think we’re gonna see huge, the runway here is almost infinitely long in terms of growth
potential for Tesla, so, the story here is that somebody hacked some stuff
in a recent software update, and they found there’s
a thing called T Tunes, and I can show it to you here. So, T Tunes, people were speculating was essentially a music service that Tesla was gonna launch, and this my long. I really though this was gonna
be a great idea for them. Now, the thing then though, is that it appears to be a joke. So, Elon reported that ya know, we don’t have
something called T Tunes, that’s a joke, and so, yeah, I understand, so when it comes to licensing content, which I am somewhat familiar with, being a content creator. Yeah, the amount of work it would take to actually get that up and running is pretty tremendous, right, and
Tesla has other things like, I don’t know, building the Model 3, which are far more
important right now, but I still like this, and I still kept it in today’s show. Because I think this is not something that. I think that this will come back. I don’t know if T Tunes
specifically or whatever, but something along these
lines will come back, and we’re gonna see apps and
other services and things, that are offered in the car, and that can be, if not, will become the biggest
money maker for Tesla down the road. So, there you go, that’s
what’s going on with that. It is kind of fun to
think about these things, and we’re still so early
on in this new platform. So, it’s really ya know, It’s really kind of pie
in the sky at this point, and of course, as things get more real, and we get more facts and details, I’ll be sharing those with you here. So, next we have something that, I’m not sure how I feel
about this actually, this is a Model S inside of a Boring tunnel, and by the way, we’re one referral away
from me getting to go drive one of these Boring machines in LA, which I have a feeling will be less, less thrilling than a P100D, or some of the
other things I’ve ridden in, but at the same time, it might be kind of cool
just to see and experience, and of course I’ll share
that with you guys. So, this Elon tweeted out, and if you don’t recall
like what this all about, the idea is that you would, they wanna build these tunnels that go under LA, and they will have these electric skates, that you can see on the screen now, and the car will essentially
pull up to one on the street, it will lower it down into the the tunnel, off it goes, ya know,
150, 200 miles an hours, whatever makes sense, and then pop back up, wherever you want to alleviate traffic. It’s kind of a three
dimensional version of driving, and in LA, that’d be
something that absolutely could benefit a lot of people. So, I’m excited about this, because it’s real, it’s
actually happening here, unlike a lot of
speculative talk out there, but then my next question was, where is the skate? Cause if you look at that, it doesn’t look like there’s much room, on either side of it. So, I’m really curious as to see ya know, how that’s gonna happen, but this is a kind of a fun thing to keep an eye one, and hopefully, for those of
us in southern California, or Los Angeles, specifically, you guys will be able to
benefit from this sometime soon. So, there you have it. Now, I wanna talk about Neuralink, and here’s where Elon takes it to a whole new weird level, and I’ll just read you a bit. So, the headline is that Neurolink gets $27 million
to build brain computers. These are things that you
can control with your brain, and Bloomberg writes that Neurolink corp, the startup co-founded
by billionaire Elon Musk, has taken steps to sell as much as 100 million in stock to fund the development of technology, that connects human brains with computers. By the way, this is has been an idea, that’s been around for a long, long time. So, I’m really curious if and when, and I think the underlying
technology’s called Neurolace, if you wanna look it up, and kind of dig into it deeper. The San Francisco based company has already received
$27 million in funding according to a filing with U.S. securities
and exchange commission. Musk said via Twitter on Friday, that Neurolink isn’t
seeking outside investors. A spokesmen didn’t respond to questions about the source of funds. So, they’ve got the money. Where is it coming from? We don’t know, but this is happening, and it’s continuing to grow. I’m a little iffy on this, because it scares me, but at the same time, I’m not thrilled that Elon is
focusing on something else, when I think all his free cycles should be dedicated to Tesla and SpaceX. So, there you have it,
but that’s something that’s pretty interesting going on, with Neurolink and Neurolace,
the underlying technology. Next, I wanna talk about German car makers getting the third degree, by some of the folks in their government, and what this talks about, or what this comes to is that they have been
urged to challenge Tesla, by a senior Merkel Aide. Angela Merkel is the
president or prime minister. I forget what type of
government they have over there, but yeah anyways, she’s
the head of the government, and some of her aides are pretty short on their automakers competition to Tesla. So, Altmaier says that they need to challenge, and invest more in electric cars, and this is Peter Altmaier said, when that he was thoroughly disappointed by German auto executives following the Diesel emission scandal, and he’s also thinking about the future of the 600,000 employees
in the auto industry. He actually said, when is
our automobile industry, which is so good, actually
going to be in a position to build a car that travels
50 kilometers further than a Tesla and costs 10,000 euros less, Altmaier said in a public
forum in Berlin on Saturday. It must be possible to set this as a goal. So, I’m excited about this. I agree, I think we need more competition. I think Tesla is just running away with this market here
in terms of the quality, and the technical capabilities
and everything else, and the design, and the appeal. I mean, they really own this whole market. So, yeah, I mean I’m with him. I think that a lot of the German brands, which make fantastic vehicles, really need to step up, and hopefully as the ties between
automobile manufacturers, and oil companies start to separate, it’ll become more and more possible, and there are things happening in Europe. So, ya know, I think
this is just hopefully, something there that will
stoke the fire there. Now, this past weekend in Los Angeles. There was a SpaceX hosted Hyperloop competition,
and we have a winner. It’ the Warr group, w, a, r, r, they hit 202 miles per hour in the near vacuum tube at SpaceX, which allows them, ya
know, the whole concept of the Hyperloop, is that it’s kind of a vacuum sealed tube, not entirely, but almost, and you have magnetic levitation. So, you have something that floats, and doesn’t touch anything, and it can fly insanely fast though there. Because there’s no air resistance, and no there’s no friction from ya know, wheels or something on the ground, so and by the way, I have a
video I posted last Wednesday, with details about how this came to be, and the history lesson behind it. If you have any interest
in Hyperloop at all, go check that video out. Now, this is exciting, because ya know, it shows that things are happening here. Now, Elon Musk, from reading
from Tesla writing here, Elon Musk and the Warr team were visibly excited and for good reason. Musk gave a short speech after, championing the teams that participated, and their willingness to pursue new and potentially
revolutionary technologies, technologies that can both
help and inspire humanity. He revealed that tests during
future Hyperloop competitions could reach speeds of 500 or
even 600 kilometers an hour, or 370 miles per hour, and
do so within the bounds of SpaceX’s is 1.7 kilometer test track. Hyperloop one a company founded to realize Musk’s hyperloop concept made history in July 2017, with a top speed
of about 190 miles per hour at their company test track in Nevada. So, these guys here beat that record, and now hold the title, for developing the fastest
levitating vacuum train, vac train as it used to be called, in spite of some issues
communicating with their pod, team deal with bugs and pull
off an exceptional test run, and I apologize for not
getting the warning before, this is kind of a hard thing to watch, if you have any problems with epilepsy or any of that, so hopefully, this is okay for you guys, and Elon has repeated that, the actual tunnels won’t
have this kind of thing, this was just merely for testing, so, they can see what’s going in camera’s and stuff like that. So, there you have it. Pretty cool, I would definitely
go check this video out, the link will be in the
description down below, where you can check it out on Teslarati. Next, we have something from, that comes to us from Electrek, and it’s about Tesla finally unleashing the full power
od Ludicrous performance after customer complaints. So, previously, in order to realize this max power of your Ludicrous enabled P85D, P90D, P100D, et
cetera, you had to use launch mode, and it was the
only way to reach max power. So, recently president of
sales and service, John McNeil, commented on Tesla motors club, and he said, I’d like
to write a quick update on this topic, some of you with a P90D and Ludicrous acceleration mentioned that you did not want to use launch mode to simultaneously activate
maximum battery performance. We’ve listened and are happy to tell you, that for those that wish to do so, you can again, enable
maximum battery performance independently from launch mode, ensuring that you have
maximum flexibility, in how you use your car. The fix is in the latest
2017 .32 software update, which Tesla started to publish
to its fleet last week, most cars should have it by the end of this week,
Electrack reports, now, this is great, think it’s exciting, I don’t have one of these cars. So, it’s not something I
can personally speak to, but if you do, you can
check your software version, and hopefully you have it, and you can do it, ya
know use it from there. I’m curious your thoughts
if you do have one, let me know what you think about this in the comments down below. Now’s there’s a couple more stories, then we’ll get to Q and A. The next one I wanna talk about is that some details were leaked, I don’t if they were truly leaked, they went to, they’re
reported to us from Reuters. So, it seams like a good source. However, Tesla Hasn’t
officially confirmed these. Because they just don’t
comment on speculation. Now, this was at the the Tesla Semi. We’ll have a 200 to 300 mile range, and this story comes form ars Technica, which is a fantastic site by the way, if you’re not familiar with it. Now, I’m really excited about this. Because I wanna go, I’m going to the, to the unveil for the semi next month in LA, which I don’t know how, or what to think about that I’ve never ya know, ridden in
a semi or anything like that. So, this’ll be interesting. Hopefully they’ll give us
some rides and all that. Now, the idea here, behind this, and this articles goes
into kind of more detail, than I will was that, a big chunk of the trucking indurstry is within this range of 200 to 300 miles. So anything over 500 miles, typically is gonna go by train, instead of by truck. So, with that Tesla actually, even though, if it does go 200, 300 miles, does have still quite a bit of a market that they could approach. Now, the big question is going to be the financial trade off, and this is reading from the article. Aside from drivers, the biggest cost is fuel and maintenance, and if you lower the cost
of fuel and maintenance, you can compare it to a regular Diesel. So, I do know that they
have, Tesla has filed for an application, a permit, I don’t know what the right, ya know, permission essentially to run completely autonomous semi truck in Arizona and Nevada, and so if they get that. Then they would essentially lower the cost of fuel and maintenance, and potentially not
having a driver whatsoever would be insane, but ya know, the cost, even if the vehicle itself
was a lot more upfront, it would be saving them a ton of money down the road. Now, the big question then is what about the labor unions,
and people like that, are companies really gonna do this? What does it signal? So, I think there’s much bigger, kind of sociological, political, ya know, hurdles, that they’re
gonna have to get over, but this is some news that came out, and I wanted to share it with you. Because I think it is interesting, and I really would love
to hear from people, that know something about this industry, because this could be a big game changer for our economy here in the United States, and then more broadly in the world as this technology spreads. Alright, well last we have
a story from the guardian, and the guardian, I feel like I have ya know, I’m a fan of, these were the guys that broke
the Edward Snowden story, and tend to have really
high quality stuff. So, they have this report,
or this article here, stating that fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering five
trillion dollars per year, and it’s this new study, that finds 6.5% of global GDP goes to subsidizing dirty fossil fuels. So, I’ll pause right there, and say that some this writing here is very kind of I don’t if I wanna say biased, but ya know, it definitely
has that edge of like, ya know, climate change
enthusiast and activism built into it. So, I don’t mind that, because I think that way as well, and I think 97% of scientists, and all kinds of other
people believe in this stuff. However, I do understand that some people may read this, and get upset about that, and for that I say, ya
know, I’m not sorry, but here ya go, and the
idea behind this study came from the journal
of world development, and it quantifies the amount of subsidies directed towards the
fossil fuels globally, and the results are as
they said, shocking there. Now, the authors work at IMF, and are well skilled to
quantify the subsidies discussed in the paper. The deal is though is that they actually, it hinges on
a broader view of subsidy, and they quote from the paper there, and I’ll show you the quote there, that not only supply costs, but also most importantly
environmental costs, like global warming, and
death from air pollution and taxes apply to
consumer goods in general. So, the authors argue persuasively, that this broader view of subsidies is the correct view. Because they reflect the gap between consumer prices and
economically efficient prices. Now, I love this. Because, there’s something
known as Pigouvian tax, and the idea there is that there, you should
tax things at a rate, which is comprehensive of the overall impact they have, and so, this is a great example, and I believe this makes a lot sense. So, what that means is something like smoking cigarettes, right. If you let everybody smoke cigarettes, all over the place, that has a broader health impact, right. Other people, in areas
where people smoke heavily have things like other lung problems, and they need to go to hospitals, and some of those people don’t
have insurance, whatever, and it raises the cost on everybody else. Because you let this one activity happen, and so, what makes sense, in the pigouvian tax mindset here, which makes sense to me is that you tax those
things at a higher rate, because they have a much broader cost than just the cost of production
and consumption, right. So, carbon, I think is the same way, and this is how we get
to a true carbon tax is because when companies emit carbon, whether that’s
in making their products, or whether their products
are designed to do that, like fossil fuels, then the broader cost is
something that we all pay. Ans so, they’re expanding their definition of a subsidy in this report
under that same guise, and that is how they got to this number, which I think is really interesting. So, go read this article, let me know what you think about it, and I look forward to
having a little conversation with you guys down there. So, now it’s time for Q and A, and I’mma switch over, and make sure I have that set up properly. First, I have a couple
questions form Patreon, and then I will get to the other questions that were submitted in advance, but before that I need a drink of water. It’s actually cold brew coffee. So, Arlene asks,
Interested in your thoughts on new features for S and
X to keep the premium line attractive and moving forward. With the context or assumption here, that ya know, people just
buy the Model 3 instead. Well, Arlene thanks for the question, and thanks for being a supporter. One thing of course, is
that the time to delivery, because the 3 is still
ya know, just ramping up, that’s a big one, but let’s
assume, that that wasn’t it. I think the space, and the more premium finishings of the vehicle itself, and things like having a binnacle dashboard, and all these other things. I think will entice people to it. Ya know, I have an S,
and I’ve ridden in a 3, and seen it up close. It’s a beautiful car. It’s a fantastic car. I can’t wait for mine,
but at the same time, if I were trying to decide, and I was only going to buy one right now, and let’s say money wasn’t
really that big of a factor, I think the S is the better car for sure. The X also, ya know is
for a lot of people, because they have big
families or whatever else a better option. So, I don’t know that they need to, necessarily make upgrades to it, or change any of the features. I think that the S and
X are just different, and ya know higher end cars. So, I think that they’ll continue to sell regardless of any other changes they need. So, thanks for the question. Christian asks, also from Patreon, I recently heard that you can charge the Model X on the left and the right side is that really true? Is it planned for the Model S as well? I don’t know where you heard that. I did ask around, and I did Google for some of these things, and found some old posts
from the Tesla Motors Club, and essentially the
answer that I found is no, that you cannot do this, even where they have the right hand drive, it still is on the left side. So, if you have an actual
photo of this or something, let me know. Also, if you guys out in the community, have any more info on this, but I don’t believe that’s the case. Craig from Patreon asks, Might Tesla do a 4C
configuration for the X in the last 2.5 years I’ve had
five people in my car once, I don’t know of any changes there, they have I believe recently
update the configuration. So, I think you can
get five, six and seven for the X now. The four would be kind of
interesting, but ya know, I guess never rule it out, thanks for the question. Craig also asks, is there a
possibility Tesla might open their charging network to the leafs and bolts of the world? A possibility, sure, likely, I don’t think so. Because this is a big thing, that they ya know, that
they offer to owners, and it’s a big benefit. So, I don’t know what
their incentive would be. Especially, because the
vast majority of the time, you’re charging, you’re not
using the super charger network. So, besides the initial installation, the cost of actually running one, I don’t believe is that high, but again I don’t have data on that. So, I don’t think they will, no. Okay, Justin asks, I was wondering if you could do a video on the sustainability of
the other major materials used in EVs, such as
nickel, cobalt, and copper now that we know lithium
is not a limiting factor. Thanks for the idea, I absolutely have been
thinking about this. If you haven’t seen I did a video about lithium, lithium supplies, recently, and yeah, I mean, as it turns out, as you said, we have plenty
of lithium to go around for the next ya know 30 to 50 years, not including things like. The recycling of batteries and all those kind of factors. So, yeah, thanks for the idea. Steven asks, how do I, and I put this one on here, because I probably got
five or seven people asking the same thing. Basically, how do I find
out where on the list, The Tesla 3 reservations I am. So, when will I get my Tesla 3, and I’m gonna go back to. And I’m just gonna show
you where it is real quick. Because I get this question all the time. So, let me see, let me make
sure you guys can see that okay. Yep, okay, so here’s Tesla. Now, if I go to Model 3, and I think I’m already logged in. Then you go to reservation holder update, click check your estimated delivery, and there you go, and so you can see, I actually
have two reservations. You can see when they are
slated to be delivered. So, that’s how you do it. Pretty straightforward,
so I hope that helps you, and all the other folks
with that same question. Tim asks, Do you know if
the wheels are standard size and lug pattern and if an aftermarkert spare is available? I’ll sacrifice some of my truck space to have a spare and jack on hand. Well, I don’t know if they are, I believe they are, but you can go probably, just take it to a tire shop. I know you can get aftermarket
tires and those things. So, I imagine you can
get aftermarket rims, and if not Tesla also would
probably sell you one, if you really wanted to. So, yeah give them a call, and figure that out, but you should be able to figure that out. So, anyways, Kevin asks, How does the car warm you,
when it’s running out of I think he meant to say warn you, when it’s running out of charge? And how much charge does it
have after its first warning. For example, a gas care turns
on the red gas icon symbol and usually has 15 to 30
miles left in the tank. So, yeah typically if you’re
driving somewhere far, and you punched it into the navigation, it’ll plan your route for you, and all the stops you need,
and all that kind of a thing, but if you’re just driving around, yeah it’ll start, it’ll pop up warnings, say get to a charger, get to charger, and I forget exactly, where it is, but yeah 15 to 30 miles sounds about right. I know that if you’re
navigating somewhere. It doesn’t want you to get below about 5%. So, there you go. Thanks for the question. Gary asks, does a model 3 have universal garage door opener,
in it’s preset system. I’m gonna go with yes, but I’m not sure how to describe it. Like, in my Model S. There’s a thing called HomeLink, and you just set it up, and then when you know, when I drive up, it automatically opens my garage. When I drive away, it
automatically closes it, that kind of thing. So, yeah the Model 3 will definitely have those kind of basic features. Russ asks, I live at the end
of a one mile long gravel road, how will the Model 3 perform on it?” Well, Russ I would say,
it would perform similar to ya know, any other
kind of compact Sudan. I don’t know how bumpy your road is, but it should be fine, and you know all those kind of things. So, thanks for the question. James asks, I’ve heard that
the Model 3 wind shield and roof is one piece. If your wind shield cracks, do you have to replace
the entire piece of glass, which includes the roof? Yes, you do, and that is true. I don’t know if all Model 3’s have that. I think that’s an upgrade, for the all glass, but yeah, essentially yes, if you have the all glass roof,
and you get a crack in it, you have to replace the entire thing. This is why you buy glass insurance, and you know, something about the aerodynamics of the car
actually make it less likely. Because the way that ya
know, things will fly off, in that, so yeah, so yes, and but definitely
get glass insurance, and hopefully it’s now ya
know, too expensive for ya. Justin asks, My commute from
home to work, round trip is about 40 miles. If I fully
charge the car on Mondays, do I need to charge the car every night or does it hold the
charge, and for how long?” You do not need to charge it every night. I don’t know, I don’t
have an official answer as to how long, but I know,
I’ll go ya know, several days without charging, and it’s kind of funny to think sometimes, when I get down to about 80 miles left, I get really nervous, like oh man, I better charge tonight, and then to think that a
lot other EVs out there, the first generation ones, that’s all they get. So, yeah, so there’s that,
but no, yeah you’re fine. You don’t have to charge every night. Ed asks, Will the navigation system work where you can enter a designation, a destination maybe, on the screen and the
system will guide you there in the basic configuration, yes, or do you have to
sign up for the $5K package that also includes adaptive
cruise control etc.? I don’t believe so, I think it’ll work out of the box. So, I think that’s basic
feature they include. You can to the Tesla press kit though, and see all the details there as well as I have a post from awhile ago, that has all those details on there. So, yeah, but I believe it’ll work. Mike asks, what is the difference between the 18″, and
19″ tires on the Model 3 in terms of ride quality, rang and tread wear over time? I commute 104 miles round trip
per day in the Boston area. What would be the best for monthly, mostly highway driving? Yeah, so the 19 inch tires
are gonna be smaller, and so I understand, that they ride more rough, and that they wear quicker
and those kind of things. So, probably the 18’s. We’ll see if there’s anything special about the tires for the Model 3, I don’t think there is, but you could you know, find
out from a local tire shop, if there’s any you know, essentially there shouldn’t
be much of a difference between the 18 and 19’s, on a 3 versus, another kind of car. I don’t think that they have, like my car where the
cambers are set a little in, which kind of makes
them wear on the inside more than the outside. I believe that the Model 3 they’ve changed it to be
totally straight, so yeah, thanks for the question. Sudheer asks, I need your
opinion on Tesla Model 3’s predicted performance in snow, rear wheel drive versus all wheel drive If I wait for all wheel drive, it’ll be another year and federal tax credit will be phasing out. To take advantage of
the tax credit benefit, I may have to go with rear wheel drive I live in New York City, will rear wheel drive
Model 3 be good in snow? So, I’m gonna put this
question to the community, and Sudheer if you wanna just ask in the comments down below, I’m sure people will help you with that. I’ve heard that tires are a big factor, a bigger factor than all wheel drive versus rear wheel drive, but I live in southern California. So, I don’t ya know, know first hand. I do have friends that have the Model S, rear wheel drive, that live in Utah, and they had some serious issues with it. Now, they also didn’t have the best tires, and all that kind of
things, so, yeah, ya know, I would recommend all wheel drive, but I’ll leave it to the community, from other people that have more direct knowledge than I, and that is all the questions
I received in advance. I wanna thank you all, yet again, for joining me here on Teslanomics Live. Don’t forget you can get on our email list at, where you
can submit your questions in advance, and also make sure
you don’t miss any updates of all our videos, ans those kind of things, and this week later in the week, we have a couple videos on Wednesday, I’m gonna
talk a lot about the history of the iPhone, and how the Model 3, maybe on the same path,
and what that means, and that kind of a thing, and then Friday, I’m gonna talk about the recent
department of energy report, and I was at a very special location, so I hope you guys tune
in for those things, if you have any other
questions or anything, feel free to hit me up on Twitter, and I will see you guys
again, here next time, thanks for watching.

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