Huge Internet Backlash, Mannequin Challenge Gone Wrong, and Youtube Rewind Fallout

‘Sup, you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday. Welcome back to the Philip Defranco show, and let’s just jump into it. The first thing we’re gonna talk about today is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. and honestly you should come as no surprise it was Donald Trump. He graces the cover. A lot of supporters are- they we’re cheering. a lot of people that don’t like him they’re saying this is outrageous The completely down the middle unbiased man that is Shaun King, I can’t say that without laughing. Shaun King tweeted: “Just a reminder. Hitler. Stalin. Putin. Trump. Time Person of the Year. Trump actually very much deserves to be in this company.” So once again, someone takes an opportunity to turn this into Donald Trump is essentially Hitler The only problem with that is uhh… Barack Obama was also time Person of the Year. so I guess technically he’s in their company Clinton was also person of the year also every elected president since 1934 has been time Person of the Year something sweet is once again a reason why so many people that are on the right or do support Trump even though they view themselves as more central will not respect many people on the Left always comes back to Hitler Donald Trump was on time magazine “Oh so was Hitler” now Trump breathes air but so did Hitler there are a lot of valid and easy ways to hit Donald Trump on what he does or his policies are just just anything but when you hit him over as stupid shit look like an idiot yeah to the device also the people that are outraged that is time’s person of the year it’s not times best Person of the Year just the most notable person of the year and I think it’s hard to argue that Donald Trump is not a billionaire businessman who is also a reality star who everyone in the beginning of the Republican primaries that was a joke candidate who was just spouting crazy stuff has now been awarded one of the most powerful positions in the world it’s hard to argue that he is not time’s person of the year also from the get-go even the cover doesn’t say that this is like everything’s happy and covers as Donald Trump president of the divided States of America also those wondering who else may have gotten the cover in second place we had Hillary Clinton and third-place hackers the question on the pass on to you if you took away Donald Trump Hillary Clinton hackers would you personally nominated for person of the year and why and from there i want to share some stuff i love today and today in awesome the first bit of Awesome is YouTube rewind 2016 came out and I have of course my own personal feelings about being excluded actually enjoy the video was awesome seeing so many faces especially the new up-and-comers you got the damn fill the established as well as the Liza Koshy love it any of the screen junkies putting out an honest trailer for Suicide Squad still one of my favorite series on this site got a little peek at spider-man homecoming with more coming later this week oh and also self promo awesome and we decided to do a taste test of the brand-new a burger king cheesy tots this one man I want to see what everyone thought see if you want to check that video I’ll go to slash philly d subscribe and remember if you want to see the full version of everything I share the secret link of the day anything at all links is always in the description down below and then I want to talk about are douchebags of the day you’re even remotely on the internet right now you know what the mannequin challenges everyone in the room or area freeze frames and then someone with a camera goes around usually to the tune of black beetles and it’s like kind of this kind of cool shot only took over three years we’ve now come full anti harlem shake one of the mannequin challenge videos i recently blew up was this one depicting people in a crazy shoot out it was accompanied by the eloquently put captions opens fuck misspelled to fire emojis hashtag mannequin challenge hashtag share over and over again nobody gives an eff middle finger emoji about yall unnecessary opinion so keep the unfortunately for the poster of this video miss hailey Nicole and two people in the video shared their opinions and video with local police which is why yesterday two men in huntsville alabama have now been arrested by police were sent the video they investigated it which was easy i mean there’s no attempt to hide where they were any of the license plates and reason that you guys got arrested wasn’t because of the video but when police investigators found a bunch of weed package to sell body armor ammo and four guns which they weren’t supposed to have two handguns and assault rifle and shotgun is why 49-year old Kenneth fennel why it was charged with first-degree possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm by a violent felon and brown was charged with drug paraphernalia and loitering and once he was taken to jail they found marijuana in his possession and they charged with promoting prison contraband thing if you’re a drug dealer if you are a criminal I imagine that you have the mindset of snitches get stitches so why are y’all snitching on yourselves for a cool mannequin challenge video being the most viral drug dealers is a bad thing i’m not expecting you to be smart but this is next-level stupid I guess the main point of this video is don’t be stupid stupid and i hope that you enjoy the try not to be incarcerated challenge then in tech news Fitbit is acquiring pebble according to TechCrunch the sale was for between 34 and 40 million dollars if that is true it for a million-dollar sounds like a lot that would be horrible sourcing that 40 million dollars would barely cover their daddy look back on the CEO of pebble left a lot of money on the table for the launch of their people to watch they reportedly had an offer of 70 million dollars from in town back in 2015 sources say that watchmaker citizen was interested in buying them for all my god 740 million dollars as far as the deal fit is technically only acquiring keep Pebel assets looking at Pebbles announcement in confirmation of this news it seems like if you have a current pebble product you’re kind of screwed and if you haven’t received yours yet very screwed because you won’t be getting your product but you will be getting a refund also because refunds will be given through Kickstarter many are expected to actually get that refund until march of 2017 and that’s because they said the current users have watches work normally for now that is the worst way to start a sentence baby i love you for now technically I mean you have to give them both honesty points but they continued functionality or service quality may be reduced down the road we don’t expect to release regular software updates are new pebble features our new mission will focus on bringing pebbles unique wearables expertise to future Fitbit product also one to one Pebble support is no longer available if you need help they linked to forums and a subreddit and there is going to be no more Pebble products because I policing all hardware operations no longer manufacturing promoting or selling any new products with all that obviously they’re concerned some people like I gave you my money essentially to hold and then sell your business and I didn’t get a product got my product but if it doesn’t live out to its warranty its warranty am I just screwed? Also, there has been backlash against Fitbit but and that I don’t agree with as much I know some people see Fitbit as the reason why they’re now not going to get thier watch they’re not going to have support in the future but it’s really it’s not fitbit’s fault its pebbles fall so there’s truth around how much debt pebble was in if they did not have this deal you might not have gotten a watch or a refund overall I think this hurts anyone its Kickstarter and people’s trust in kickstarter project I like many people look at Pebble as one of the big successes there is that you always hear like these little projects where want to make a game and they didn’t budget out properly and all know now everything’s down or someone stole the money many including myself look at Pebble like oh that’s how you do it that’s how you run a proper business using Kickstarter as well put them in the same category of successes as oculus which of course oculus also was acquired but that made sense because all the sudden everyone’s jumping in to be honest with the customers yeah it sucks but it could’ve sucked a lot more that’s that said everyone’s feelings are very valid right now just that business understanding doesn’t necessarily match up with the emotional reactions and the final thing I want to talk about people kept asking me you know Phil just throw it out there what is your what is your real opinion about not being included in youtube rewind this is what i will say is like I said today an awesome I very much liked the video I very much liked seeing so many new faces and faces from people that are’nt just in the United States really does show that this is growing everywhere and it’s providing new opportunities to people that never would have had a chance also enjoyed seeing faces that i knew ksi cast believe that bar cracked me out of course I’m a little bit disappointed not to be included in it especially with how it went down talk to YouTube after a lot of the stuff went down and then they provide an excuse of why wasn’t included and I didn’t believe it and I rejected it I also am a believer that the choices of some are not representative of the whole organization you know what I’m disappointed even when I’m critical I love YouTube YouTube is this amazing that you gave me a career and yes I was disappointed that this this year that has been like this resurgence this comeback that is that I won show of the year thanks to you guys excluded it’s not especially since it is a very much felt that it was because of the the choices that I made the things that I said I stood by and I still believe that i will say i know that it’s stupid to say like it hurt but it did on a weird level I, I’ve always looked at YouTube as this like alcoholic stepfathers that I still want approval from don’t need it but there’s that small irrational emotional part of my brain that I’m still that stupid little fifteen-year-old fat kid thats like look at my art project is’nt it cool dad? I’ll even call you daddy show me love but I mention it’s not because I want to be like God YouTube that’s not right let my exclusion takeaway from all the fantastic creators were in that video I want to use this as an opportunity at the end of the video to really push forward something and that is the success that I’ve had this year is very much in connection to my exclusion from youtube rewind last year it hit me way harder last year and I was angry and I was sad but I turned that energy into productive energy there are always going to be things that make you sad or anger you or disappoint you and you can either attack yourself feel sorry for yourself trying to tear other people down those are all bad things or you can take all that energy and put into creating something of your own and fuel you there is no story if there’s not a bad guy or some trouble or some thing that has to be overcome you decide on whether you’re gonna feel a lot of things gonna go through a lot of things we just always remember that you decide your own words and i think i think on that note that’s where I want to end today show remember if you liked this video you liked what i do on this channel hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button so you miss the daily bit that’s of course as always my name is philip defranco you’ve just been phill’d in I love yo faces and i’ll see you tomorrow

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100 thoughts on “Huge Internet Backlash, Mannequin Challenge Gone Wrong, and Youtube Rewind Fallout

  1. If you don't like this video, you're essentially Hitler. Everyone who doesn't like me is Hitler. FACT!*

    *Not a fact.

  2. Who would I nominate for Times person of the year? It's got to be Neil deGrasse Tyson because of the effect he has on children when he talks to them about space, science, and the future.

  3. I'm disappointed. not just from fan POV but10 years of maintaining on YouTube is something that should have been recognized. js

  4. Hitler had power in government and so does trump. They lived on the same earth. They looked at the same moon. They were heated by the same sun. I'm even willing to bet they've both made the "zzzz" sound before, maybe trump was saying zebra and hitler was saying zat or something. Either way, they're basically the same person.

  5. fuck time, they dont matter. trump IS the new hitler. fuck trump fuck hillary fuck the idiots who voted for trump and fuck the people who voted hillary over bernie…

  6. Am I going crazy or did I see the video of you talking about the guy punching the kangaroo in the face like 2 weeks ago? This is freaking me out cause I was calling out what you said before you said it. I think this is the Mandela effect with a mix of Da cha vue

  7. 3:48 Charged with loitering… just made me think of the guards from Skyrim and how they like to say "No lollygagging"… and then of that one guy that got thrown in jail for lollygagging,
    Sure, it's technically a crime to loiter in certain areas, but, like… really?

  8. You and your wife's channel is the only ones I watch regularly. The rest is random make up tutorials and room decor DIYs lol you're number one Phil πŸ™‚

  9. Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany for those who don't know) should have gotten person of the year for her work in aiding the Syrian refugee crisis or possibly the Syrian white hats whom voluntarily went in to Syria in the middle of a raging civil war in order to help the people there get to safety.

  10. You are an amazing creator. And the people who watch you are here for you. They will watch and support you whether you are on youtube or not. And we wouldn't want you to be any less of yourself for anyone or anything.

  11. You are an amazing creator. And the people who watch you are here for you. They will watch and support you whether you are on youtube or not. And we wouldn't want you to be any less of yourself for anyone or anything.

  12. Honestly, I can't be offended that Trump won Person of the Year. Bruce Jenner won Woman of the Year, so whatever.
    I'd have nominated the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen guy.
    How come Terry Brown look like a down on his luck Marlon Wayans?

  13. GREAT VIDEO Philly D. Thanks for your message at the end. I really needed to hear that today. The way you have dealt with Youtube excluding you is inspiring and you have really made something of your own through it. So glad I watched this vid! Keep it up dude! Much love.

  14. Faily McWorsethancarter caused more division than Trump ever could. Trump should sue the Lamestream media for their lies!

  15. Funny how the surnames of those two arrested guys from the Mannequin Challenge are "White" and "Brown" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. One of your videos was in my recommended, I watched it and have now successfully spent the past 4 hours watching your show. MASSIVE FAN!

  17. That Mannequin Challenge story is exactly why you should stay in school even when you want to become a career criminal…

  18. I appreciate that in the background of the thumbnail instead of using the YouTube icon you used the YouTube rewind icon

  19. There's a reason I keep coming back to your videos every single day. I respect you for always staying positive and moving forward. You're an inspiration to so many of us. Keep it up Phil. Hope to see you keep growing from here πŸ™‚

  20. You are awesome Philip! I love watching your videos because of how you structure them. Its a shame you were not including in the youtube rewind.

  21. I don't think Trump should have been Time person of the year. He's a horrible person who's said a lot of really awful things, mocked a disabled man, and incited violence at his rallies by telling his supporters to beat up protesters. That's just not a person who should be getting honored like this in my opinion.
    As for who I think should be Time person of the year I would choose Phil DeFranco.

  22. Also every president since Hitler was a thing was called Hitler by some. My life motto is everyone's a dick and you just gotta make the best of it.

  23. 2:58 when you said shootout, I wasn't looking at the screen and i thought it was one of those shootouts at high noon. I wish I was right.

  24. These hoodlums have multiple guns and weed in there possession and brag about it, and all you have to say is "don't be stupid"?! I'd say these idiots are a danger to our society and their neighborhood and deserve all the time they get.

  25. I support Trump… But I'm also not racist, bigoted or against any gender related things… I also can't bring that up with anyone I know because I'll instantly lose friends for what other idiots have caused. I feel like that's weird. But hey, that's why I don't talk about politics. Scary. Cause conversation should help. Not scary

  26. Ya know what's actually really great about Shaun King, though…
    Its that he cares and truly takes his time to examine the intricacies of each every one of the people he tries so hard to destroy. He really is a kind of Renascence Man for hate and misleading bullshit. Such a wonderful, wonderful man. A Humanitarian. A leader. A turd.

    Please, I hope any of you who actually follow this epic piece of shit (πŸ’©) will just do a simple fact check each and every time you get the urge to listen to his ridiculous, and completely RACIST AND HATEFUL, bullshit.

    He doesn't so much as "care about things" as he "just wants fame and fortune". All he wants is YOUR MONEY. He is the modern day scam artist… Hell this guy can and does lie right to your faces, but as long as he has a VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNT I guess we can just ignore his blatant lies and pandering. Fuck this guy and anyone like him. Also, fuck anyone who follows him for anything other than epic trolling. Shaun king needs to just shut the fuck up.
    One final thing… I hate D Trump. It has ZERO to do with his Party affiliation, it has EVERYTHING to do with HIM as a person and a leader. He is terrible, irresponsible, dumb, reckless, foolish, egotistical, a whiner, did I mention that he's really really DUMB?!? I just dislike people like Shaun King as well. See, Regressives? You can hate Donald Trump AND aperson who claims to be one of YOU, but is really just an agent of chaos and destruction. You are allowed to hate both of them, I promise. You can be a multifaceted, have multiple opinions on different subjects. Basically, I am telling ALL LEFTISTS, REGRSSIVES, PC/SJW activists that it is OK TO THINK FOR YOURSELF. Good luck.

  27. Snowden and Manning and a few others like them, self sacrificial hero's trying to defy the most powerful government and military in the world by exposing their corruption like some kobold challenging Pelor, deserve person of the year.

  28. Watching this a year later with how much he has stirred up with racism and Nazi's I'd say he is much closer to Hitler now.

  29. But…the Suicide Squad Honest Trailer is like…a year old. If it's your favorite series…


  30. 2016: Phil isn’t in YouTube rewind, gets streamy for show of the year. 2017: phil makes it on YouTube rewind but loses out on show of the year streamy. He can’t ever get a perfect year

  31. Kenneth 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧 and Terry 𝐰𝐑𝐒𝐭𝐞

    You can't make this shit up lol

  32. Phillip DeFranco. How do you think the first part of this video has aged? With everything that has transpired and with the stealing of children from migrants coming here for asylum. Want to revisit the Hitler/ Trump comparison again?

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