Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: Phone Of The Year (If You Can Trust It)

– [Narrator] This video is
sponsored by PUBG Mobile. I’ve carried the Mate 20
Pro in my second pocket for nearly two months. It’s camera has kicked out
some of the most popular photos on my Instagram. Its processor has owned
every task I’ve thrown at it, and it’s battery has outlasted
every other smartphone. With all this hardware excellence, maybe it’s no surprise that
I named it the Mate 20 Pro Mr. Mobile smartphone of the year. But that doesn’t mean
I’m gonna go easy on it. (upbeat music) Understanding the full
story of the Mate 20 Pro takes a long time. But understanding far
ways intent behind it, only takes 15 seconds. For the first five, taken
at sleek modern lines. It’s one of a kind twilight coating, its massive camera quad. Then take the next 10 to take apart the scintillating spec
sheet with a special eye toward the dual direction
wireless charging, and the Huawei made Kirin
chipset, and more on that later. The Mate 20 Pro is a statement piece, a manifestation of pure prowess. But as with so many things, it’s important not to
become blinded by spectacle. Take that reverse wireless charging. It’s seductive promises
that you can lend a charge to a friend without a cable. But in practice, the output is so weak that it can barely maintain the battery level on most phones. Unless you’re charging something tiny like earbuds and so few of
them have wireless charging, it’s basically a gimmick. Then there’s the software. I get asked pretty often, why I’m okay with a company like Samsung putting a custom interface
on top of Android? But when Huawei does it, I complain. It’s a fair question,
and my answer is this. Huawei does it worse. I’m not even talking
about the visual design which the company is all but admitted is meant to make life
easier for iPhone converts. I’m talking about the janky
transitions into multitasking. The fact that when you pinch
to zoom, say to resize a photo, it triggers Huaweis Amazon
ripoff and virtual shopping app. I’m talking about the Google
lens clone and the camera which does the same thing. The Huawei Share stuff and the rebranding of Android Beam to Huawei Beam. You know what? I take it back. It wasn’t cool when Samsung
did all this either. But sometime around
three or four years ago, Samsung learned that
for a Western audience, this sucked, sorry. And so it adapted. Hopefully someday,
Huawei will follow suit. So, I’m doing with the Mate 20 Pro what I’ve always done with Huawei phones. Disabling the annoying
stuff, using Nova Launcher, tell him buzz. – [Phone] Over the ugly part, and recycling it for than it’s worth. – [Narrator] And that lets me
appreciate the many strengths of this phone like battery life. This thing once saw me through
an 18-hour shooting day with five hours of heavy camera use, and 1.5 hours of mobile hotspot. For charging, I’m happy to have both, fast wired and Qi wireless
options at my disposal with extra incentive to use the latter. The bottom speaker is
hidden in the USB port, so plugging in a cable
does include it somewhat. And while the wireless reverse charging was something of a bust, you can lend some of your
ponderous power supply to someone else using a USB cable. But as someone who loves
smartphone cameras, I will admit it, most of the
reasons to buy this phone are clustered inside of this camera quad. To recap from a hands-on,
a 40 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel telephoto and my favorite, a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle when you need to capture big scene. In the past, I’ve gravitated to LG phones because they were the only ones
capable of shots like these. But Huawei didn’t just
mimic LG’s approach, it built upon it. The may 20 Pros wide-angle
lens can be used for macro photography, getting as close as two
and a half centimeters to a subject without losing focus. Also, the wide-angle camera
is compatible with night mode. That’s not confined to
pitch darkness either. Shoot with it in many lighting conditions for a really distinctive look. With the possible exception
of the pixel three, no other camera phone
I’ve used can achieve this kind of dynamic range. And yes, the company’s
partnership with Leica, continues both behind
the scenes on the optics and more prominently in the software with custom color modes. Video capture is also
improved over the P20 Pro. There’s digital stabilization
for up to 4K video now even on the wide-angle. Updates since October have simplified the viewfinder somewhat. But there are still some quirks
in the interface shocker. For example, you can’t use
the timer in night mode, why? I don’t know. If you frame up a shot
in the wide or telephoto and decide to switch to night mode, you’ll be reset to camera one. Why? I don’t know. Also, you can’t use Pro video controls when you’re shooting in wide-angle, why? I don’t know. So few phones offer
wide-angle to begin with. It’s tough to dock points here. And like the only major
camera letdown for me is around front. The selfie shooters depth
of field is shallow. So hitting the exact right
point to keep everyone in focus is a real project. Using the Mate 20 Pro
for an extended period has revealed the same ups and
downs you see in most phones. The in display fingerprint sensors just barely more consistent
than the one on the OnePlus 6T, just to say not very. If you’re into it, face unlock works well, and it’s more secure than most. Phone calls are great, and
software is insanely fast. And if you’re worried about
gaming performance, don’t be. On that subject before we
tackle the elephant in the room, a quick word from today’s sponsor. – This video is sponsored by PUBG Mobile. The official mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s a free to play battle
royale game, and works like this. You parachute onto a remote island where you scavenge weapons,
vehicles, and supplies, so you can try to beat 99 other players. The battlefield is graphically rich, full of tactical nooks and crannies. Oh and in case that’s not intense enough, it shrinks as you play. Even as a guy who doesn’t play
a lot of these kind of games, I was surprised at how easy
the customizable controls made it to pickup. And thanks to the Unreal
Engine and True 3D Audio, it looks and sounds incredible. Finally, it lives up to
the mobile in its name. Even if you’ve only got
a spare moment to play, quick matches in arcade mode
only take eight minutes. It’s completely free to play. So join over 100 million people
already playing PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS. Hit the download link in
the description below, And thanks to PUBG Mobile
for sponsoring this video. So if the Mate 20 Pro
is such a great phone, why can’t you buy one in the US? Well it’s not just US China relations, the after mentioned OnePlus
6T is also a Chinese phone, and it’s on sale right now, T-mobile. The difference seems to be twofold. But one of Huawei’s founders
has deep connections to the Chinese government. And Huawei also makes network equipment that the U.S. doesn’t wanna
see deployed on American soil. And the other big difference? OnePlus phone runs on a processor designed by Qualcomm in San Diego, California. The Kirin 980 in the Mate
20 Pro is homegrown Huawei. How much of that should
actually give you pause? I will admit to a degree
of doubt on my part that wasn’t there at this time last year. But Huawei has always
maintained its innocence as seen in this statement
to CNBC back in February. I’ll leave it to the experts to unpack, and I’ll link you to a nice write-up by the MIT Technology
Review in the description. For now, the lack of
evidence of any foul play combined with the raw
capability of this device make me comfortable to keep
carrying the Mate 20 Pro, and to keep recommending it, especially to those on the hunt for an exceptional smartphone camera. A quick mention of the
green screen problem on the way out folks. I haven’t seen it myself. Huawei is whopping out affected devices. If you live in a country where it’s not officially
available though, I don’t recommend buying this phone until this problem is confirmed cleared up as I’ve seen reports of repair refusals in non-supported regions. If you have questions I
didn’t tackle in the video, let me know what they
are down in the comment, and be sure to subscribe to
the Mr. Mobile on YouTube so you don’t miss the
last few reviews of 2018. Until next time, thanks for
your patience on this one. Thanks for watching and
stay mobile my friends.

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100 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: Phone Of The Year (If You Can Trust It)

  1. Aren't practically ALL smartphones made in China anyway?

    If you're so paranoid from getting a Huawei phone because it's Chinese, fair enough but what could stop them to implement whatever into an iPhone or a Samsung since the hardware is still made in China, again, if you could get a phone made in the US or in Europe, I could understand the "Huawei = Spy" stuff, but since it's not the case, what's the matter then? I really can't get it…

  2. This is my problem with reviewers and your the first to mention it. It's kind of racist as well you mentioned it. You said westerners don't like it. That's because all they go on about is stock android Google etc. So what if the phone has emui on it. It was made for the market it was aimed at. Why do people in western countries always have to believe that everyone around the world has to conform to their idealogies. So imperialistic and something I wasnt expecting from you Mr mobile. So now I can see why a lot of tech you tubers are reluctant to review Chinese smartphones and rabbit on about iPhone all the time even though apple make their phones in China. Why does every phone have to be this stock android stuff why can't smartphone makers have their own operating system over it. Funny Huawei second biggest sellers of smartphones yet still rocking emui they must be doing something right kudos to them. Glad you didn't hide behide your imperialistic thoughts like the rest of tech you tubers.

  3. this phone is definitely the best! but! after using it since day one it been released I had to send it back because of the green screen issue…EE wants to repair it but how?! They should just provide new phone in my opinion! Now I need to wait more than 2 weeks until I have it back…. other than that phone is insane! 2days battery life, screen colours and sharpness is unreal and camera especially the wide angle one is beautiful! Definitely still recommending this phone!

  4. Mate 20 Pro in Poland has almost always this green display issue. On man bought one… green… second… green display, third… green…. 2 phones later was ok. 4 of them had display from LG. The fifth was from BOE without green color issue. Huawei is still shit company.

  5. In casual usage the camera in mate 20 pro is very bad. Almost alwawys you can see some software filters who are of poor quality.

  6. Ah, the "bathroom heater" phone (due to the camera arrangement look like a 4-head bathroom heater common in China). I can see the only issue being that it's not a cheap phone, so you really have to be dedicated enough to use it. Especially since if you don't need awesome camera and 45W quick charge, you can pretty much get something with the same processor power with less than half the money you pay for the Mate 20 Pro.
    As for EMUI, well, it's pretty much personal preference, and I don't really think all the additional features are turned on by default. (If it is, just send them some feedback maybe… I mean, haven't heard any Chinese review complaining about the gesture.) But if you are getting a Chinese phone anyway, then no matter how close the phone is to stock experience, it should be expected that the default desktop won't be the stock Android one, because in China, nobody likes that stock desktop, giving that nobody uses that search bar and nobody wants an app list. Though I think they really should include some sort of app logo changing mechanics.

  7. For me the best Huawei phone to get is Mate20X. The camera is exactly the same as the Pro and it is the only “giant” phone to have real flagship level features. The Pro is a more complete package but many features are gimmick and the screen is still not really on par with Galaxy Nore 9 and iPhone Xs Max given that the three are the same level in the market.

  8. It's all about Huawei's telecom infrastructure that got US really worried about, especially the 5G network. Because Huawei is world's largest telecom infrastructure corp and leading in the 5G network, they own 26% of 5G patents, that means even Huawei's 5G network is banned in some countries the future 5G phones or infrastructure will pay 160$ for each patents Huawei owns. If they let Huawei builds all the 5G networks for US allies and leading 5G business then US will lose the future 5G technology war, this is part of Made in China 2025 plan, US wants to destroy this before it's too late. This is all about two most powerful countries fighting for future world's domination in technology, economy, military and culture, one is trying to surpass the No.1 and replace it in the future, one is trying to remain world's domination and eliminate the threat . This is never really as simple as US just banned Huawei, this is clearly more than that.

  9. When using the direct face unlock on the Mate 20 pro there's a 1/4 to 1/2 second where the lock screen appears first, is this normal?

  10. Only the US 'doesn't trust' Huawei, in reality they are just afraid of losing the 5g technology war against China so now they are playing dirty

    Just look at the recent ungrounded arrest of Huawei CFO by the US government… Total scum

  11. Emui is fine. The Amazon thing can be turned off, animations should ALWAYS be sped up ( Samsung's animations by the way are the worst) , Launchers should ALWAYS replace stock launcher even on Pixel 3.. especially on pixel 3.. Reverse wireless charging does charge phones up, the apps you're using to measure output are junk and scams. I've seen it charge the phones UP.
    As for everything else, not bad. Shouldn't give the top smartphone of 2018 such a bad ride when you're wrong with the negative issues.
    As for trust.. you trust Blackberry for security like they actually have any?? lmao.

  12. Because the US will not be able to spy on you using the Kirin chipset, like what they're doing with the Qualcomm's they decided to ban Huawei products and not only that , they went far by spreading stupid rumors without solid evidence (in fact without evidence) that Huawei is spying looool

  13. 5:44 “How to enrol your face” ?? Come on, seriously? I know Huawei isn’t an English-speaking company but typos in any built-in areas of a device like a phone or computer are just unacceptable.

  14. Id always take the note 9 for the better ui, way better screen, way better design (in my opinion) and ofcourse, the s-pen.

    Although huawei seems tempting with the faster chip, better camera and extreme battery life.

  15. This smartphone is a beast. The battery life along fast-charging capability out of the box, the cameras and raw power are certainly welcomed. Perhaps the successor of this phone will have a more capable reverse wireless charging solution that will be truly useful.

  16. I don't mind Huawei but like others this year they followed Apple by ditching the headphone jack and copied that hideous notch. It's annoying how many users/reviewers have just accepted this, it's now perfectly acceptable to have this notch protruding across a display when watching a video or playing a game, it's madness. Would you accept it on your PC Monitor or your TV? Of course you wouldn't so why accept it on your phone? I hope Samsung don't follow suit.

    Samsung were the only company this year not to follow suit and provided devices that never made compromises.

    Best devices this year would be the Galaxy S9 Plus for value (you can now pick them up on Amazon for the same price as a OP6T) and of course the Note 9.

  17. I don't trust it even I am Chinese. Huawei does has extremely strong connections with government. And chinese government doesn't treat it's own people well.

  18. Have you notice that browsing igvideo on instagram is kinda blurry compared to other device (other device I mean the note 3 yes the note 3 is having a better quality for watching igvideo and YouTube video)

  19. I am the user of Mate 10 Pro and Mate 20 Pro. They are great phones and I just love them. The camera, the speed and the battery are none to second.

  20. Hey brother, @MrMobile how is that BB Key2 working out for you? I'm trying to get the Key2 LE Atomic, my aunt lives in Arizona and they've got enough in stock at a Best Buy. I hope you are liking that Key2, I have a feeling BB will release a device this year which rivals the PPSE.

  21. But why does it have a chin?? Just fill in the top to make it symmetrical! I know they want to copy Apple but damn!

  22. Excellent quality video. Just want to let you know there are several serious errors in the English subtitle. Still a superb video!

  23. My carrier here in Montreal Canada has it and all Huawei models..They always have specials on them cause no one is buying them. Samsung and I phone are the biggest sellers here..
    I personally chose the Note 9 on the Mate 20 pro…I even got the Samsung 360 cam for free..

  24. He is the only reviewer who actually spends time with the device to make a accurate review…too many tech reviewers review after 2 weeks or even less………eyes on MKBHD…great review btw


  26. Verbal denial is good. But the Chinese are like the Russians, even if you have proof, they deny everything the West calls them out on. Ultimately, all the Huawei has to do is not do anything shady(ever), and they will dominate someday.

  27. Sound quality as well ? Compere to Galaxy s9 and others flagships ? 😉 in loud enviroment I can' t hear anythink on Huwei

  28. yep))) this is why you like it))) you tweak it so much, so that it isn't the phone it was meant to be any more :D))))) the thing is that very VERY few people do that. And despite that I am a computer scientist and can do anything with a computer or a phone (and I used to do that). …I just don't want to.. I want to get a phone and for it just to work and do everything in the best possible way. All the gimmicks like "pro mode in the camera app"…. well.. they are just gimmicks. Yes, you can change some white balance etc.. and yes it will make some minor changes.. but…. why???? I just want to take out a phone and get the best photo possible ASAP. And for things like that, I love iPhone and I do regret that I switched to Android for…7 years! omg)))) I had GS2, Nexus 4, chinese Leagoo and Lenovo. And… after all that… I was considering between iPhone 7 and Samsung GS7. )))) I love that I got iPhone 7. The best decision ever.. Edit: oh.. and my Lenovo P70 also had this gimick of reverse wired charging.. and I just don't get all the hype of the reviewers around all these gimmicks.. Maybe you can make a poll and ask users of phones that have such gimmicks whether they EVER use it.. well.. fine.. maybe more like "if they ever use it to do anything apart from saying: look what my phone can do!" 😀

  29. P20 pro without the software is basically the best each company has to offer
    1. Notch
    2. Curved edge
    3. 3 cameras
    4. Dual speakers
    5. Reverse wireless charging

  30. I don’t get in though why do we review phones can they even be used what US carriers like I don’t get it was the whole point of her being on the phone that’s only allowed in other countries us at the United States and then phones that supposedly were using our personal information together information for China or Japan whatever the hell it is and that why they’re not allowed here because of concerns invasion of privacy I would trust Apple any day over any phone that you guys want to talk about I don’t mess with android anyway but is just crazy

  31. I would get this phone for filming and using as a phone, but I have to say no to the phone part, because, it has no headphone jack, I'm not into Bluetooth headphones, for a couple of obvious reasons, I prefer wired headphones

  32. My samsung is spying on me. I did not google for car seat covers, I did not search anywhere for car seat cover. All I did was had a 2-3 minutes conversation about car seat cover IN MY OWN HOME not over the phone. Guess who keeps getting ads about car seat covers a day later ?????

  33. Note 9 or Mate 20 Pro and why? I spend lots of time on Youtube and Chrome and I need good display and good speakers and that have Note 9 but Mate 20 Pro have excellent battery life and very fast charging. What to choose?

  34. Huawei share is really nice when you have huawei phones and their great laptops so I don't care. EMUI with gestures is much more useful than One UI which seems as if it is only optimised for traditional navigation keys.You're just not used to the Huawei ecosystem and being picky.Huawei also provides battery exchange service for just 70$ or on campaigns 35$ which is a great service. Once you get used to this ecosystem, it's as good as Apple while still being the customizable Android so I like it more than Samsung.
    You even didn't talk about the desktop mode which can support HDMI to type-c cables to show full screen while Samsung flagships only show full screen when you buy "their cable units."
    I own a S10+ and a Mate 20Pro but my daily driver is Mate 20Pro.
    You also forgot to talk about the IR blaster, which can help you controll your AC, TV and even the lights.
    Imao, you need a review with more "insight" to call yourself "Mr Mobile."

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