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Not sure if you noticed but there’s an interesting
thing going on with Huawei. Ever since the company’s launch of the Google
Nexus 6P, that impression we had of a Huawei making cheap phones went away. The 6P proved to be a great phone, with the
first ever good camera on a Nexus. And things snowballed ever since. We’ve literally praised every Huawei flagship
going forward, up to the point where even if we already reviewed the latest one, the
launch of a US variant compelled me to take a second look. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is
our Review rebuttal, of the US Huawei Mate 10 Pro. So, what exactly are you looking for in a
phone? In my case I look for a beautiful design that’s
easy to handle, great battery life, a great camera, and hassle-free software. The Mate 10 Pro is all that, and a bit more. I was a bit concerned over the company’s move
to glass on glass, but I’ve got to say this phone looks great and feels great. I love that a slim case that blends with the
horizontal stripe is included in the box. I love the color options, with this blue one
being my favorite. I love that everything feels crafted with
intent. Internally we have powerful guts thanks to
the company’s new Kirin 970 processor along with its Neural Processing Unit. There’s 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of non-expandable
storage. The glass back may not have wireless charging,
but it is one of the largest on a flagship at 4000 mAh. It’s IP67 water and dust resistant, something
new to Huawei flagships as well. Differences with its International counterpart
are that this is single SIM vs Dual-SIM, and some minor tweaks in antennas for broader
US support, along with a minor software change we’ll discuss later. Then there are the things I like and don’t
like about this phone. The 6-inch full-vision AMOLED panel is gorgeous
and saturated. People complain about it not being Quad HD,
but I won’t. I love the stereo speakers included helping
out with more immersive content consumption. I also love the inclusion of an IR blaster,
as the last living flagship with this. What I don’t like… Yeah… The lack of a headphone jack, and I already
lost the dongle. Another point of controversy is actually another
thing I won’t complain about this phone, and that’s EMUI. Yes, I know it’s not stock Android, but I’m
all for user interfaces that improve on it. First of all, this was pretty much the second
phone to launch with Oreo after the Pixel 2 a few months ago, though we’re still waiting
on version 8.1. This is also one of the few non-Pixel flagships
left that calls on the Google Now feed with a swipe to the left. And then the final difference between the
international variant and the US model, is that this one comes with the app tray enabled
by default. I love how this phone is Spartan on its animations. Any gesture, any action just immediately toggles
a response. Yes, I do agree I’m not a fan of the aesthetic,
and some of the iconography, but there are themes to help out with that. Really what I want is a responsive phone,
and this is what Huawei excels at. I’ve been using this US Mate 10 Pro for around
a month between San Diego, Honduras and New York. To achieve peak performance, Huawei claims
the NPU takes a stab at optimizing performance, and that’s visible. The company commits to months of non-stutter
performance, and that’s been my experience. Slide through menus or play games, this tops
my list of fluid performance. And another thing where this phone tops my
list is in battery life. Like seriously, well-tuned software and a
large battery mean business here. The least I’ve ended a day on a charge after
heavy use is 40%, and that’s even with the Always-On display active. I will say phone calls have improved over
previous Huawei’s. That was my pet peeve of the P10, and it seems
the company has paid more attention to this with the upgrade. Now the single most important reason why I
carry this phone in my bag even if I’m not using it is this camera combo. If the Google Pixel is the king of software
enhanced photography, the Mate 10 Pro is my personal favorite for hardware. It’s funny but I only take color photos for
review purposes. What I love this camera for is the monochrome
sensor. Black and White photography makes even the
dullest sceneries elegant in my opinion, and this phone has the hardware to back it. Don’t get me wrong, color photos on this phone
are gorgeous, with this Leica style that I love on Panasonics making a jump to phones. I also praise the portrait mode which allows
you to dial down background blur after you’ve taken the sot. I consider this phone to bring Intelligent
Auto, even if the company doesn’t mention it. Focus the camera on a flower, the camera detects
it, and adjusts for a flower. Same for food, same for animals, etc. I also like that Manual Controls are a simple
swipe from the view finder. What I don’t like about the software is that
this Intelligent Auto doesn’t auto detect HDR. It’s baked as a Mode, which I find annoying. Video recording is what I would call good
in the basics like stabilization and its reproduction of color, but then again just the basics. For all the power of the Kirin 970, this phone
is sadly behind in things like 4K video at 60p, and Slow-Mo at 240 fps is limited to
720p. To conclude, it’s important for me to clarify
why we’re revisiting this phone. I have to admit this is one device that deserves
more popularity than it currently has. In a time when the world is full of iPhones
and Galaxies, Huawei is making a strong push into the US market, and I feel it deserves
a shot to compete. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is not just one of
the best phones of 2017, but I’d also give it that rank for early 2018. We’ve got great hardware, fluid software,
and one of the most amazing camera combos in the market. If you want to go artistic and play around
with great smartphone photography, I have to say this is my phone of choice. Definitely a device I have no problem in recommending
even today. What about you, what are your impressions
of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro? Chime in the comments. While you’re at that follow us on social media
and subscribe for more videos like this one. You can follow me on Twitter @Jaime_Rivera
or on Instagram at JaimeRivera. Please give this video a Thumbs up if you
like what you saw. I’m Jaime Rivera. Thanks for watching. See you on the next one.

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100 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review Rebuttal: Meet the US variant | Pocketnow

  1. Sealed battery. No storage options. No headphone/line out jack. Only works on at&t because it lacks the bands for any other carrier. Spyware in the firmware level. Chinese manufacturer doesn't even care to fix the vulnerabilities concerning spectre and meltdown.
    Just another piece of overpriced, disposable trash. I don't even know why this video showed up in my feed to waste my time.

  2. basically honor 8 with a bigger narrower screen, cameras in different position and better performance somewhat, no real world difference except battery life.

  3. I had the Note 8 and the screen shattered after a tiny drop even with a Spigen Rugged Armor case on. The insurance just gave me £879 cash to go buy myself a new one but I got the Mate 10 Pro instead for only £529. The Note 8 was a great phone but this is equally as good and in some places better like battery life and camera, dual speakers plus a good old fashioned IR blaster too. £350 cheaper than the Note 8 is a no brainer and makes it taste even sweeter

  4. Audio quality over the adapter is excellent, you just need to disable the terrible audio effects which are on by default.

  5. I'm sell my Samsung S8+and buy Huawei mate 10 pro and I love this fone great fone I'm from Portugal

  6. The most important and my favourite feature of this phone is the has powerfull hardware and it delivers everytime..Came to know about this through twitter..(Sreehari Krishnadas)

  7. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is an awesome smartphone. The only let down (just a little) is software. It isn't as dazzling as the hardware. But for battery life they know how to get it done ❤️🔥🔥 and the design 😍😍😍.
    Came here from Twitter🐦

  8. I love the slick look, the dual camera (that I want to use so badly) and the super fast software! Coming from website!

  9. I came from your page when I saw the phone , mainly love it's desgin and colours , it's desgin is special in my opinion , and camera , I think it will do the job in great way . For the processor , i think Huawei do great job by producing it's personal processors and they compete the other processors , there are lots of amazing features but these are enough for me . At all , Huawei done great job by producing this phone .

  10. Hey! I love the sample pictures taken with the phone and it's so aesthetically pleasing with that line. I'd love to win that phone and be the only person in Puerto Rico owning one😍

    I came from the giveaway page on the YouTube video

  11. I love the craftsmanship of the phone, sleek and elegant. I also just broke my phone… Pls pick me. I came over from the YouTube giveaway.

  12. Love the sleek design and the fantastic camera setup. Would love to get my hands on one. Coming straight from your beloved YouTube subscriber list! 🙂

  13. One of the best looking smartphones out there with a beast of a camera and gorgeous display. And yeah here from the giveaway page 😁

  14. A flagship smartphone with a battery to enjoy every inch of it without letting you down. What more can you ask?

  15. Mate 10 is a beauty and the most important thing i like about them is the camera and the software features

  16. This is Second time watching this review.
    Great work as usual. I really enjoy watching the transitions between the color and black & white photos.
    The dual camera is great and I also really like that Huawei and Leica went the black & white and color combo for the cameras. I bought my wife a Mate 9 last fall and she loves it and the photos it takes. If it works properly, I do think the sleeper feature with the Mate 10 for the LA County has to be the combination of extra antennas and active signal switching. I came back to this video from the Pocket Now daily broadcast tonight. I am a subscriber.
    FYI. Jiame, tell your son "Jiam eh cumbersome Rivera" was a Great Joke! 😂

  17. I like the the renovation huawei brings in with new phones everytime. This time the camera and AI with a superb speed processing. I have been Pocketnow Subscriber for quite a long time and rarely miss any of the videos.

  18. #Giveaway
    What you like about the device — Leica Dual Lense Camera especially dedicated Monochrome sensor, Kirin 970 chipset with NPU on it, IP67 certification, 4000 mAh battery which is TUV Certified, 6GB RAM, Aesthetic design with color stripe covering dual lense camera set-up and all those glossy colors.
    Where did you come from to drop the comment — I am a regular viewer/subscriber to PocektNow Daily.

    There is a reason for Huawei to be the 3rd Largest player in the game followed by Brand like Samsung and Apple because this company actually listens to what consumer is looking for in a product. Innovation, Creativity and great Implementation of both are the best things Huawei is good at and with Huawei Mate 10 Pro, it's clear that Huawei has finally cracked the Top-Tier category. It's a flagship that the general public can seriously consider buying above and beyond its similar-priced competitions like Google Pixel Series, Samsung Galaxy series, Apple iPhone Series. Mate 10 Pro is the 1st device to bring dedicated hardware (NPU) for AI (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) to help smartphone run and evolve better with time and usage.

  19. Like the look of the phone. Love the 4,000 mAh battery in a slim form factor. Why can other manufacturers do this ?

  20. Love this phone specialty the build. Thanks for the amazing videos you make, I discovered this channel about a year ago on YouTube and never missed a video since then!

  21. Loved the video as well as the phone. Things I liked on the phone would be the camera combo as well as the IR blaster(very underrated feature). I got to know about the giveaway through the latest pocket now episode

  22. Great video as always. My favorite feature of the Mate 10 pro, aside from its emphasis on AI, is simply the battery life. As someone using the Note 3 whose battery needs to be recharged every 4-5 hours, I would kill for a phone with a such a battery capacity as the Mate 10 pro.
    I found out about the giveaway from the Pocket Now video as well as the Pocket Now website.

  23. Loved the camera on this phone. 🙂
    And the construction looks stunning.

  24. Awesome phone. I appreciate the design, but the battery life and cameras are what I like most about it. I came from YouTube to comment.

  25. The amazing camera and also the beautiful star studded kind of lens placement design, the beast performance and that battery! I went from the pocketnow daily to the giveaway page and then back here to Youtube. I would love that awesome phone in my hands!

  26. I sold my Note 8 for it. I love how smooth it operates. It fires up every app, little lag if any to speak of. Has Google Now in the left side page just waitng there. EMUI is good for me. I am tired of Touchwhateverz and am ready for a fresh face without needing a launcher. Seamless fingerprint sensor; it fires 19 times out of 20. Amazing camera for sure although I am not an expert by any stretch. Best batter by far of any phone I have ever owned.The thing works like a charm. I bought it yesterday at Best Buy for around 650.00. Nice review Jaime!

  27. Guys I got like 450€ 😐 & I got many options ,used samsung s9, used Huawei mate 10 pro , honor 10 , Xiaomi mi 8 , Huawei p10 plus , LG g6 , asus 5z , samsung a8 plus ,one plus 5t . I don't know why I like Huawei p10p even though it doesn't has the best specs 😛

  28. You said you traveled to Honduras. I live there. I would like to meet you man. I watch all your reviews.

  29. I still have my Nexus 6 from 2014, original battery and runs as new. I feel that it will last for an other 10 years. But if it breaks,I will consider the Mate 10 pro.

  30. 549.99 Huawei Mate 10 Pro Unlocked Phone, 6" 6GB/128GB, AI Processor, Dual Leica Camera, Water Resistant IP67, GSM Only – Titanium Gray (US Warranty) on amazon now

  31. After losing my Samsung note 8 I’m getting a Mate 10 Pro I had one early this year ended up giving it to my mom. Don’t want to spend a crazy amount on a new phone $500 I will get this instead of the Mate 20 Pro for $1,300. Will put the money towards a nice case and 1wireless headphone.

  32. I've been thinking about getting this as a backup device, but I've heard that Huawei isn't supporting the U.S. variant with updates. Is this true? Great video!

  33. I'm very happy with my Mate 10 Pro. This review was spot on regarding the design and camera. It takes great stills but the video is just acceptable. No headphone jack doesn't bother me as I much prefer using my JBL Bluetooth headphones. I do with it had louder speakers but the fact that they're stereo is great.

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