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New gadgets, new accessories and new information in this tech news. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simple way. I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊 Go-pro was the only recognizable company making action camera. But an opponent to this action camera has been introduced by DJI. It is called DJI Osmo Action. A special feature in it is that it has screen not only in backside but in frontside also. So when you are recording or taking a selfie and to correctly frame yourself, they have given a 1.4 inch display in the front. And at back, as usual it has a 2.25 inch touchscreen. It has a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor. Also it is also capable of taking 145 degree View wide angle video. It can take 4k 60 frames. And for slow motion 1080p at 240 frames. Additionally at 30 frames it can take HDR video also. For video not to be shaky, they have included an electronic stabilization. Also to not get affected by water, it has an waterproof body. It is priced at R.s. 24500. The first camera released by DJI is a very good competitor for GoPro. From the moment smartphone company removed headphone jack from their flagship phones, the demand for wireless earphones has been increasing steadily. Following this, Boat has released a truly wireless earphones. It is named as Boat Airdrop 411. It has Bluetooth 5.0 support. Each earbud has 50 mAH battery. Additionally the charging case which comes with it has 500 mAH battery. With this battery case, we can charge the earbuds upto 4 times. Also with every charge we can use it for three and half hours. To be water resistant, it has IPx4 rating also. In this earbuds for playback, for volume control and to trigger voice assistant, they have given a dedicated buttons in it. This is priced at 3000 rupees and it is available right now online for purchasing. TECH FACT Tech fact – let’s see an interesting fact about headphones. We have seen and used different types of headphones. All the modern headphones which we use was invented on 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin. But during 1880s, the headphones which were used by telephone operators had only one earpiece. This earpiece was connected to a device called contraption. Not only that, for transmission it had a separate device called mouth piece. Operators were had to wear this contraption device in their shoulder This device alone weighs 5 kilos. From this, technology has improved so much that the headphones which we use right now are all pocketable also. We are very lucky to have such technology. As technology was growing more and more, the people who were using film camera moved into digital camera system called DSLR. Likewise the time has come where people are shifting to mirrorless camera having electronic view finder. But one company alone says that this mirrorless hype is just temporary. And people will start using DSLR very soon. Ricoh’s general manager Hiroki Sugahara has given this statement saying that mirrorless camera might be useful for taking images easily, but only seeing through view finder in DSLR we can see an image as an art. So probably those declining sales of DSLR will surely increase in an year or two. If you ask me the intention in which he said might may be correct, but what he said will never happen. If he is like this till the end, Just like film camera went out of trend and took kodak company along with it when DSLR fades away, this company will also probably run out of business. So it’s better he change his strategy. In a computer, the concept of RGB. started from keyboards and mouse now pc cases, mother-board, RAM, graphics card till power supply unit has it. Finally storage device like SSD also started getting RGB lighting. A company named KLEVV took this another level. They introduce RGB lightings in M.2 NVMe SSD. It is called CRAS C700 RGB This is available in 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB. It has a read speed of 1500 MbpS and a write speed of 1300 MbpS. It uses an interface called PCIE 3.0 4x. Even though it looks very beautiful since it uses an SLC caching, when writing very large data there’s a chance of it slowing down. So if you want best of best rock solid performance, You would be better of samsung 970 series. Moreover do you really need RGB lighting in an NVMe SSD ? let me know in the comments section below. Today’s hot news. Huawei is in a big problem. Let’s see about that in today’s episode. Before few months China imposed a new law. According to this law, whenever China government ask every company is supposed to give users details to them. So because of that allegations raised that this company is selling user data and have been spying for the government. But all these allegations have never been proven. But still, all the sales of Huawei phones were ban in U.S. This was not only for Huawei but also for it’s sub-brand Honor. Because of this ban there was a trade war between US and China. A strict law was passed by US administrator Donald Trump. According to this, none of the company belonging to US should support Huawei brand. But Google itself belong to US only. Obeying this law Google has terminated all its support for Huawei phones. Because of this, no Google apps will ever work on Huawei phones. Not only in US but throughout world wide also. Because of this Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook and also Play-store won’t ever work again. It won’t even get Google update or Security patch. Huawei is second biggest company after Samsung. Not only that Huawei is the world’s fastest growing mobile Company. This ban from US is a huge blow to Huawei. China got angry because of this decision and has warned US that they will ban iPhones in China. This problems has been escalating day by day. If both these countries doesn’t solve this quickly, this will be a huge problem for Huawei. Friends if you find this video interesting, like it. To friends who loves tech, share it. If you want to watch this video daily, subscribe and don’t forget to press the bell icon next to it. We will meet in another episode I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊

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