Huatli Planeswalker Deck RIX Upgrade

Upgrading the Huatli Planeswalker Deck Again You upgraded the Huatli Planeswalker deck
during Ixalan. It’s a lot of fun playing Dinosaurs. Now Rivals of Ixalan is out. Can you upgrade the deck so it’s even better? I’m going to show you how we upgraded the
Huatli Planeswalker deck, right now. Reaching and teaching Young Mages of all ages. Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. Before we get started, tell me do you think
Dinosaurs and Dragons are the same thing? Do you think a Dragon should be considered
a Dinosaur? Just put it in the comments below. The purpose of the Huatli Planeswalker deck
is to make Dinosaurs. Keep pumping them out. And make them bigger and more mean. So let’s see what we took out this time
to make this upgrade. You are going to think we took out a lot… And we did. Twenty two cards in all. Because we found something just a little bit
better. And all of these cards you can easily find
or trade for. One Huatli’s Snubhorn – It’s a really
nice creature, but we’ll need that slot for something better. Raptor Companion – He’s a very generic 3/1
for 2. He’s great in draft, but this is constructed. Tilonalli’s Knight – I’ve played her and
she’s ok, but she only gets a +1/+1 til the end of turn. And I still have a hard time pronouncing her
name. Frenzied Raptor – This is another one where
like the Raptor Companion, It’s just okay. No special abilities. You may think I’m crazy, but we removed
Territorial Hammerskull. It’s ability to tap a creature is good,
but when I’ve play this lately, it doesn’t matter as much. Bonded Horncrest – He can’t attack or block
alone. This is a big problem in a lot of games. Pterodon Knight – I would prefer something
that had flying all the time. Shining Aerosaur – This has flying all the
time, but is a bit expensive for that power. Burning Sun’s Avatar – The big guy is gone. That requirement of 3 red mana is a bit much. Same with Goring Ceratops – We are raising
the overall power level and lowering the overall mana cost. This makes the dinosaurs come out faster and
cheaper. Hutali’s Spurring – This is actually a pretty
cool card. But we don’t have Hutali out enough to get
the extra effect. So it’s gone. And finally Slash of Talons – There’s a
better way to get some removal. And that’s it. Now for the upgrades starting with the land. Two Evolving Wilds will help with getting
the land we need. Two Shefet Dunes can give you white mana if
you really need it, but it’s ability to give all your creatures +1/+1 until end of
turn can make for a devastating final blow. And add in a couple of Unclaimed Territory. When it comes in make sure you call it a Dinosaur
land. We only have a few humans, so using it to
cast early and bigger dinosaurs is important. Now for the creatures. It’s hard to find really good cheap Dinosaurs. The Imperial Lancer is a good first turn drop
and when a dinosaur comes out, it has double strike. I like this a lot but we need faster and bigger
Dinosaurs. So we added another human. Otepec Huntmaster – He makes your dinosaurs
cost less but he can make the one you just cast, have haste. Relentless Raptor – This is one from Rivals
of Ixalan. It is all value. A 3/3 for 2 that has vigilance. No big deal if it has to attack or block each
turn. Something’s for lunch. Sky Terror – A 2/2 for 2 with both flying
and Menace??? Wow. This comes out early and is hard to remove
with creatures. Frilled Deathspitter – is another new one
from Rivals of Ixalan. When it’s dealt damage, it deals two damage
to your opponent. That get’s old really fast. Kinjalli’s Sunwing – a 2/3 flyer for three
that makes all of your opponents creatures come in tapped. If you can do more of these, it’s a great
creature. And our last Dinosaur from Rivals of Ixalan
is the Needletooth Raptor. It is a little 2/2 for 4, but when it takes
damage it deals 5 damage to a creature. It’s like a little dinosaur bomb. Thrash of Raptors – This is pretty much always
going to have the +3/+0 and trample in this deck. The Charging Monstrosaur is our big guy. Trample and haste. By the time this dinosaur comes out, your
opponent is generally down to 7 life anyway. So this just eats them up. Now for the spells. Moment of Triumph – a lot of people think
this is a vampire card… I don’t see vampire written on it anywhere. Cast this on one of our trample dinosaurs
and gain life in the process. Sheltering Light – Keep this in your hand
to make one of your important dinosaurs, indestructible. Brute Strength – Dinosaurs are brutes. Give one +3/+1 and Trample. This would even be great on the Lancer when
it has double strike. Tilonalli’s Crown – I know it’s hard to
pronounce. But put this on a Frilled Deathspitter or
a Needletooth Raptor, it get’s bigger while doing it’s enrage ability. And finally Bombard – This can take out just
about any of your opponent’s creatures. If they have something bigger,
wait until right after combat to cast this so their creature doesn’t have a chance
to heal. That is our revisited Huatli Planeswalker
deck upgrade. You can compare it with our previous upgraded
deck, in the card above. This deck can be upgraded with cards you can
easily find or trade. There are some extra upgrades you may want
to look at if you have the cards. The first is adding in Inspiring Vantage. It’s what everyone calls a fast land. If you have it in your opening hand, you don’t
have to worry about which color mana to put down first. You have them both in one card. And if you have it, a Trapjaw Tyrant would
be great in this deck. It’s like it eats your opponents creatures
whole, and is still hungry. And finally, This isn’t the only way, or best way to
do the upgrade. This is an upgrade around some of the faster
Dinosaurs. You may find other cards work better for your
play style. What would you change to make this deck better
for YOU? Let me know in the comments below. I have more videos coming out soon showing
you how to upgrade decks and play magic better. So subscribe now by hitting that rhino down
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so you don’t miss a single one. These videos are possible because of my generous
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13 thoughts on “Huatli Planeswalker Deck RIX Upgrade

  1. I would say dragons and dinosaurs are different in the fact that dragons can usually breath fire or ice, I haven't seen a dinosaur do that before.

  2. Dinosaurs are more related to nature and animals where dragons are thinking immense being of arcane power. Huge difference 😊

  3. Question, if I have Trapjaw Tyrant which card should it replace? How many Inspiring Vantage cards do you recommend and which lands should they replace?

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