How UE4 real-time technology drove Bruce Springsteen across a stylized CG desert | Project Spotlight

>>We started out
doing music videos as a visual effects
company in 2006. Now a lot of our
business is really across a wide swath
of the industry as far as visual effects go.>>Anything and everything, we’ve probably done
it at some point. And that’s kind of part of how
we ended up using Unreal. It just has such a
wide tool set for doing a lot of different
kinds of things.>>We are constantly
pushing the boundaries of what we can do with tech,
what we can do with our pipeline. We’re using Unreal currently for
previsualization to do pitches and
treatments for full videos and motion graphics. We’re using it to import temp
effects constantly. It really can change the game
and it’s only going to get easier.>>We did a lyric video for
Bruce Springsteen. ♫ Had enough of
heartbreak and pain ♫ The demand from the client
was that they wanted surreal driving footage
in the desert and they didn’t want to use stock, they wanted it to
be very stylized.>>The challenge with lyric
videos, or any project with a budget
that is not overwhelming and a time crunch is
always, how many Assets and unique things can you create
in the amount of time given? And rather than have to build a
whole CG environment, we’ll use the Marketplace and
the Asset Library that Unreal provides and
craft something like that for a fraction of the cost. It looks so good and
gives you so many options, it’s jaw dropping.>>We had kind of pitched to
them and sent them some renders in Unreal because that’s really
where we do a lot of the pitch work, just because
it’s so quick to get lots of different
iterations out. And we found that everyone
was concerned that we were still using stock. We had to show them, here’s the scene
from a wide view. Like, it’s actually just
a little desert scene that we’ve kind of put together and
the car just drives down an infinite loop of street.>>When you look at the Bruce
Springsteen video, there will be shots in there
that you’ll think were shot with a real camera,
in a real car. We didn’t have to
use any render power, we were able to operate
with a two-man team. Being able to have done this
project in two weeks is so exciting.>>You could have a
traditional 3D artist pop unto Unreal and in
half a day, be producing gorgeous images with such a
smile on their face because they’re
rendering at 60 FPS. I think the impact of Unreal
and of real-time in general on the industry is
going to be massive. As big of a change as
when we started doing CG in the first place. Our work will move
from post to pre. It gives you that
ability to kind of drive and steer the process and try
things out and experiment and work at a pace
that is just unheard of working in a traditional visual
effects pipeline. It makes all the good parts
about ingenuity and what we offer our
clients and just kind of turns up the volume.

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11 thoughts on “How UE4 real-time technology drove Bruce Springsteen across a stylized CG desert | Project Spotlight

  1. Epic Games should improve tools to video and realtime production destinations! this is have a big potential in production of soup opera, commercial and music video in whole world!

  2. Stunning Work, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , doo check 🙂

  3. Quixel textures for free??? You rocks, UE! My face like this when saw the news 🙂

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