How To Use Your Numark Party Mix With Serato

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12 thoughts on “How To Use Your Numark Party Mix With Serato

  1. Hmmm it says connecting… may take up to 1 minute … then it changes to failed to connect…

    no hub in use.
    macbook pro, High seira latest update

  2. Can u see serato dj pro with this instead of lite ? I have a denon mxc already on laptop and want to just stick with using one program rather that loading different ones into the laptop

  3. Ok, I am using Serato DJ pro. But it dosen't seem to be working with my device. I get sound, but can't use the device controls. Any idea why?

  4. I downloaded dj lite for mi dj2go2. I just buyed dj party mix. Do I need some special registration in numark page or just plug and play?

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