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100 thoughts on “How to Use Tornado Tech | Clash Royale | EXTENDED VERSION

  1. The long version is uncut and includes every juicy detail.

    If you want don't care for every juicy detail, there's a short version ►

  2. Can you create a video with new update balance? Because some combos now not work with tornado… Please orange… !!!

  3. this troops videos are AWESOME! You should do an update of the ones nerfed or boosted! anyway, tks a lot for the top quality videos! best wishes from Brasil

  4. Deploying a card on an exact tile like presented here is impossible if you are playing on an iPhone SE/5/5s or any other 4 inch display phone. I know where I need to drop a certain troop but I miss the tile very frequently.

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  6. "If your opponent plays stab goblins behind a golem, and after you play tornado you're out of elixer……"
    You mean like, a -8 elixer count? I hope not 😅

  7. You should update this, there is a way to pull hogrider to kings tower without taking any damage in princess Tower (If hog is casted in the bridge or in the middle)

  8. Pl:No kurwa bez żartów, tytuł tego filmu jest po polsku a w clash royale nie chcecie dać no bez żartów
    Engl: nice wideo Men,

  9. When will the dumb fucking developers of this program fix the dumb fuckin' wifi freezing issues? Where did they get these developers from India? Fuckin' idiotic developers can't fix the damn freezing. Or at least suspend the game if one player is freezing you dumb fuck!!! Idiotic losers!

  10. When I started to play your trick I played 10 game and amazing fact is this and that I played 10 game and I I only want two games anda rest of all are tied so I think you are the best one of the best player in the world your tricks are amazing, Thank you.

  11. I once pulled hog + mirrored hog + freeze combo to my king tower and it almost killed my king (800 damage remaining)

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