How to use the touch command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

Hi, this is Sandra Henry-Stocker, author of
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In this Linux tip, we’re going to look at the touch command that allows you to create
an empty file or update a file’s last updated date/time settings. Let’s try it out and
see how it works. First, to create a new empty file, you would
simply use a touch command like this: Notice that the file listing will indicate
that the file is new (current date/time) and that the file is empty. Why would you want
to do this? You might need to make sure that a particular file exists before some script
or process that requires it runs. If you touch an existing file, the date/time
settings will be updated to the current date/time:
If you want to set the date/time of a file to match those of another file, use the -r
(reference) option: The stat command will the
reflect the new dates and times:
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