How to use KGB archiver: a file compresion tool. | video tutorial by TechyV

Hello there. Welcome to this video by, your solution provider I am Frank and I’m gonna show you how to get and install KGB Archiver, a compression software. This is freeware, open-source software for super compression. Now, have you ever wondered you bought that game CD or software CD or downloaded an archived file and see that after extraction, it expands to unbelievably large size. Yes. You can do it all with KGB Archiver. Although it doesn’t support wide range of formats for
packing and extracting archives like other software like 7z or WinRAR, but as it is superior for extreme
compression you can forget that. Time to show how to install it.
This is the Welcome screen. Click Next to proceed. Click in this dot “I Agree” to agree with the license agreement. Then click Next. This will be the destination path. Click Browse to change the preset location. Click “Disk Cost” to check the available memory of your drives. Although you may not need it because its very light. If you want to limit usage of this software, for Administrative Account only, then select “Just Me”, otherwise leave it like that. Now click next and again next to begin installation. This can take about a minute. After it
completes, click Close to finish. Now, I will show you how to use it for super compression. Launch the KGB Archiver. KGB software window will appear. First configure the general tab. You can change the language. Click these boxes to check or uncheck these features. This is the auto-update checker. Click on Check Now to check it manually. This one gives cache data of your last
browse in KGBs explorer Here we set the number of recent items. Open the File Manager tab. Yes it’s the settings of KGB’s File Manager. That is, the way you want to see KGB’s Explorer. Show/Don’t show hidden files. Archives will be displayed in the Directory Tree and Directory Groups will be displayed which requests Windows XP and onwards. Check the tab Explorer shell extensions. .KGB and .zip files will be opened in KGB’s File Manager as default if these boxes are checked. Compression/Extract actions will be integrated into KGB’s context menu if these boxes are checked. After you are done, click OK. This is the KGB’s File Manager.
Here on the left side, you see directory root and on the right side, it shows the list of files and folders. So browse your files and folders from here. I have a folder here which contains image files and a word document of 7.93MB. With KGB, it can compress it to 6.8MB When I compared with other compressor like WinRAR,
compression ratio couldn’t be less than 96%. Okay. Now to do it, right-click on the folder,
select compress. Archive will be done on .KGB.
Select compression algorithm to PAC7. Change compression level to maximum. But this
level can take long for some time and slow down your system depending on
the configuration you have in your system. A prediction shows here Memory Consumption.
You can set password by typing it in this box. Click the show button to display what you are typing. Now for Super compression, best results comes with .KGB format. And this is not commonly supported by most
popular archiving or packing software. So it can be extracted by KGB only. So you can create self-extractor archive as a .exe format so any Windows users can
extract it independently To do that, click to check here. You can set the output destination by clicking here, browse the destination and type the filename here. Then click Save and finally click Next. A warning message may show that your system can slow down consuming more than 75 percent of your memory. Click Yes to continue. If you do only this compression task independently, no other programs to be run, then you can select priority to
high-level for fast compression. It is true, KGB archiver can compress greater than others but it also takes longer for its compressing and decompressing time. But when size matters, KGB is the solution. Okay. Now if you minimize this, then
processing will be running in the background hiding in the system tray. If you click on the KGB system tray icon, then a status will be displayed and confirmation popup will be displayed as well here. Okay now for a compare. The same archive which is created using WinRar in its best compression level results in 7.73MB But with KGB, it is 6.8MB. And to show you how to extract a .kgb format, just double-click on that file from KGB’s File Manager. Then click on this icon, extract. Then click on this button to choose the destination path where you want to extract it. By default, it will be set to the same directory. Then click Next. Okay, this will be the process. So hope this tape will help you. And thanks for watching and don’t forget to visit

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