How To Use Instagram Story Stickers To Ask Questions (2018)

yo what’s up guys is Mike here
you’re watching Mike The Dope Toast It’s the seventh episode of Everything Instagram we’re gonna speak about Instagram story
so back in the last episode where we spoke about direct message group and as
well as you know how to send longer videos on DM and with both those videos
I actually talked about how I get more replies in my DM because I did something
in story to interact with my followers so yes today we’re gonna speak about how
to ask questions through Instagram story stickers what are those stickers the
first came into my mind is definitely the poll actually give you two binary
choices to your followers and non followers to actually answer that question the second type sticker is definitely
the emoji slider so you can basically choose you know any emoji you can find
on your keypad in your mobile it’s a rating scale for you to ask your
followers a question rating from minimum to maximum from zero to hundred percent
and the third one which is probably the most popular right now it’s called the
questions sticker so usually people use it to ask your followers to ask you a
question but personally I love to use this sticker to ask a question and get
responses from my followers and you can actually share the responses publicly
inside your story just create a new story and I have a surprise for you so
Instagram is currently testing the fourth type yes the fourth type of sticker and
this sticker is called quiz it’s kind of similar to poll but the differences is
that you basically set up the question and also the answer so what you did
right here is that whoever choose that answer it will actually automatically
show them the correct answer so whether they did it right or wrong they will
know instantly without you sharing the result alright I got a question for
you do you have all the three stickers already in your Instagram story if you
did have you utilized these story stickers to ask your followers questions
if you have a problem with stickers you haven’t get it yet well also leave a
comment down below well let me know so I probably can help you smash the like
button if you like this video help me to share this video out so for anybody else
want to learn about Instagram story Bigger question! I have three tips well specifically three types of question I think you can ask to your
followers the first type of question is question based on visuals Instagram is a
visual app so it’s actually pretty interesting when you have an interesting
image or even video to ask your followers question it’ll actually going
to drive their attention to you a lot more they just look at your visual and
they can give you an answer isn’t it smart the second type question everyone
can relate or everyday type of question for example you can put an image of
sushi and ask people do you like sushi it’s not even related to your niche if
you’re not a foodie if you’re like an artist like me well there can probably
answer it easier than a visual question so they feel relatable to your the final
type of question I think you can ask asking for opinions about your work definitely
good for you to utilize the chances to ask opinions from your followers because
they are your core audience they’re gonna help you to actually grow a bigger fan
base right take some of your older words and make a collage and you know ask
opinion followers they probably will give you very constructive criticism so
it’s pretty helpful in my case so I hope that it actually helps you as well so
these are the three types of questions I think you can ask through the
Instagram story stickers Instagram story analytics we’re gonna explain term by
term you probably never really realize what they stand for so I’m gonna
give you all the explanation all coming up next so make sure to subscribe hit
the bell so you wouldn’t miss the next episode when it’s up and I will see
you guys in the next one so peace out!

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  1. Your favorite sticker is… poll/emoji slider/questions?
    Thanks for tuning in, don't forget to watch #drawwithmike series where we discuss Instagram topics

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