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Mmm, it’s an Orange Juice. So the Goblin Giant is really tanky. If you leave him alone, he will take out your tower. He deal the same amount of damage as Rascal Boy. Though, he attacks slower. He has Spear Goblins on his back. Only the Log knocks back this massive beast. The Bowler doesn’t even knock him back. This means Fireball and Snowball will not knock him back. Executioner destroys the Giant Goblin because the Spear Goblins don’t have a chance to initiate their first attack. When the Goblin Giant dies, it drops two Spear Goblins. From a mechanical standpoint, They’re spawning for the first time, therefore they will attack the nearest units instead of continuing to attack the Princess Tower. They’ve got a wacky spawn delay where they take a little bit long to spawn than Barbarians do coming out of a Battle Ram. You can’t use the Log to kill the Goblin Giant and expect to take out the Spear Goblins as well. If you used him to defend a push and a counter attack, a Miner is not a bad idea to use the tank those two Spear Goblins, but this is not a good bridge spam combo. That will *used up a 9 Elixir push leaving you incredibly vulnerable. He behaves exactly like a Giant so 5-2 placement is exactly enough to pull him just like he would a Giant. When you Tornado him to the King Tower to activate, be careful, because one or two of those Spear Goblins will actually keep hitting that Princess Tower. But if you can afford the damage, that’s totally fine. If you can’t that’s a lot of damage to your Princess Tower. In a perfect scenario, you’ll have a cheap disposal tank like an Ice Golem to absorb the Spear Goblins. Plant him near the King Tower to aggro the Spear Goblins on his back and Tornado to activate. If you’ve managed to get his health low enough and you know he’s gonna pop before you to drag him towards the King Tower, Tornado him towards it anyways, the Spear Goblins will spawn and they will activate His Royal Highness. Skeletons or Bats planted in front of the bridge will not be able to stop him because the Spear Goblins one-shot those Bats and Skeletons. So what you’ve got to do is wait to the Spear Goblins lock on to the Tower before planting these small units down. The Goblin Giant pairs really well with Zap because it destroys Minion Horde and other swarm units after being zapped. It’s because now the Spear Goblins can now one-shot the Minions. Kiting beefy units are the best cuz the spear gobs attack it while the big boy goblin runs away pulling the giant skeleton left ignore that giant goblins gonna deal and work to the tower, but Using goblin giant to kite slower units like a Pekka will only cut it to the other tower since he moves a bit faster than the big momma Pekka She’ll get three hits on the princes tower left unattended, but maybe you can afford the damage on the opposite side It’s still useful to do just in case you need to separate the Pekka from support units to utilize both your princess towers to address The musketeer by itself bonus points for using skeletons or goblins to distract the big momma Pekka It’s incredibly satisfying to kite a baby dragon Since they both share the same move speed capitalizing on both your towers hitting the baby dragon And now you’re up a beefy giant goblin for 2 elixir Basically anything medium move speed is the perfect unit to kite. It chases him indefinitely while getting chipped away at the spear goblins Another unit you can use the kite him really effectively is going to be a Dark Prince The prince is a splasher not a heavy hitter. So he tickles the Giant for 2 elixir They now have to deal with this mega. Goblin You can also kite units such as a mega minion big dragons away from battle if placed correctly It’s especially useful to separate poorly positioned air support units from Giant and Golumn pushes Giant goblin vs. Graveyard is Amazing. There’s nothing they can do besides graveyard freeze Especially since most graveyard decks will carry poison and they can’t poison those spear goblins sitting in the giant goblin’s basket The goblin giant alongside any other card like zap ice spirit snowball basically anything will help him completely stop a naked balloon Giant gobbling graveyard combo is 11 elixir and during double elixir you can actually plant the graveyard then the goblin giant to aggro Both of their towers onto your goblin. It’s an expensive combo though. So you gotta be sure got to be absolutely sure They can’t counter this combo or you are dead He functions like ice golem and unzappable spear goblins so when pitted against the lava hound those spear goblins are going to chip away at the Hound faster and When timed correctly that goblin giant is going to tank the lava pups Giant goblin versus tombstone. If you don’t zap the tombstone those spear goblins, they’ll take out the skeletons But if you zap the tombstones they’ll have less time to react and there’s going to be a higher chance of the spear goblins are gonna aggro onto the tower immediately before they can defend with an ice golem your call six spear goblins on six skeletons or six spears on the princes tower for 400 damage that’s pretty good for just zapping the tombstone If you defend rascals with goblin giant on your side and you perfectly stop the rascals safely He has enough health to tank the girls and the spear goblins have enough damage to take out the boy but if you plant him behind the rascal girls the spear goblins will lock onto the girls take out the girls first and then kite the boy onto their side this Can deal damage to their tower but it’s a little risky cuz if your opponent brings any other troops that goblin giant is dead Because of his high health and ranged attack. He’s very good against the X-bow He can tank the X-bow and the spear goblins kinda eliminate all the small troops around him Remember the giant goblins range is the same as spear goblins So you could tank with something like an e wiz and once it’s out of range It will target onto the tower of minimizing the damage your tower takes if they have supporting troops behind the goblin giant then you can’t do this because that E wiz is just Going to die and you’re gonna be down a lot of elixir Basically everything in the firebally category Meaning any unit that dies the fireball easily like wizard magic archery e wiz they’re all very sensitive to this unit the spear goblins Deal just enough damage that you’ve actually got to worry about your placement So if you plot the magic arctor within range and tank the spear Goblin that’s 200 damage less on your princess tower what your magic Archer is now dead negative elixir trade It’s clear that the magic Archer and other firebally are terrible idea to handle the goblin giant by himself, but if you absolutely Must plant him out of range of the spear goblins so that it doesn’t die Yeah, your Princess tower is going to take bit more damage But at least you’re not gonna completely lose that firebally unit and you’ll be able to use them to counter-attack or something like that Thanks for watching

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  1. 0:20 who would win? A literal stone rolling with momentum powerful enough to kill someone, or one log boi

  2. Supercell boss: any good ideas
    Supercell worker: so basically we just got a copy the rascals but now they’re goblins
    Supercell boss: well it’s better than nothing

  3. you know the greatest counter is dis P.E.K.K.A. and back it up with arrows zap or log just incase there's a skeleton army or a minion horde

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