How to Use Cycle Cards – Clash Royale Deck Guide

Like spear and skeletons the key component to cycle decks as we know them How are you expected cycle mortars xbows hogs graveyard miners and the likes of out the to cheapest cards in the game There’s so essential to punish decks, especially control ones that rely on positive trades These two cards are single-handedly brought to fame the classic hog 2.6 deck Allowing a hog rider to always be in hand while it’s not losing out on too many trades You have to be a whole new level of bad to make a bad trade on a one elixir card, although it is possible So here’s an in-depth look to I spirit and skellies the spirit combo super low of zap Allowing it to make some great trades against the likes of minion horde everyone’s heard about this But the practicality of it is underrated when a free muskets deck invest they’re likely to rely on a hoard on defense You can’t fireball it because you need to deal with a pump in the muskets so sending a spirit in with your push allows you to zap the Horde and have them on almost no elixir after the spending the Pump and the Horde this can lead to insane damage and put you in a commanding position within the game The spirit isn’t a dust taking a hit either So quite happily suck some damage then freeze a unit and allow you to surround where you might have messed up before This can be invaluable for one elixir, especially if you’re getting used to using surrounding Sometimes it’s best from not to take damage though instead suiciding into a swarm can be really effective for you it’s most noticeable against the skeleton army , but the little guy also does exceptionally well on countering gang for Those are not the only trades you’re limited to though range units won’t one-shot the spirit and can be countered pretty high They’ll get frozen and damaged by the tower before attacking so will lose out to a 1 elixir spirit Its countering swarms and a range unit not enough. Well, it can also deal with melee units pretty well He’s not as effective as maybe an ice golem But he is half the price after all the freezie dishes out will retargeting units aggro So you can use the spirit to save your more fragile attackers for a counter push Or he could even cause the defending units death. The freeze also resets charging attack is so super versatile there, too You can ruin a charge up of a defending inferno dragon However may be blocked So isn’t a hundred percent reliable but he has the same effect as a zap for half the cost Against the furnace the spirit can actually stop two waves of just one elixir You must soak the second fire spirit of the first wave Then I’ll be able to jump onto the second wave using some quick maths. We can tell this as well for elixir So gets you value in the end one of the coolest plays actually that is a pretty awful pun I’ll just leave one of the best plays you can pull off with a spirit is a defense both lanes by pulling in one unit But freezing the other this buys you time and consequently elixir This will allow you to play more troops If you’re in a bit of a pinch the best part of the spirit though undeniably is that he only costs one elixir now on to skeletons Which will probably change back to four by the time this video is held this trio of terrifying Fick boys can kite almost any unit Melee units will follow su as the skeletons look to provide a decent amount of distraction in the fight when the fighting Skeletons only costs one elixir which means spells are usually used to take them out like zap or log will actually get a negative Trade on them. This is bad cuz your opponent doesn’t really want to be doing this However, it’s good for you using them on defense You can just place them on to win conditions and watch them do a really effective job Unchallenged a win condition that they do relatively well against is graveyard For a +4 trade the free skeletons would have already spawned in before the graveyard comes into play this allows them to kill up spawning skeletons and live providing you of an okay counter considering they only cost you a single drop of Elixir they can also shut down splash attackers, assuming you can surround which is pretty mad Skeletons are a swarm that counter splash units if you place it correctly taking up three shots A lot of Splash attackers will sit there bewildered as to how long it’s taking them to deal with a few pesky Skeletons and units can struggle with skeletons too because the skeletons will just walk away unfazed Minions and even mega ones can be affected largely by a drop of just one elixir Skeletons are just generally a solid card as. They provide a real good cleanup rule If you have in trouble with princess at the river Skelly’s will be able to take her out and not be counterable by a quick reaction spell unless your opponent wants to lose elixir sir Those who are attacking ranged units will have problems against skeletons too Because that’s three shots don’t have to take and it only cost you one elixir There are mad trades for this card just like spirit skeletons can stop charging units by spending their own lives Sparky will take a whole 12 seconds to hit a tower if you get a perfect surround on skeletons Which I can’t really do because I suck Countering a sparky is a +5 trade what more could you really ask for and no one comment a +6 trade deal? You’re really not funny the best part about skeletons is that you physically cannot make a negative trade when using them the counter ice spirit which is an even Trade than every other card costs more than skeletons It’s both skillful and skill less, and that’s why it’s particularly hard to balance Just as I said, let’s start in a video these two cards combo pretty well, too They can counter cards for huge positives such as mini pekkas Wizards carts muskets Ewizards executioner’s and a load more That I can’t really bother to list Such a combo allows you to freezing unit stopping you from attacking and then add on DPS too so that the unit will actually die You can even freeze a unit and then use skeletons as a kiting tool Once the spirit is brought you more time to figure out how to kite The combination allows them to counter units that we couldn’t alone a good example being bandit alone assured ripped through both units But when they’re combo, did you get a nice old +1 elixir trade? This combo is a mad counter to miner because not many units can take out a miner for a positive trade you can use the spirit to freeze and re-target the miner and Eventually place the skeletons on top to provide you with a DPS and distraction to take him out even against the supported miner,you can use the spirits in a few of ZAP to get rid of most of the support whilst the Skeletons will deal with a miner pretty quickly This combo is extremely versatile and only cost you 2 elixir literally the cheapest the synergy can be in this game Anyway, that brings today’s video to a close. What do you believe think about one elixir cards generally? Personally, there’s such a weird concept to grass I used to really want the skeletons back at 4 But seeing how the meta has changed you’ve DPS cards that actually costs like real elixir. I’m sort of happy with them up free they still provide a decent amount of DPS and the fact that spells don’t murder them for a good trade is a huge plus that’s What I spirit it would be weird to see it get a nerf. It’s just a staple and sort of a card They’ve thrown to any and every deck because it’s probably one of the most versatile cards out there I want to make a video on these cards separately But I guess they fit into one on the same in some regards to end all for coming in today goes to Captain Crunch who? Says that I’m a hypocrite for calling ice golem and tornado both the most OP card with the release of my newest video I think that the ice golem was stronger however It’s sore enough and now isn’t anywhere near as popular as it was before it still does a lot of things I put into that video but some interactions will fail now because it dies that bit quicker the Most opie card right now is probably minor but that’s a whole of a video. Anyway, boys. I hope you enjoyed this one and peace

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90 thoughts on “How to Use Cycle Cards – Clash Royale Deck Guide

  1. 1:30 here's a tip, against same level ice wiz u can place the ice spirit further letting it take two hits from the ice wiz with 0 damage on your tower

  2. Skeletons are especially good against graveyard if they are a level above the graveyard skellies because then they would each take two shots to die, effectively killing 6 of the 20 skeletons that spawn from the graveyard for only one elixir.

  3. Skeletons and Ice Spirit are the worst cards in the game, they are so easily countered by Lightning and Rocket. Trust me, I use max RG and Elite Barbs at 2.5k trophies, I am a pro at this game.

  4. When u try to counter gang with ice spirit wait until the spears lock on the tower then play ice spirit right on top of the spears. Itโ€™ll pull the stabbies back and splash into everything

  5. Tornado is op people just get so butthurt when they hear the card the relay on could possibly get nerfed one point in the future

  6. My boi bailey knows what's up tbh i had my cycle cards level 12 and 11 since i love positive trades on ladder btw i love fast cycle decks bring back 2.9 baefy๐ŸŒš

  7. I love the cycle cards! And I do agree on your last point Bailey. The miner is pretty op to be honest. The fact that he himself is a good enough win condition and he fits in literally EVERY archetype kinda speaks volumes about how strong he really is.
    Would definitely like to see a video of yours on that lol

  8. Yooo bailey wassup iweg ott some good deck
    Ice splirit
    fire spirit
    Mini pekkA
    Just miner-rocket cykle and edrag is just op and use mini pekka for tank and minitank killer and make positive elixir trades

  9. 1:15 you can deny more damage by waiting for the goblins to advance more and placing the spirit behind the spear goblins. This will hit most/all of the gang.

  10. I am unsubscribing I found that this channel is actually pretty basic clash royale guides which I already know very well as a master-2 player.

  11. great vid ,but , a bandit can be stopped by a spirit alone if the spirit is placed next to the tower,if the bandit dashes to the spirit the spirit still would frezee her,still an awesome vid

  12. (Card requires skill to be O.P)


    (Card requires high level to be O.P)

    Supercell: BUFF IT! +10000000000 DAMAGE AND -10 ELIXIR COST


  14. Skeletons are slightly worse than spirit because there are often more swarm than single target units, giving it much more versatility. (+Also its very fast, good for offense )

    Granted, both generate so much value in the right conditions, to the point where both are almost too good. Almost. They really suck when dealing with investment based pushes

  15. Good video, however you did multiple un-optimal things when showing the cards effectiveness ex: ice spirit can tank 2+ shots of ice wiz before jumping on it leaving your tower with 0 damage

  16. I wish they added another cycle card -a flying unit. It could be either defence card with some dps and really low health or a support card similar to ice spirit but heals or something like that.

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