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Mmm. It’s an orange juice The ghost has a really unique invisibility mechanic It deploys invisible until it attacks so the way you defend traditionally will not work You won’t be able to pull a knight into the center ideally you’ll want to deploy your ghost in front of the tower this gives your tower time to smack down your opponent’s units before your ghost engages and Unlike a night since the ghosts spawns invisible you can plant him a tiny bit earlier to engage against something like a musketeer Once he’s done attacking it takes 0.7. Seconds to turn invisible again in this invisible state any projectiles that are already flying toward him will damage him However, while invisible the giant skeleton and balloons bombs will not affect the ghost I’m pretty sure this is a bug and will be patched in the next client update probably in March The ghost is a melee unit but like any other unit with a sword it can reach a tad bit farther his sword can reach 1.2 tiles here’s what’s interesting though his splash radius is going to be the center of the unit that he hits Not the tip of his sword to show you guys what I mean Here’s the ghost hitting a sparky his splash radius is in the center of the sparky he’ll splash anything That’s touching the Sparky, but Sparky is pretty fast So those skeletons between him and Sparky are not going to be splashed based on how the splash mechanic works It’s the exact same thing as a Dark Prince except You don’t notice where the Dark Prince because the Dark Prince has a bigger splash radius He has a 0.8 tile splash radius. This is tiny if you look at him hitting the Giant This is this total splash area He’s not gonna splash many other things with the Giant he can three shot barbarians on paper the sounds amazing But in practice a splash Radius is only 0.8 tiles and he’ll usually only splash two barbarians at most Because of his invisibility, it’s incredibly hard to counter this 3 elixir card with traditional methods Pulling the ghost into the center doesn’t nothing he still gets the first strike He’ll rek goblins and destroy your tower if you’re using goblins or guards. It’s way better to surround the ghost with goblins He’ll only get two hits on your tower with guards No chance if you try to pull the ghost with an ice golem to the center that won’t do anything He’ll get three shots on your princess tower with an unsupported ice golem It’ll stop him slightly, but he’ll still get three shots on the tower after wrecking the ice golem There’s a better way to use the ice golem if your attack is weak on the side of the ghost is approaching you can actually Cut the ghost with an ice golem as a bonus since both towers target the ghost. He’ll only land two hits on your tower If he’s already locked onto your tower. You can use the ice golem to push them forward and retarget onto the golem He’ll get three shots on your tower If you plant the ice golem right as the ghost is about to finish the second swing the ice golem won’t travel too far this results in the ghost remaining within 0.7. Seconds within the tower which means he won’t phase the ghost will only get two hits on your tower the reason this timing is critical is because if your ice golem travels too far the ghost has enough time to turn invisible and This resets your princess Towers attack frame back to zero getting less hits on the ghost Knight Valkyrie or whatever you have on hand is really good if he’s already connected to your tower And you want to push him forward They’re large enough that it pushes them far away that he won’t splash your tower unlike a Dark Prince The mini Pekka is a decent counter against the ghost it can 2-shot the ghost depending on the Situation in the game you may want to place the Pekka closer to your tower so it can build up a slightly stronger push Now you can counter the ghost for an even elixir trade. Just don’t plant him beside the ghost this buys him time to deploy He’ll be too low of health to be used for a counter-attack, but it’s three for three Bowler can be used to counter the ghost very well Especially in big ground pushes the bowler will still knock back the ghost while he’s invisible He won’t die to lightning but he can be targeted by lightning while invisible This is the same as using lightning on a knight not worth it You can be one shot by rocket But be mindful of your elixir and your wind conditions because he’s still only a three elixir card think to yourself Will you normally rocket an ice wizard and a tower against that opponent? Sometimes yes sometimes no He has exactly thousand one hundred health and Sparky also deals the exact same damage since Sparky can one shot the ghost She’s a pretty decent counter Especially if the ghost is behind a large object like a giant the splash will wreck the ghost so hard He won’t know what hit him one really interesting Combo with the ghost is that you can play an ice golem or bat around behind him to tank for the tower this? invisibility mechanic changes the way you can play clash royale Using tornado you can activate the king tower if you can afford that 230 damage on your princess tower But it’s always worth it if this happens within the first minute of a game and your princess tower is at full health The ghost can 3-shot fire Bally’s fire volleys are units like barbarians musketeer wizard ice wizard electro wizard and witch With a splash attack he can take out three musketeers very well He can engage two Musketeers right at the bridge take them out and still have enough health to deal 460 damage to that princess tower left ignored his invisibility mechanic is overpowered Some other good numbers to keep in mind is that he will kill archers and bombers in two swings This is pretty useful to know considering he can splash both archers if they’re packed really close together He deals slightly less damage than the log per swing But that’s not going to stop him from countering Everything that the log can counter you can take out goblins princess ice spirit fire spirits dark goblins spear goblins and the guards shields in one swing especially against ice spirit It’s an amazing way to get rid of it since it kills the ice spirit before it gets the chance to jump on to anything Unlike the knight he can counter the witch a bit better since he does have a splashing attack for 3 elixir. He’s so value Thanks for watching stay tuned for more quality OJ

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