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The Princess is the first legendary to release into the game in 2016. She was unique in a sense that she had and still has till this day. The longest range in the game because of this MONSTER range and the fact that she dies to The Log. This makes her one of the best spell bait characters in the game. Just because she can attack and defend from the opposite sides of the arena. She does 140 damage at tournament standard and can get value EVERY SHOT if not intended to. She is the only character in the game that can out range towers. They’ll never be able to reach her. You can technically win the game with just the Princess Tower if your opponent ignores her the whole game. She is one of the most versatile cards because she targets air and ground, with her splash attack and monster range. She is an efficient SWARM KILLING MACHINE. At tournament standard she has pretty low health and costs 3 elixir so she is pretty good at baiting out the log, fireball, poison, arrows AND the barbarian barrel. She provides SO much value of Log. She is mostly seen in bait decks because she’s got the ability to bait out not only Logs but even fireball, and poison. You can throw her into decks with a bunch of firebally’s and of course the Dart Goblin, Goblin Barrel, and even Goblin Gang. yarns bulge my name is jeff poo poo pee pee

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