How to use Chef Aprons

– Hey it’s Nicole from Scrappy Bags Shop and for all the chefs in the house, this is for you. This is a cotton-coated polyurethane, actually it’s cotton, polyurethane-coated, excuse me, chef apron and this is a very, very cool apron. This is for people who
don’t want a ruffle, okay, so it’s straight
all the way through, through and through and it works just like
all our other aprons. So you put it on here and if you’re a little
larger or a little smaller you just pull the tabs and voila, you have your apron. Now what I do with the chef aprons because I am a little shorter, I’m a little vertically challenged, I pull this up and I just fold it right below the tab here, I fold it so that it looks a little bit better, if you will, on me because I am shorter. It has one pocket and you can put all your stuff in one pocket. I put my phone in here,
my hair clips in here, oh my gosh I put everything in here because it really does hold so much and it’s so easy to use. So when I’m walking around the house and cleaning or even if I’m trying to burn down the kitchen and cook, which is usually the case, I’ll wear my chef apron so at least when I’m burning down
the kitchen, I look good. This is cotton and it’s
polyurethane-coated so you can wipe it dry, wipe it off if you get stains on it. It won’t stain if you just
wipe it clean right away. Put it into the washer, easily washed. Do not dry it, mmkay? Just hang it up and wash it in cold, alright, don’t use really
heavy duty detergent on this, just use some light detergent. Very easy to keep this clean. So this is your apron. If you’re a little
bigger, a little smaller, remember all you have to do is just pull this down. So that is your kitchen
helper for your chef apron. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day. Don’t burn down any kitchens like me and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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