How to style Cargo Pants in 2019

hi guys it’s Kasey welcome to my channel
if you are new hello, and if you have been here for a while welcome back so
today I’m going to show you three types of cargo pants on the spectrum the first
one I’m going to show you is probably what you think of when you hear cargo
pants they’re baggy they have huge pockets to help you store things but
they’re also tight around the ankles the second pair is slim all around so if you
want to get into cargo pants but you still want to show your shape I would
definitely recommend these the third pair I’m gonna show you guys is the most
baggy most adventurous but also my favorite pair because they are so
comfortable I feel like a lot of girls think they have to wear tight or uncomfy
clothes to look cute or sexy but that is definitely not the case which is the
main reason why I like cargo pants because they deviate from that
perception so when I told my friend that I was doing my next video on cargo pants
she was like our cargo pants even cool anymore? [scoffs] well you know of course I had to Google it just in case but yes fashion is
cyclical the 90s are alive and well so I’m gonna show you three different types
of cargo pants that I own to help you pair your next pair of cargo pants and
pair it well you will and styling wise I feel like having a pair of cargo pants
really utilizes the basic items that you have the other great thing about cargo
pants is that there are pockets for the first time ladies you don’t have to
worry about sitting and having your phone that slip out of your butt out of
your butt pocket so I’m just gonna do a little pocket
test to see what things around my area my space will fit in my pocket so for the first pair of cargo pants it’s like this tan military esq probably what
you imagine when you think of cargo pants to begin with pair that I got from
Urban Outfitters and I’m pairing it with a black tank top and I feel like basics
really pair well with them because they’re already such a unique intricate
piece of clothing so I feel like styling cargo pants is very much a balancing act
in my opinion because the pant itself already really baggy and I don’t want to
put some a baggy top over it and just look like I’m wearing a whole trash bag
situation but that doesn’t mean you can’t like utilize a baggy top and make
it look cute because you could wear a big jacket and like zip it down as long
as you’re showing some dimension which I’m showing here with my ankles like the
16th century ho that I am also I am a huge fan of layering so here I’m also
putting my black tank top over and also wearing my sock booties that are very
uncomfortable so overall you can see that the outfit is a baggy outfit
because it’s a loose hoodie and cargo pants but you can still see the thin
waist and the ankles so the next pair is the first pair of cargo pants that I got
and they’re very slim I feel like if you want to get into cargo pants but you’re
not sure if you want to go like full-on street wear tomboy this is like a great
transitional piece because they are like because they’re on the slimmer side and
I think this is also a very versatile piece I’m going to show you one look
with the white tie blouse in front that could be really cute for like vacations
or on a trip and then I’m going to show you a similar look of a white buttoned
up top that also works really well because it’s on the looser side and I
would feel comfortable like wearing this to work or like a family event
and I am wearing my new square-toed heels in these I love these shoes so
much they really deviate from like the regular shoes that I normally purchased
because one they’re white patent two they’re square-toed heels and they’re very
comfortable to wear because of the slingback and the thick heel and I am
styling it with a straw bag that I’m extremely excited to wear in the warmer
months I bought this back from Vietnam for like
nine dollars my mom haggled it for me which is a blessing because I know these
bags go for like $50 online sometimes the last pair of cargo pants that I’m
going to show you are my favorite pair because they’re very loose and baggy and
tomboyish and just extremely comfortable to wear
I think shoes are a crucial part of styling your cargo pants and I think a
lot of people have trouble with it like they’re like I don’t know what kind of
shoes to wear but I think it depends how adventurous you are but a lot of styles
match cargo pants like you can wear heels and dress it up and look classy
but also you could dress it down and wear sneakers this is personally my
favorite way to wear this like because I just feel so empowered and cool and
badass when I like walk around with this combination for some reason thank you so
much for watching my channel I really hope this video inspires you to get a
pair of cargo pants because I think they are a closet essential if you liked the
video give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you guys
next week

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79 thoughts on “How to style Cargo Pants in 2019

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