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The Mueller report is now out. And while at least according to
the attorney-general Bill Barr, it does not find that
Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in trying
to manipulate the 2016 presidential election. It does find that such
manipulation occurred. So the question is
could the same thing happen at next year’s
presidential election? The big US technology
companies say they’ve done a lot
since 2016 to root out malicious actors
spreading fake news. Facebook, for example, works
with a team of fact-checkers to test the veracity
of certain websites. And if they’re found
not to be trustworthy, those websites are less likely
to appear in your news feed. Twitter says it now
blocks any user it finds has stolen somebody
else’s avatar or bio. But the problem is
shifting with Instagram fast becoming the next
battleground in the fight against misinformation. That’s because pictures
are more likely to trigger an emotional response. And therefore, more
likely to be spread more quickly and more widely. YouTube, meanwhile, is worried
about people using its site to create videos which
promote conspiracy theories. The problem is for
companies like this that so much stuff
is uploaded every day that finding
malicious content is like hunting for the proverbial
needle in a haystack. But on the other hand, they
now have a new weapon, AI. They can now create
an algorithm which will detect the
kind of content they might want to delete based on
what they’ve deleted before. A team of sniffer dogs has just
joined the hunt for the needle.

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7 thoughts on “How to stop fake news? | Tech Wash

  1. So basically the elite still want to control the flow of information, the best way to manipulate the masses.

  2. uhh what about the funding from the Ob.. admin that just ran out? Is it you cant report this info or ignorance? I honestly ask as I respect your FP paper but… have questions

  3. pretty simple. shut tv off. cancel all subscriptions/////walk outside.   no more fake news…operation mockingbird

  4. The only truth is you are fake news, endoctrinated since over 2000 years. Hahaha, just a few be able to see the truth out of this lies, liars world luciferian.

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