How to Stay Consistent and Motivated on YouTube — 5 Pro Tips

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100 thoughts on “How to Stay Consistent and Motivated on YouTube — 5 Pro Tips

  1. Great advice 🙂 started youtube a week ago and I didn't think it would be hard to keep posting videos but it takes a tremendous amount of effort to stay on top of things, looking forward to using these tips

  2. This video was a goldmine, I’ve been uninspired and not motivated. I feel you like you recharged my batteries and I’m ready to go

  3. I just bought the course! I’ve started YouTube channels before and just as I start getting views and subs I chicken out. But this time I’m not going to chicken out. I have a dope idea and I’m going for it! Thank you! I’m beyond excited!

  4. Also as I comment section jack- I’m thankful for having a chance every day to do better and push forward. I’m thankful for my family and I’m thankful for my life ♥️♥️♥️

  5. I'm grateful for second chances and a fresh start in pursuing my passion by providing valuable content to performing artists while marketing myself as an actor through the launching of my new YouTube channel "Dream Unrealistic 💖 with Jonathan Berry." I am grateful to YouTube for this amazing opportunity and for the incredible possibilities that can occur as a result of establishing my own brand :-). Thanks you 💖.

  6. Live Like No One Else so that later you can Live and give like no one else!
    Classic Dave Ramsey quote.
    Thank you Sean for the encouraging video.

  7. I'm grateful for YouTube as a platform, which allows me to share my passion for Jesus and theology!
    Bonus: also grateful for these Think Media videos which have really helped me as I've started my YouTube channel.

  8. Hey, I'm grateful to have found YOU yesterday in youTube…you have inspired me to focus on my YouTube channel on 2019 and bought last night my budget-friendly video kit in Amazon thanks to your recommendations 🙂 Happy holidays from San Juan, Puerto Rico – would LOVE to get the YouTube Secrets Book 🙂

  9. Great video and tips!
    I've been watching your videos almost daily because I want to step up my youtube game. I'm really glad there's a contest now…
    See you again tomorrow at another video 😀

  10. I AM A CREDIT WATCHER…. Shameless plug to all Credit Watchers… The easter eggs are gold especially for the next movie…

  11. Man, you almost made me cry :,) I really feel what you say and this really helps me put a perspective. My passion is nature and making people enthusiastic about the wonders of it and I try to do that through youtube (and hopefully one day follow in the footsteps of David Attenborough), but it is SO HARD to start and get people involved/interested. It is great to see how you dealt with that and that many people go through the same thing. I am definitely going to follow your advise, stay consistent with a slower pace (1 video a week) and hopefully one day, I can tell people that it worked out 😀

  12. Thank you Sean, very helpful. Just starting and have watched several of your videos. The tips for staying consistent in this one are well thought out and practical for the long term. Blessings!

  13. Hello. Just found your videos last week, been watching them and now I have the confidence to go out and do some of the videos I been wishing I could find on youtube.
    And I am thankful at the end of this year for my family and friends, because this has been a hard year and their support has been greatly needed and appreciated. =^._.^=

  14. What great tips. Sean has too much to share. I started following him on LinkedIn, which has brought me to follow him on youtube.

  15. Preservence!! I'm grateful for great friends!! Love this video!!💕💕 still working on content for my channel! Thanks for the great info!!

  16. I'm grateful for creators such as yourself that offer so much advice simply because you want to share it. The amount of information I have received just by watching your videos is, quite frankly, worth so much, its hard to believe I'm getting it for free, so thank you!

  17. Had to pause to comment and smash the like button! I got so down yesterday for losing a subscriber! ONE SUBSCRIBER! Like so discouraging! I haven’t been doing YouTube for long at all. Like 10 months maybe with a 5 month break so really only like 5 months. I know this video is going to help me get outta my demotivated rut. I’m just going to continue to work hard knowing that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

  18. I upload one video a week. I uploaded two videos a week for a while, but found that one a week actually worked better. I am super grateful that I found Sean's Video Ranking Academy so that all my hard work on my channel is now starting to show return. For those of you who have not done his course, I highly recommend it!!!!

  19. How I stay motivated is to focus on the vision. The helps me film even when I really don't feel like it.

  20. Yeah……. I'm a credit junkie. Can't help it: Born in L.A. studied Communications in college, worked in 'the industry', knew friends that worked in Hollywood as well. Being a credit-junkie it's in my blood.

  21. AMAZING VIDEO AND TIPS!!! There is now way to be successful without consistency and… a little bit of sacrifice)
    One video a day on the top of live streams! Huge fan, learn a lot from you)) J&B

  22. Hello Sean, thanks for the contest, great motivation, for that I am thankful! I have been making on average one video/mini movie a week. So far it is more of a hobby and a learning curve as I have sacrificed travel to faraway places to concentrate on adventures closer to home . I am great full because I am an older adult who just recently rediscovered exploring the great outdoors, conquering fears, and learning new things, and sharing this while in the moment on YouTube as seen in my videos. I feel i have a sustainable momentum. I have been trying to be smart with video series, and I am currently skilling up, thus I am watching you. I have purchased a new computer and I am trying new cameras and editing programs. I don't know what you mean "Prep up google Doc"? As for planning the shoot, that is not always the case as a lot of places I go there is always something new to discover so the story's seem to evolve as the adventure progresses threw time. My Channel is unique in every way. Sacrifice will be a pleasure as I'm hoping to retire (quit my Job) into being a YouTuber full time. I see I need to learn allot more, so Keep them coming I'm all eyes and ears. You and your team are doing a great job, thank you.

  23. Great value Shaun! 👍🏾. I try and stay consistent and motivated by having a book 📖 where I write down all my video ideas and research tips. Also Batch recording has helped take some pressure off shooting weekly videos. Stay blessed and thank you for always sharing valuable tips and strategies! 👍🏾😊 👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

  24. Always go back to your personal reasons why did you start youtube. You will feel motivated when you know your purpose. Stay focus on your goal not to the revenue 🙂

  25. Thank you Sean for the great tips you shared in this video. I’m still trying to figure out how I can use video to support my business of making and selling my art. It seems that YouTube is more about providing helpful information to others. Just not sure what I can offer that is helpful to others.

  26. Do you (or does anyone here) have any advice on staying consistent when you're faced with glitches and bumps along the road? What if you're ill and can't record? What if your camera stops working? Or your Mic? What if you're on holiday and can't upload? What if you need to work some overtime because you need the money but then can't devote as much time to your channel? How do you stay consistent when things go wrong? Thanks everyone.

  27. Hard((( put more videos, improved the quality, bought stabilization, not the bag…..but statistics is going down, not up😭

  28. I’ve just started watching your guys videos and you are crushing the info on here! I’m just starting out and have learned so much in just the like 10 or so videos I’ve watched in the last 2 days. Anyway thanks again for all the info keep it up guys!!

  29. Hey 👋 New viewer and subscriber! Love the content thank you for all the tips and help! I’m aiming for at least one video a week. Do you have any videos about FB or Instagram ads and your advice on buying ad time?

  30. We're grateful for having a family that supports our crazy aspirations of teaching travel Spanish on Youtube. Thanks for all you do, Sean! Great advice. ¡Saludos desde México! -Jim

  31. I am grateful to God for family, love, and Think Media for providing great advice on building my channel for a better future.

  32. I'm grateful i'm healthy and alive …… Even if ur not healthy (GOD FORBID) always show gratitude to god….. Forbeing alive ….
    Love u sean u encourage me alot …

  33. I have been trying to post a video every 2 weeks. Have been able to stick to it for last few weeks. Committed to carry on with the momentum.

  34. I've been consistent on my channel for about 9 months posting about 2-3 videos a week and am grateful for the 30-60 views I have with 24 subscribers. Of course I'm yearning for more and get a in motivating rut, but I keep telling myself "slow and steady wins the race!" Great advice and thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in thinking some of these things!

  35. My goal is 1 per week for Jan-March, then I’m going to re-assess and see if I can handle 2 per week 😊 I’m a Registered dietitian so right now all my topics are nutrition focused, but after taking my personal training test in Feb- I want to begin fitness videos too! 💙💙

  36. Hi Sean. I have learnt a lot from you. Thank you for teaching.. and yayyyyyy we're 690k subs already 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  37. Great video Sean! I found all this info super useful and I plan on applying it to my new channel. I have a very low subscriber count and hope to increase it! I have a question…does anyone have recommendations on a good free video editing software program for Windows? Right now I'm using OpenShot and I'm not impressed at all. It's very laggy and limited on certain things. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciates! 🙂

  38. Yes! Sean, you are so inspiring. And thank you for telling us how you do it. I’ve been spending hours on my editorial calendar and shoot schedule, and thank you for validating that it’s time well spent! And, yes, I have your book! 😄

  39. The struggle is most definitely real!! I don't have an office or anywhere where I can permanently set up a camera or even a work space, which is my challenge currently…but I'm working on it! So currently I am grateful to have a home after 18 months being homeless, and having good quality broadband so I have access to YouTube and can watch your videos!!! So glad I've found you!!

  40. I am grateful for god , blessings, family and your channel. You give such great advise. Do you still have a good source to get free amazon stuff free to review., ron

  41. Preach it brother. I am thankful for your motivational videos. I praise God for ability and a vision. Now it is time to get off my seat of do nothing, and make it happen. God bless you brother Cannell.

  42. I’m Grateful for life and Heallth…..Restarting momentum this week sir thanks for the encouragement ….this is a blessing

  43. Hey, there, Sean. I'm trying to launch my youtube page, but my phone, anytime i want to share videos i make takes long to send.

    Plus, I want to use three areas of my house for my stuff – My living room, bedroom/man cave and kitchen table.

  44. You have great content, thanks for it. Two thumbs up. I have reached 1000 views lol, gotta start somewhere.👍👍

  45. I make a few videos every now and again. I want to make better quality videos but am not focus on this to much because I'm kind of afraid that I might not do to well. Even if I start to get more into this.

  46. How to get your book in Europe!?
    Paper version?
    I’m so greatful for my family support on this YouTube Britney!
    I want this book so bad! U guys are awesome!!!

  47. For the past few weeks I’ve been posting my welding videos once a week but am going to two a week starting tonight

  48. My advice is just keep making a lot of videos and hope that one video will get popular. Things will pretty much pick up from there. At least that's what happened to me.

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