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this is me Jamie from today we’ll be starting a new video series in which
i’ll be giving tips and l2 all entrepreneurs author to all the people
who are running businesses this would be really helpful series that you can tune
into if you are running businesses or if you are a Entrepreneur. if you are even thinking about becoming an Entrepreneur This will cover from the very basics
that is getting started with the business to the most advance tips for
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weekdays you will get a video in the series every day so let’s start with it
today we are going to look at the getting started part many people know
that this is the hardest part of running of business of your journey as an
entrepreneur the position to get started with your business if you think about it
this is the thing that has given sleepless nights too many people and any
successful entrepreneur will say that this is the most difficult part now the thing you need to understand is
if you have trust in your idea if you think that my idea is going to be
successful then don’t let anyone tell you NO. If you think that ok this is my idea
and I know that no one else can do this I can make this a success if you have
that kind of confidence in you don’t let anyone shake that confidence don’t let anyone say no normal the
biggest business analyst or the most successful people can say that this idea
is going to be a success Hundred Percent or
this is going to be a failure hundred percent no one can guarantee that that
is the best thing about idea so this is the good news and the bad no one can
send you that your idea is going to flop are going to be a success the only thing that determines success
or failure is how much you are invested in your idea and if your idea is good
that always matters of course now i’ll give you an example the club colonel
sanders who was the person from KFC he tried to sell the the chicken recipe the
chicken fried chicken recipe he was turned down 1006 types not
understand 1006 and he was turned down after hearing so many No! he then got a yes so perseverance is the first thing that you need to
understand as a not if you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur you need to
persevere you need to be ready to hear no but still went ahead you will be
trusting in your ideal so much that you will struggle till it succeeds you are
ready to go the Mile for success if that is the case then no one can stop you
from success protect your idea what it what it means is if a person can’t do it
if I can do something i would say that it is impossible but if you think your
idea your picture to me I say that it is impossible because I can do it so don’t
be afraid of hearing no and don’t be de -motivated when you hear the
word No. people will say no to anything that they can do themselves if
you think that you can do it then you can achieve success if we have that kind of
confidence understand that in life people will try to discourage protect
your idea don’t let anyone say that your idea is
bad don’t hear that don’t begin to that now
this doesn’t mean that you keep your idea of secret many people think that ok
i have a very good idea i’ll just keep it a secret i won’t share it to anyone
and when I come out with the product then I would know that is a wrong thing
to do I’ll give you an example suppose if I
can do that ok you have to give me ten thousand
dollars this is a pitch that I give you will give me 10,000 $ i will give
you the idea that will get you 1 million dollars without giving you any details
of the idea you have to say yes or no Right now. i don’t think anyone would say
yes to this; the reason is no one can tell if an idea is worth anything until
and unless they hear what the product is or what you’re selling so this is the baseline understand that
you need to do your market research or doing your market research you will have
to reveal what you are going to what you’re trying to achieve once you
understand that then you are actually and then you’re actually going towards
success so reveal your idea where it is necessary I wouldn’t say the be live on 100
percent but I mean whatever it has to be revealed create prototypes for your product that
you want to get taken for the market try to see your potential customer see if
they are interested in it and tell them that this is the price of the product
this is the product this other uses this other benefits would you be interested
in it if they say yes then you know that you have a market understand this and another thing that i
want you to understand is the best thing to do a market research the best way to
market research is try to pre-order that is you give them a discount for booking
up front of you show them the product you should you done them that this is
the price of the product if they look right now i will give you the product in
1week or one month and you will be getting a 50-percent discount all you have to do
is you put ten percent or a hundred bucks for the product booking if you get
bookings you will understand that yes this as a market that is the best way to
judge a market one another thing one other thing that we need to understand
before i end this video is keep business as business don’t get
emotionally involved. This doesn’t mean that don’t put any emotions into your
business but don’t get emotionally involved in it that where you are taking
decisions aemotionallyy this is the number one mistake that all of us make i have
done it personally and all entrepreneurs actually do it. Don’t get emotionally
involved in your business though is so emotionally involved that you’re taking
decisions with your emotions the decision part ass could be our total
business mentality where you don’t have any emotions gesture right or wrong is a
profitable or not that is how hard for you to be for running businesses if you
think that you can you don’t have that kind of courage to run a business like
that because running business takes courage it takes a lot of courage if you
don’t have that courage then I would suggest wait for something that will
work in your corporate leaders and try to get a mental strength that you get
from planning from those places and then you start your business if you have even
a pick-up about that whether i will succeed or not then business is not try to work up to do that mental
strength where you stay there okay i know that i can succeed and I have a
hundred percent confidence in getting success nothing else can stop me if you have
that kind of confidence then you can see in video 2 will be looking at finances
out to know that you are ready financially for running your business
but stay tuned for that stay subscribed for that if you have any comments please
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them in the comments people like share subscribe this has been Jamie or
TopEvt you have a great day.

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