Hei everyone, my name is Maulana Subono i want to tell you how to setting up your own fingerboard maybe most of you already know how to set up a fingerboard And today i’m going to show you how and explain it So many good fingerboard decks out there, so you can choose any kinds of deck based on your personal preference Here, i have a Redneck Vision Finger deck it has 33mm wide and 99mm long here i have a foamtape, so many good foamtape/grip out there so you can choose it on your personal preference i use FBS Tape on this setup video here i got trucks and i use single axle trucks for this setup video i use Undead Fingerboard LCAT 32mm single axle trucks of maybe if you have more money, you can use Y-Trucks or BRT as well. i got tools for assembling i forgot to mention, i use Substance Wheels, dual bearing wheels Actually i used to put a grip first then i make a hole on it. But today i’m too lazy to do that, so i put the trucks first.

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