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– Welcome back you beautiful
people and you know what? I love this trick! (upbeat music) Yes the scrub, was a technique really to help
you if you’re going too fast and you want to keep
that speed down the turn instead of going all the
way to flat on a jump. I love it! And it looks steezy as well. I’m going to show you how to do this. I know what jump you’re
going to do this on. Well, ya know what? A step down for me is the
perfect place to scrub because a step down is super
easy to go over jumping. Especially when you’re coming
in with a bit of speed. So a step down is a
perfect jump to basically learn the scrub. Just like this one! Alright looks like someone’s
been having fun on this by scrubbing it. Look at that. And that, my friends,
is the mark of a scrub. You’re carving into it. Which I’ll come to in a bit. Now, technique wise, you’re gonnna make sure
you know how to jump because scrubbing you
are taking off of a jump like this one right here, the step down. So you’re going to have to have
your basic jumping technique. Now when you’re going
a little bit too fast, and you want to scrub it and
keep your speed so you don’t over jump this, you bring in that scrub technique. Now before we get here
to make these marks, lets move all the way over
there where it starts. (upbeat music) Yes, it starts all the way over here. Now when you’re coming into
a jump just like this one, it doesn’t necessary have,
it doesn’t matter if there’s a jump in front of it. So there is a jump in front of this jump that I’m going to be
scrubbing, this step down. So what I’m going to do is
land quite right as right. So I’m standing quite far over on the right side of that landing. And as you can see I’m going
to draw a line of the actual line that I do take to
get the scrub going. This is my line. That there is what I like
to call the carve line. And by carving into this
is basically you’re keeping the momentum of the jump, but you’re going to be carving
off to keep that momentum through the trail. So the technique when
it comes to the take off is exactly the same as
when you’re jumping. Its bascially you’re carving off the lip. You’re trying to scrub
off the jump so you don’t get high. Its all about keeping low
and keeping your speed going. Now how do you keep that bike
low and sideways and keep that speed going through on a jump? Well just think, if there’s a big low roof just above the jump you want to scrub through it. You want to keep low. So you want to go as low as
possible but still going fast. Now there’s a little bit
of a science to this. And that comes with the suspension. It’s true. It’s weird. But it works. Now when you’re carving, basically you’re preloading
your suspension in and whilst your turning off the lip, your suspension is going to fire sideways. It’s going to go like that. It’s going to force your bike to go out. Whereas if you going in
straight you’re going to preload in and you’re going to push up. It’s going to fire you up. The same thing but you’re going
to bring it down sideways. You’re going to let your
bike glide through the air. Your suspension is going to
push out, come off the lip, and ping so you’re using the
inertia of that suspension to force your bike out
flat just like that. Forcing it out flat,
scrubbing and turning, depending on how you want to do it. For me, I like to bring the bars up. Loads of people like
to bring the bars down. But that all depends on what
kind of jump you’re jumping. As you can see in these slow mo’s, my body weight is over to the
right hand side of the bike. I’m looking forward but I’m
kind of bringing the bars up. I’m trying to keep the bike low, and I’m driving it forward
instead of up and to the sky. Okay, so you’ve carved, you’ve
done the big S on the turn, you’ve preloaded, you’re
scrubbed off the lip, now you’re in the air. Now this is where it looks
super now, it looks sick. Is this is where the steeze happens. This is how fast you’ll be going
and how low you’ll be going by the scrub right here. So what you’re doing is,
you’re laying your bike down you’re keeping your body
weight quite close to your bike but you’re still looking
ahead because you don’t want want to lose focus on
where you’re going to land. Because when you’re scrubbing
your bikes going to be sideways so what you want to get
prepared for is your landing. This is where you’re going
to be bringing your hips back and bringing bars down and you’re looking at your landing point. You’re looking there and you’re
going to drive our bike into it but when it comes to landing, like I said, you want to spot it now with
the thing with the scrub is your front wheel is going
to be landing first because you’re driving your bike into it. You can see this is my
front wheel, right here, and my rear wheel is
there and you can see like I am facing the wrong
way down this landing. But its fine because when
you land your front wheel is facing down the trail not that way. You’re facing down there. So whatever way, whatever
way your wheel is facing your front wheel, your
backs going to follow. Alright, key points to
take into consideration when scrubbing. Speed, you want to make
sure you got that big S. You got to do that carve line up the lip. You want to carve the lip
to get the scrub going. Keep your speed going
through on the trail. Also, you need to know how to jump. And you need to be
jumping with confidence. That’s the main thing. Jumping with confidence. Another one that feels very
weird for the first time, and that is when your wheels
are drifting off the lip. And that is strange but keep going with it, learn it,
understand how it’s going, it’s physics. Your bikes going to fire but your body is going
to be going straight. You just got to keep your bike in control. And also, you got to be
comfortable with the bike drifting underneath you in the air because that could be
a little bit daunting for the first time when
your bikes a bit sideways and your back wheel is
overtaking your front wheel. That gets a bit wrong, that’s a bit wrong, and you’re landing sideways. You’re going to know a good
mechanic or you’re a good mechanic, cause your wheels going to go like this. Okay, people do ask how
do you set up your bike for scrubbing. It’s the same kind of
setup as jumping as well, and that is you don’t want
to have your suspension setup really fast. You don’t want your
rebound to be pinging you off that lip because that just sends you over the bars. Tire pressures is another
good thing to take into consideration as well. You don’t want them too
hard because when they’re a bit too hard off the
lip they can bounce and you lose a lot of grip and
it’s going to ping you off. Also, the main one is
don’t run them too low cause if you have a
really low tire pressure, it’s going to fold underneath you,
and its going to feel weird and basically it pings you off the trail. The tire pressures I am
running in these tires are 28 and I’m running 30 on the front. I’ve got my suspension setup
quite low on the rebound, quite high and stiff, in
the front I’m running it a little bit stiff as well cause
I’m running on smooth trails and I don’t want my bike
to be diving off that lip. Get a scrub, ya know originated
from MOTO, motorcross. Now all I can remember is
Bubba scrubbing ’cause he was the first at scrubbing. And it wasn’t necessary about
the style and the steeze and stuff, it was all
about keeping the speed. The lower you are the
faster you’re going to go. Speed is your friend. Height is not your friend
when it comes to racing. You want to keep maintaining that speed. You can scrub anything that
you want to go fast down. Drops, stepdowns, big
jumps, anything, step ups, everything you can scrub
to keep low to go fast. When it comes to scrubbing
off drops the technique changes slightly. You’re still carving off but
you’re pushing down your bike. You’re going to go down instead
of popping the drop to get high to get onto your landing. You’re driving your bike down
the drop and onto that landing to get as minimal height as possible. So there you go, a few
tips on how to scrub. Now the scrub is a perfect
skill to have when you want to go racing, and you
want to keep low on jumps. To be honest, I don’t do it to go fast. I like it cause it looks cool
and it looks steezy and fun. As super cool trick to learn,
it’s all about practice, practice, practice like always. If you love to stick around
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you love scrub-a-dub-dubs and I’ll see you next time. See ya!

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100 thoughts on “How To Scrub On A Mountain Bike | GMBN’s Jumping Skills

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  6. Not really "scrub" James Stewart aka Bubba is the one who invented the Scrub.
    Search bubba scrub for proper scrub.
    The bike should be nearly 90 degrees to the floor, before you are airborne.

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