How to Score Deals on Ebay and Amazon

Hey everybody what’s going on? It’s Preston Miller here from
and today I want to tell you guys how you can find deals on electronics. Ok so if you’re like me then you hate paying
full price for electronic items it doesn’t matter if it’s a camera, a computer, it just
doesn’t matter I don’t like to pay full price because I know there are all these deals out
there happening. So, in this quick video I want to talk about
some of the different ways you can save money on tech now, two of my favorite websites are
huge sites that you have all heard of it’s Amazon and eBay. So, how do you find good deals on there? Well, they both have kind of their pitfalls
and if you’re not careful you can get I wouldn’t say scammed but if you don’t read the find
print then you can get in trouble. Especially on eBay but Amazon too – it’s been
sketchy lately. So, I wanted to just talk through some of
these points real quick. On Amazon, if you’re on there then you will
notice if you are looking for any kind of electronics let’s say a camera for instance
then you get on there and you can see the price from Amazon or the Amazon seller whether
it’s FBA or something like that and then you will see below that where it’s used and the
prices starting from on used. Now, there’s different categories of used
on Amazon. You’ve got to be careful – you’ve got to read
the description because you know for some sellers using the camera example it would
be open box, it could be refurbished, or it could just be used by somebody. You got to remember that none of those come
with a warranty so if you buy it and it breaks a month later then you are in trouble. You’re going to have to figure that out for
Amazon now eBay on the other hand you know it’s the same kind of a thing but you can
get an extended warranty through Square Trade which is a warranty company depending on when
you buy the item. There is some interesting differences here
now, eBay you’ve got to be careful you’ve got to actually read the description and check
out the note from the seller, see what they are saying read the fine print in the listing
and know what you’re actually buying cause it could be used but something on it could
be broken or not working. So, you really want to make sure you know
what you are buying. Also, on both of these sites you want to look
at the ratings of the sellers – if they don’t have a good rating do NOT buy from them! You’re gonna have trouble down the road whether
it’s shipping, communication, something like that – just DONT do it. The best policy is to NOT do it if they have
a BAD rating. There’s other sellers who have great ratings
that you need to check out.

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