– Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we all know what that means. A steaming, hot, succulent, right out of the oven Black Friday. Yes it’s that time of
year to treat yourself with amazing deals popping up in practically every retail space around. Whether you embrace it or fear it, we’ve got a few tips to make your shopping endeavors as smooth as possible. (bell dings) Start your research early. Sadly, Black Friday
isn’t much of a secret, so you’ll probably be competing with thousands of other
people for big deals. Which means you need a game plan. Check out your favorite stores and sites in advance to figure what you want and what you can get a great deal on. As they say in the Scouts, “Be prepared!” (bell dings) Stick to your budget. As much as you’d love to grab every sweater, spatula, shovel, and scuba mask you see
because they’re half price, make sure you stick to a plan. While doing research, set a budget and get exactly what you want, or risk getting sidetracked and missing out on the real deals. (bell dings) Check out social media
for your favorite brands. You never know where the best deals will pop up, and more and more brands are advertising their sales on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Some are even running contests, so you might be able
to snag some free swag if you’re diligent. And don’t forget to check out #BlackFriday for any unexpected surprises
that’ll save you money. (bell dings) Find discounted gift cards. Once you know where you want to shop, check out sites like Raise and CardCash for discounted gift cards. If you’re already spending the money, why not get free money from other people’s unused gift card balances? (bell dings) Use rewards credit cards. What’s better than buying someone a gift? Buying someone a gift with a rewards card. You’re doing a nice thing, so you might as well get
some points or cash back. Some cards even have specific rewards for certain retailers
or types of purchases, so do your best to maximize
what you can get back. Black Friday is tough, but with these tips you’ll be a shopping pro, and have a holly, jolly Black Friday.

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6 thoughts on “How To Save Money On BLACK FRIDAY | [CLARIFICATION PLEASE]

  1. How to save money dont go on black friday! Go the day after and go through the dumpsters? I've found plenty of stuff behind bass pro shops and dicks sporting goods!

  2. SERIOUSLY!! How many Black Fridays are we going to have before Christmas, and how many are we getting after? WE ARE TOO <BLEEPING> GREEDY!!

  3. I watched this video because the presenter has such alluring eyes. I wonder if the green came from past Portugal/British or recent ancestors from America. Anyways black friday is a scam due to companies producing low cost items specifically for BF sales.

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