How To Sand A Deck – DIY At Bunnings

This deck has had a stain on it, and it’s
old and breaking down. So we need to sand it all back so we can re-treat it and give
it a new lease on life. Here are all the tools you’ll need to do the
job today. Nail punch and hammer, dust mask, ear muffs, gloves, and your safety goggles.
If you’re like me and you wear glasses, you’ll need a pair of these. Otherwise, you can use
these. Belt sander, finishing sander, some extra sandpaper if necessary, and some hand
sanding. And then to finish up with, a dust pan and brush to clean. So the first thing you need to do is ensure
that there are no raised nails on the deck. This deck is actually pretty good, but if
it wasn’t, you’d need to get a nail punch and a hammer and just lightly tap them down.
Otherwise, it’ll tear up your sandpaper. So the next step is to get your personal protective
equipment and then start sanding. We’re using the belt sander first up to do the bulk of
the work. And we’re using a medium sandpaper as the deck is in pretty good condition. So
it’s important to stick with the grain, otherwise you’ll warp your timber and it will ruin everything
forever. Here we go. If you’re finding that the stain is not coming
off properly, you may need to move to a lower grit sandpaper. So, we’re using a 40 grit. Well, after an afternoon of sanding, we’re
finally done with the bulk of the work. But we’re just going to grab the fine sander and
touch up the edges of the boards. Now all that remains to finish the job is to give
the boards a nice sweep before you wash them and seal them later.

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