How to Retarget Your Visitors and Drive Visitors Back to your Website

Have you heard of the rule of seven in which
people see your name, your company brand, your product or service seven times and then
they’re much more likely to buy? Well, that is really the case, and that rule
exists because markers all over the world have noticed that the more people see your
product or brand, the more likely they are to convert and buy. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
going to teach you what retargeting is and how you can leverage it. When someone first comes to your website,
they’re probably not going to buy. On the high-end, you’re lucky if five out
of a hundred people come to your website buy. Realistically, one to three out of a hundred
are going to buy, the rest aren’t. What retargeting or remarketing … it’s the
same word, they’re interchangeable, is is when someone comes to your website, you can
Pixel them. There’s a few ad companies that do retargeting
and the main ones are Facebook Ads, and the second one is Google Ad Words. And what they do is they say, hey, when someone
comes to your website, you put this pixel, and then when they go all over the web, no
matter what site they’re on, we can show them ads related to your company. In other words, you’re following them around. It’s a friendly way of stalking on the web. I know that sounds bad, but that really is
what retargeting is. Don’t worry, you’re not collecting sensitive
information on your customers. These ad companies are pretty smart and sophisticated
in which they’re protecting people’s privacy, and what you’re doing is you’re following
them around and showing them your product or service and trying to get them back to
your website to buy. A great example of this is I once was looking for a mattress when I bought
a new home. So, I’m frugal, I don’t like wasting money. I go online, I see Overstock has a offer for
a mattress, and I went there and I’m like, “$1,000 for a bed mattress. That’s a lot of money.” So what I ended up doing was I decided not
to buy. Sleeping on the ground was good enough for
me and I did that for a month or so. But as I was browsing around the web, like
I was reading and other sites, I continually saw ads for They’re retargeting me. And what they did was they would show that
mattress in the banner ad and they’ll show the price of roughly $1,000. And as I kept browsing round the web, I wouldn’t
click on it. They took that ad and then they reduced the
price of the mattress and they dropped off another $100. I notice it. I was about to click over and buy, but because
I’m a frugal person, I was hoping that they would drop it another $100 and then I would
buy. I didn’t, but that’s a concept of remarketing
and it works exceptionally well. Just to give you idea, right now I’m spending
roughly $200,000 a month on paid advertising for my personal blog, and out of that $200,000
budget, roughly $40,000 of it is going towards retargeting. It’s that effective.

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4 thoughts on “How to Retarget Your Visitors and Drive Visitors Back to your Website

  1. Bro how to convince a buyer yo buy the product 100%?
    I know some emotions technique but I wanna to hear from you also
    please make a video on it
    and this video is awesome as always

  2. Retargeting is definitely the best way to reach out or target new customers. Very nicely explained with an example.

    Neil :), I have sent you an email about something. Kindly let me know.

  3. Neil, You're amazing. Hear this. We were searching for videos on How does Facebook retargeting work. In the results the first video was 8:29, the next was even longer 25:39 then 13.49 and then we saw your face and it was 2.58, so guess what? Solution found and problem solved in under 3 minutes.

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