How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY (EASY)

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100 thoughts on “How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY (EASY)

  1. Does this work well for larger areas? Someone scratched a word into the side of my car. Can I section off each letter with tape?

  2. What happens when the wax wears off or you clean it off while washing the car? You’re left with one misty patch on your door

  3. How permanent is that polish and paste wax? Will it stay on through multiple car washes or will it eventual wear off, causing that haze to return? Great video, very informative!

  4. After watching this : scratch it on a purpose and I'll make it up with this method…it will goes wrong…then I'll sell my car.

  5. This guy is kinda irritating. Was it absolutely necessary to twist how to fix a one inch scratch into a rambling history lesson on the quantum mechanics of car paint??

    Spray lubricant, and a cloth or paper towel…the END

  6. Question: I just bought a used car and it has a few minor scratches and what not. Im interested in trying this out, but do you need to keep apply wax to protect it? If so how often?

  7. A painter always will tell you that the best way to fix a scratch is to repaint the whole car. All these chemicals you're putting on your car like waxes are just temporary fixes which will wear off in the wet. There's no fix for a paint like a repaint.

  8. I use liquid wood polish to cover clear coat scratches..and it takes like 2 mins…and it looks no different from actual clear coat !!

  9. Man you are a supertalented dude, on many levels. This was a "simple fix "but as you pointed out easy to turn into a more difficult job. Thanks.

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I just bought a second hand car for ride sharing and its black with a few cosmetic scratches, which I can't wait to remove using your advice! Is it a good idea to wax the whole car after im done with all the scratches, you think? Also, after repairing like this, you would need to keep applying wax periodically, no?

  11. The scratch disappears when I apply the polish. But after time, the scratch reappears. Is this a permanent solution? Or must I reapply polish regularly?

  12. will this work with a glossy metallic black paint? the metallic is “colorful” if that makes sense lol i thought metallic was a silver look so i’m thinking its a custom paint job? i’m new to this so any help is appreciated☺️

  13. Hi there…great video, you convinced me of doing this, although intimidating ! I was able to wet sand the remove deep white scratches. I then buffed with compound (Meguiars Ultimate compound with the red car on the bottle). Everything came back !!! like new…BUT soon as it rains, or I wash the car, the haze comes back…do I need to polish absolutely ? thank you !

  14. Hi ! Nice video but you are wrong ! the fist paint layer on metal body is electropaint ( electro-deposition coat ) ( approx 20u ) and after that is Primer , BC ( colour ) and CC

  15. This channel is my go-to channel for car fixes. The guy's got a "fun voice" and he explains everything in detail so I don't feel the need to skip any part of this video. Or any of his videos.

  16. Surely the hazzy area from sanding It when the polishing and the waxing stuff will naturally dissipate and will show again

  17. Brilliant video! I just paid £180.00 (approx. 220 dollars) to have some deep scratches on my Ford Focus fixed and can't wait to see your next video on how to deal with deep scratches. Many thanks!!!

  18. so if i got it corectly, you can basicly do same thing just with 5000 grit, but it will take too much time. im asking because id like to polish my entire car, and of course, there are minor swilrs, and there are some good scratches. rockchips i wont even mention…

  19. Hey Chris, do you know how i can add a flashing module or mode to my pods or 36" roof lightbar? They don't flash but i want to for emergency uses

  20. seems like you just fucked the clear coat and then fix it which will leave you having to wax and polish quite often

  21. Thanks, i will intentionally scratch my car then repair it like you did but i will do this 10times cause im impressed.

  22. 2 mm is NOT two-thousands of an inch.

    There are 25.4mm in an inch. Therefore 1-2mm is 4/100ths to 8/100ths of an inch.

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