How To Raise Private Money (You Do NOT have to be tech Savvy)

Keith Yackey Founder of private money pro and the creator up the private money
process a step-by-step system teaching you how to raise all the
private funds you could ever need for your real estate deals I wanna tell you a funny story about um just being tech savvy like there’s a
couple questions people ask a lot times like we’re heading into the digital age and a lot of things we do now what we
don’t send out mail really we send out email we send
out you everything’s digital and for some
people that’s a real a real challenge I know for me at first
it was a huge challenge I mean let me just tell a story so
nowadays we had TiVo & DVRs so that way we live busy lives and you know we want to record the shows
we want to record whether we’re traveling or whether were at you know Johnny
soccer game or Susie dance recital in our favorite show comes on we have the privilege and and the technology now to record it and
go back and watch it well that’s all good and fine and dandy if you know how to use those machines
and I’ll tell you I get asked a lot by lot people hey do I
have to be tech-savvy to be great raising private money in the
answer is no you really don’t let me give you example my life I remember we first
got this DVR this was you know a couple years back what have you in i remember i sat there
and I fiddled with this controller that seem to be like just foreign object in
my hand I know the channel button plus and minus I get that takes me a up or takes me down I know what the VOL Button means that
makes the volume go up or down umm I get power that makes a lotta sense
but all these other things…Guide I can understand that one but then you
got all these other like buttons on and I remember I literally had to ask my heat my 16-year-old son now he he was yeah about 12 or 13 at the time and i
remember having to ask him Joshua how do you even do this think and he’s like dad you’re so old school and I’m just like alright cool so we he
grabbed it dad you gotta hit this one and then got hit this one in this
screen pops up like okay like alright cool its just it was just one of those things I’m not
tech savvy at all I had to have my twelve or thirteen your son teach me how to do even the simplest
thing to the DVR but what Ill tell ya is this and this is a question I always ask and I want
you ask yourself this: if it’s a skill that can help you in
your business long-term you should train yourself somewhat in it so that
where you’re at least savvy enough to talk about whoever it is you have to
hire to fix it I’m not savvy I’m not a tech whiz by
any means and I mean I can navigate for Facebook kinda a little bit
still have to ask you know people my kids I what I do some things but do you have to be that tech-savvy I hope
that that encourages you and inspires you to know that you can still raise tons of money you can
go from raising you know no money to over 45 million seven years just like
I did without having to be a computer whiz I’m not some whiz-bang computer dude and you don’t have to be either I hope
that helps you hope that inspires you go out there raise some private money become a private money pro

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2 thoughts on “How To Raise Private Money (You Do NOT have to be tech Savvy)

  1. If ever there was a non tech savvy person it would be me!  The story in here is real and I hope you laugh at me like I did! 

  2. I remember your problems with tech on the September bus tour. I understand completely. I decided smartphones are called smartphones is because you really need to be smart to use one!!! 

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