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What’s up guys? We’re here to discuss bushings. Bushings are a key component to your truck
and how the board is going to be turning. Bushings can be more of a different ride or
how you feel. Some guys might like soft ones. It’s really personal preference. But, when it comes to the newbie skater you
can hinder your skating by not riding the correct bushing. When you’re real light weight and new to it
you really should be riding the softest bushing option. Dodo’s is a company out there that sells really
good bushings for beginners, intermediate, even on to expert. When it comes to a lot of expert and high
end bushings you have another company, Bones bushings. Bones bushings has a pretty cool system here. They’ve eliminated using cups or bushing caps,
the metal part. They actually have it built in. They make theirs in a soft, medium, and hard,
and different colors as well. Whenever we here at shop set up people for
skate we try to put them – especially a new skater, young skater, a lightweight skater
– we do change out the bushings and put in a soft bushing. Bushings come in a top and a bottom. The top bushing is a little bit skinnier and
the bottom bushing is thicker to accommodate the hanger of the truck. And what I highly recommend when buying new
bushings is to tighten them down a little more than usual for the break in process,
and then go ahead and loosen them up right after.

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24 thoughts on “How to Pick Skateboard Bushings | Custom Skateboard

  1. When we buy trucks how do we know if they have the hard or soft bushings in them, or if they are just not broken in yet? I was having a hard time learning to turn… I tried a used board and it was much easier. I don't know if my other bushings are not broken in or are too hard for me. I will upload a video soon

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